Saturday, December 30, 2006

Another Birthday Wish

Happy Third Birthday to the elves Mat-Q and Swimy.

Also Happy B-day to Morgan the Red.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Coming up For Air, How I Spent My Christmas Vacation.

My house looks like a post apocalyptic Christmas. I have cleaned my living room at least three times (all but vacuum, which I was planning to do) and the kids have messed it up. There is only so much energy to go around before I poop out for the day so needless to say I was a bit mad these last days.

Christmas was fun, and we experienced another miracle. My brother in-law found the x-wing and was offered money for it on the way to the check out. So Tweedle E got his x-wing. Good thing too. As he was opening his Santa present he kept saying "I know what this is, I know what this is."

I got my back scratcher and special oil of olay in shower body lotion, as well as belly and boob cream. That's all I put on my list because I'm so itchy. Mr. Wonderful didn't think that was enough (because he was getting an ipod) so he bought me two maternity tops and a nursing top. The kids got me "The Order of The Phoenix" and "The Half Blood Prince" so now we have a complete set. I got spoiled but even with out the extras I would have been happy. Did I mention that I'm itchy?

Tweedle D got his Batman Begins video. I was a little nervous about giving it to him, because we hadn't seen it before, but I watched it with him and I was actually impressed. I think it is the best Batman movie so far.

Ches and Sariah spoiled us too. We love the tripod and Mr. Wonderful can't wait to use his new pro pots football crock pot. I myself am looking forward to a relaxing footbath. Thanks guys.

I got to spend time with my family and on Christmas Eve we dragged them out for traditional nativity watching (Mr. Wonderful's family tradition) and they enjoyed it. Mr. Wonderful also tried to make croissants for breakfast for Christmas morning (another tradition) and although they tasted fine they didn't look.... He has plenty of time to get it right.

Unfortunately it all ended too soon and we are now back to real life. Mr. Wonderful is back at work and I'm trying to clean up the carnage of wrapping paper and dirty laundry. My family has all gone to there separate corners. One thing I didn't get to do this year was watch White Christmas with Bing Crosby, oh and we never heard Six White Boomers.

Sunday, December 24, 2006


Happy Birthday Sariah!!!!!!!!! Your so old now.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Behold Thy Christmas Miracle

With only 3 more sleeps and two more shopping days left (for those who don't shop on Sunday) I have taken the attitude of acceptance. I accept the fact that I won't find an x-wing fighter, I accept the fact I didn't bake cookies with my kids and I accept that I just can't do the Martha Christmas. I had such plans because last year was so disappointing on many levels. Not the day but leading up to it.

Anyway I have been given the gift of acceptance and a hope that next year there will be more activity and excitement. Fortunately my kids seem to have been too. They are just happy to have so many presents under the tree thanks to Sariah and family. You really outdid yourselves. Before I unpacked the box we only had two presents under the tree. One was for Mr. Wonderful and the other was for tweedle D from his teacher. Now I don't have to listen to Tweedle E say "Where is the present for me?" That is a miracle in itself. I do have presents for Tweedle E but I haven't got the energy up to wrapping them.

The other day when I was on an x-wing hunt I finally settled on getting him something starwars and hope for the best. Toys 'R Us was having a sale on Starwars Lego II for gameboy advanced so my Dad drove me and with hope glistening in our eyes we made our way to the electronics department. When what to my wondering eyes should appear.... A wall bare of games and gear. In desperation I asked if they would be getting anymore in before Christmas. One employee went to the computer, the other to a cupboard. The one that went to the computer said they were at (-2) in stock and would be getting some in a few days. The other who went to the cupboard pulled one out and handed it to me. I guess they will be at (-3) now. I am grateful for my Christmas miracle.

For the past week we have had friends that have been suffering in a revolving sickness and on Monday Tweedle D threw up on his bed and on Tweedle E's bed too. I got very scared because usually flu + pregnancy = a trip to the hospital and endless vomiting. Tweedle D was only out for two days and Tweedle E was out for two days with mostly fever. It definitely could have been worse and I am grateful we didn't get the worst of it that our friends and family have. That truly is a Christmas miracle. I just hope everyone else recovers quickly in time to enjoy presents and eating.

There is still much to do we still don't have stuff for stockings and one or two more presents need to be purchased, but I know that the kids will still have fun and the day will happen even if it doesn't get done and that is a Christmas miracle too. To be able to let the stress go and take the day as it comes.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Thou Shalt Not Go Christmas Shopping Without Thy Bucket.

This should be the one of the 10 commandments for me. Its official now all three pregnancies have experienced squatting by a tire and well I'll spare you the details. I hope my kids are grateful for what I go through to get Christmas presents for them. Unfortunately this trip wasn't very fruitful. Any ideas where I can get an x-wing fighter that won't break the bank. Its for my 5 year old so keep in mind he will be playing with it, this isn't an investment. I found a Millennium Falcon but he specifically asked for x-wing fighter.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Beta? I thought VHS won years ago

Blogger has beta. What's so good about beta. I'm no computer geek so I want to know why go beta? Are we all going to have to go beta? Can the beta work with a Mac? I feel like I'm so far behind in the times.

Monday, December 11, 2006

I'm A Case of Baskets

I have finally reached the stage of tired + insane hormones = uncontrollable fits of crying.

Last Sunday our lesson in Relief Society was on unity. There was one comment on how each of us should be striving to feel so unified that if we needed help we know we could call any lady in our ward and know that we would be helped or they would know someone who could help. Well the last two months I have been knocked to my backside with the NVP (nausea and vomiting due to pregnancy) and have not been able to take care of my kids let alone make meals and clean my house. I knew I needed help but I hadn't felt as "unified" as I normally have. So I asked my sister Melissa if she could phone the ward and ask for help be cause I was all up in my prideful self and couldn't actually utter the words that "I needed help". I was so surprised at the volume of willing hands. Its been three weeks now and people have supplied us with meals and cleaned my kitchen and bathroom a truly humiliating task (as I've said before Tweedle D just learned to stand to pee). So needless to say I was teary eyed during the lesson.

Follow that minor event up with a comment from "mean doctor" in Scrubs (for some reason his character name escapes me). His 3 year old son is asking the question "daddy where do babies come from?" I was expecting the answer to be all sarcastic or blunt, but no. He says "Son when mommies and daddies love each other very much, sometimes they close their eyes and wish very, very hard." Cue water works. This was reminiscent of the time I cried all the way through "Armageddon". Yes the movie staring Bruce Willis, Liv Tyler, and Ben Affleck. I can still remember using my shirt to clean my face as I had already used up all the Kleenex.

These fits of crying can happen anytime and anywhere. Its almost like an out of body experience because I can't control the crying but my brain is all "Thats no reason to cry. What's a matter with you? You're embarrassing yourself."

Dairy, Dairy Quite Contrary

You might think this is a post for lactose intolerance, and under any other circumstances it would be, but under the circumstances (being prego and all) it is not.

Yes all pregnancies are different but there is one constant that I can count on, Dairy and I cannot be friends. This includes cheese, yogurt, sour cream, and any other form of dairy including milk. Occasionally I am able to trick my body and sneak some cheese in disguised inside a bake potato or a sandwich, but since I am at the point where everything comes up, my stomach cannot be fooled.

Having been pregnant twice before, you would think I would know that dairy and are not friends and would have foreseen the awkward association that always occurs when we are put together.

Please note before proceeding if you can’t handle conversation on puke, don’t continue reading.

The first time it happened I was gestating my oldest Tweedle D. I was actually having a good day and felt a strong craving for milk. So I poured my self a small glass of skim. I drank slowly, waited a half an hour and thought that went well and proceeded to drink 3 more glasses. It felt so good to have the cool milk slip down my throat and know I was providing the much needed nourishment that my fetus required. Then it happened. Out of nowhere, no warning (I usually know when its going to happen) an uncontrollable force pushed the curdled, sour, smelly, Technicolor yawn all over my carpet in my bedroom, my makeup case, the hallway and finally the bathroom. My poor husband had to clean it up and no matter how we tried the smell lingered for quite some time, triggering subsequent sessions of puking.

Ok I guess I’m not ready for milk yet so I waited another month. I waited for another day I was feeling better and thought I would take it slowly after all I needed to drink milk, its what good moms do. Right! I only drank one glass. Things went well but after an hour or so I could feel my stomach churn. Thinking that some French fries might help (they had in the past) I made Mr. Wonderful take me to Wendy’s. We were in the drive through and in those days I had a bucket everywhere so naturally there was one in the car. They were taking forever with our order, my stomach was doing flip flops by then and just as the opened the window to pass us our food it happened. They got a full view of my congealed, cylindrical, tampon looking, milk puke. I guess that’s what you get for making a prego lady wait. It even felt like Kleenex coming up.

I had some similar situations with the second pregnancy and found it really difficult because I had a dietician begging me to drink whole milk because I wasn’t gaining enough weight due to the puking.

So what made me think it would be different this time? To tell you the truth I knew it would happen, I was just soooo, board of what I was currently drinking that I thought I would risk it. Perhaps my need for calcium (Ca) would outweigh the repulsion. Also maybe if I cut the milk with a little eggnog I could make my mouth happy too. Eggnog isn’t as bad it’s just more curdly than congealy.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Its Time I'm Out With It.

My name is alyson and I have hyperemisis gravidarum. This is my third time. The first time I lost ~20lbs and was sick for about 6months, the second time I was sick for 7 months and lost ~15lbs. It has been 7 weeks now and I don't know how much I have lost because I don't have a scale. I tell you this because on all of the chat boards I have yet to find someone who has this condition and knows what it is like. At times I feel guilty because of the feelings I have, feelings that make sense to only those who have gone through it.

I am hoping to connect with someone out there who feels my pain and understands. Truly understands! Not Pitty! I hate that I have become a moaning lump and I don't like to complain but if there is someone out there who knows what this is like I hope we can connect.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right But Three Lefts Do.

I like this saying, I just have nothing to say that goes with it. So here is my lame post. Enjoy!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Only My Taste Is Expensive.

Today I was actually feeling well enough to go out and do some shopping. Goal: To find ornaments I Like for my Charlie Brown tree.

You see I have this cheap tree ($19.97 Walmart special) and all of these hand crafted stuff from when I was a kid. Makes for a really crappy looking tree. I do however have some cream and gold porcelain ornaments that I like, but there are only like 4 of them.

Being at home puking your brains out you get some TV in. I had been watching Ellen and saw some blue ornaments that I really liked so with my debit card in one hand and puke bucket in the other I set out to find the perfect blue ornaments. Don't worry my sister drove, she had too, my hands were full.
This is where my problem begins. I'm cheap. The art people from Ellen aren't. I ended up buying some icicles because Tweedle E wanted them and some gold and cream (keeping up with a theme) balls. I even bought a star that was cream and gold (I'm sure I'm gonna hear it from Mr. Wonderful cause we already have a star). Cheap stores carry cheap blue and it's all with silver. I would get the silver but I already have the gold. I'm trying to save money. To top it all off my children want the multi-coloured lights.

So where do I go to get good ornaments? I need help.

P.S. These are so not the balls I am looking for

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Getting A Beducation

Mr. Wonderful and I need a new bed. He has a sore back and my hips get sore at night. I would prefer not being disturbed at night because lately I am such a light sleeper. I just want to love my bed. Any suggestions on what to look for?

Our first bed we spent almost $400 it was a double and it wore out in about 2 years but we kept it for 4 or 5. Our second bed was a queen and came to us second hand. I enjoy the extra space but it has molded to someone else's body so its uncomfortable. We can't go up to a King because our room is too small.

My husbands Chiropractor said you need to spend about $100 for every year you want it to last so I'm prepared to spend the money. We have some savings and if we can sleep well for Christmas that will be the best Christmas present ever. One thing I want is a pillow top. I'm all about comfort. What else I need I don't know.

The floor is now open for suggestions. Give me a Beducation. At least share a bad bed experience misery loves company.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Welcome To My Personal Hell. It's Frozen Over

I would tell you what I'm going through but I am sworn to secrecy at least for now. Please just send some good luck my way, and some heat.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

What About the Boys?

This post has been working in me for some time. I like to think of myself as a bit of a feminist. I don't burn my bras because I need them but I do like how I have my own credit history and if I want to pursue a career in engineering (or any other male dominated field) I can. I have these freedoms because women finally stood up and demanded to be treated with dignity, respect, and as equals. I am grateful for that and grateful to have all of these opportunities because of the work of the generations before me. Rights that I take for granted, have been fought for by these strong women. To them I say thank you. My life has been easier because of your work. That being said I fear that the pendulum has swung (is that a word?) too far to the left.

I am the mother of two beautiful boys. They are charming and respectful because my husband and I have raised them that way. They were even trained to sit to pee so that the mess that incurs while standing could be avoided. My oldest has since learned the convenience of standing and now will learn to clean up his own messes, but I digress. There is a movement out there among some women who have taken he fight for equality to a fight for superiority. They have tried to remove males from the equation entirely. Women can satisfy themselves and women can, with the help of science, procreate on their own. Women don't need men to feel complete, which leads me to wonder why are dating services so popular? These statements concern me. I know they are only made by a small group but still....

I want my boys to be respected. I want my boys to have every advantage available to them. I don't want them to be denied access because of their gender. Right now attendance in colleges are 60% women 40% men. I don't know if that has to do with interest or affirmative action and it may have nothing really to do with gender but experience has made me wonder.

I guess all I am saying is I am trying my darndest to raise boys who respect women and all I ask is that you raise your daughters with respect for men and lets not make "Men's Wrongs Our Rights"

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Only Drink Apple Juice Cause O.J. Will Kill Ya.

I have been wondering if I should give this any "press" but the absurdity of this.... I didn't think I could stay silent. If there was an award for Tackiness (because I couldn't come up with a better name for the award, I'm a science major) he would get it. If you could name the award what would it be?

Thanks to Darcy for the title of my post.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What Goes Down, Must Come Up

Yesterday was hell and last night was hell warmed over. There is nothing like seconds the wrong way. I could go into a list of what hurts to puke and what doesn't but I am trying not to cross lines. Finally the gravol sup. saved my life. Can anyone say flu shot. Maybe I should consider that.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Lest I Forget

There are many things in life I enjoy and take for granted. I have two little children who have never had to take lessons on how to put on a gas mask in school or have had to practice duck and cover. I personally have never had anyone related to me participate in a deadly battle for freedom. I had a grandfather on my mother's side who if I remember correctly missed Pearl Harbor by a day. They were called to general quarters but never had to fight as far as I know.

Today as I was watching the Remeberance day ceremonies I felt shame. Not shame for not knowing anyone personally, but shame because I didn't haul my children off their butts and make them watch it with me. Tweedle D participated in a Remembrance Day ceremony at school, but Tweedle E got nothing. Granted he is only five and his ability to sit still and pay attention is about as prominent as my Egyptian blood. (I figure a lot of us come from there but that is a whole other post.)

Needless to say Tweedle E wouldn't last 2 minutes. This year out of selfishness I decided to let them off and that is why I feel shame. But you can bet next year I might be taking them to an outdoor ceremony or perhaps something might happen in church since it will be on a Sunday. Who knows? Just so those soldiers know that next year will not pass without my family's acknowlegement of their sacrifice. I have made this pledge on my Blog to remind me Lest I forget.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Love The Little People

This year, I am doing my shopping online. I am trying to avoid the stores because of the potential mayhem. I have a niece and a nephew that I am buying for from one family and a niece and a nephew from another family. The siblings that are closer in age will be getting this because its cute and you can't buy it in stores. My other niece will probably be getting this because she loves barbie and fashion. I still am trying to decided what to get my other nephew. He is 1 (2 in march) and its been so long (not that long but I'm forgetful) since I had someone that young. Any ideas?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Taking Stock

I find it very surprising that I am happy with a loss of 6.11% in my stocks. I have one that I have made $3.00 on and one that I have lost $59.00. But considering how things went a couple of weeks ago I am well pleased with my loss. I'm still holding on to them. One is a solid long term hold and the other is a speculative long term hold. Here is hoping I don't lose my mind.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday To my niece Thumbelina. You are the cutest pixie I know.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

You are Barking Up The Wrong Tree.

My neighbour had purchased a dog and recently has been having problems with it, except she didn't know it because she wasn't home. Two nights ago, their not so little puppy, barked for hours. I wasn't keeping track of how long it was, but someone else was. Mr. Wonderful was leaving for a meeting and found this on our windshield.


If You can't keep your dog from barking for 3 Straight hours...
You'll come home to ONE DEAD DOG! This is not a threat but a PROMISE!

I was quite taken aback by that and didn't know what to do. I did call the neighbour and told her that her dog was barking like crazy and that we had a note on our car about it. I didn't tell her what it said.

A person at Mr. Wonderful's work said we need to give it to the police, but what good is that going to do? Its not like they are going to get all CSI and test printers in the neighbourhood to identify the writer of the note. The thing I fear for is my van. If this should happen again I think the author would more likely try and damage my van first than try to kill a dog. They couldn't even cross the street to drop the note off in the mailbox. Bunch of cowards.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Sickness Is For The Birds

That's probably where they came up with Avian Flu. Anyway, I haven't posted in a while because I have been sick. Lets be honest I haven't done anything for a while because I have been sick. I seemed to have stepped out of my life. So much is not getting done which is funny because I never thought I did that much. I'm lucky to have friends and family to get my kids from school and a husband who has taken over the morning routine. They have really stepped up. I just feel useless lying here surrounded by Kleenex and pills to make me feel better (what a crock).

One of the good things about being sick is I have curbed that enormous appetite of mine. I should be at least 5lbs thinner when this is all over. Food and I have an understanding. I hate it and he hates me so we try to avoid each other but when necessary we are civilized.

Things I have learned while being sick:

My kids need both parents

It does take a village

Water is Gross

I'm a whiny baby

I really do need my mother.

I need to say no sometimes.

Pepsi is better than Coke (sorry Sariah)

I can't spit worth beans

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Things Are Not As They Seem

Turns out the "grandfather" that got beat up was not a victim of a random act of violence and the perpatrators were all adults. Does that make it any better? Does the fact that it was in retaliation for a drug deal gone bad change things? So he wasn't attacked by a bunch of random teenagers who thought that they would get their jollies by beating up some silver haired man (turns out he's not so silver haired either). He is a man who got messed up in organized crime and got the snot kicked out of him. Some might say "you mess with the bull, you get the horns." I must admit I felt a little relieved to know that it was a result of his own actions (whatever they were), but then I realized that there is still an element that is present that shouldn't be there. I may not be the one getting beaten up but I sure don't want to live where one is getting beaten up even if they "had it comming." I don't sleep any better at night knowing that I or someone I love won't be randomly selected for a thrashing, because I still here the screaming. Or maybe its the fact that I ate all that crap and am now suffering from indigestion.


Just so you know Miss New Teacher didn't leave the school. She is now one of the resource room teachers and will be occasionally helping the Kindergarteners with their literacy program.

Monday, October 23, 2006

A Lynching We Will Go

This morning my sis was invited to a meeting that one of the moms in the kindergarten class set up. They are meeting with the Principal to demand answers. The invitation was passed on to me as my sis will not be able to attend. I am choosing not to go. Yes there is strength in numbers, but when that many mother bears get together to attack I think my concerns will not be heard as I am not agressive enough to make them heard. I would rather, in a calm manner, make my own appointment and ask my own questions. I feel bad for the teacher.

Side Affect or A Symptom

On Saturday, a 61 year old man was at the Canadian Tire in Airdrie (small town north of Calgary). At 5:30am he was ambushed by what police say to be 5 males between the ages of 15 and 20. He was kicked in the head multiple times and is now bearly cling to life. This man is a grandpa.

I have so much I want t say, but cannot find the words.

I would like to blame our uncontrolable growth. Our city and surrounding area have experienced crazy growth and I guess with that growth you attract all kinds.

I would also like to blame media. Did you know there are videos out there that show kids how to beat up people? The videos don't even have a rating so anyone can buy them. I also find it strange that just over a week ago CSI had an episode that delt with this very thing.

Ultimately I would like to blame the kids but unfortunately those who are in the know are keeping quiet.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Identity Crisis/ School Junk

I am not feeling myself. I am in a bit of a downward spiral today. I have forgotten important things (like my son at school) and have been procrastinating others. This is not like me.

To top it all off the kindergarten teacher has changed yet again. I'm sure she is nice, but what gets me is why didn't they have all of this organized in the beginning. in the past two months my son has had 3 different teachers. Yep three. First there was Miss best teacher who took another position, then there was Miss beautiful teacher (aka miss new teacher) who was doing a great job, now there is Miss New Teacher II. Miss New Teacher II has lots of energy and seems to get along with the kids well. Tweedle E seems ok and I'm sure its for the best but I hate change.

Change unsettles me and when I am already not myself it can have dire consequences. Ok nobody is going to die but I have a hard time snapping out of the funk I am currently feeling.


This morning I went to go talk to Tweedle D's teacher. Last night Tweedle D informed me that he got sent to the office. When I asked him what for, he relayed to me a story of two kids plying a slapping game and he was running away because he didn't want to get slapped. The supervision teacher sent them all to the Principal's office. Thinking there had to be more, because who gets sent to the office for running from danger? As it happened I was talking to the mom of one of the other kids and she got the story and Tweedle D was still somewhat innocent. So I tried to get the school's story and I was told they have "a policy" that when the kids aren't listening at recess they are sent to the office. Now I don't know about you but I thought that was extreme. So what happens when my child, lets say, gets in a fist fight or worse? Also according to their discipline policy that they sent home in the information folder, it says that there would be a series of actions taken before going to the office, so why the opposing policies? They knew Tweedle D wasn't playing the slapping game but he got lumped in and punished anyway. Even if he was playing the slapping game I still think the office is extreme, but what do I know?

When we (the other mom and I) asked our children what the Principal said they replied "I don't remember" or "I forgot". I don't know which is worse, being a school who goes to extremes or being a less effective Principal?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Dear Kimmy
Happy Birthday to you

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Band Geeks Of the World Unite

So I went to my first official Enrichment activity that I have not planned. I was doing it mostly out of support for my friends who are still stuck with planning Enrichment, also because I was sold out that I used to play a flute almost 20 years ago, and I thought I should do something with the flute my husband bought me last Christmas. So our Relief Society BANDS together consists of 6 flutes (that's right) 2 clarinets, one trumpet, a cello, keybordests, and an accordion. We are a little top heavy.

When our enrichment committee announced this activity our accordion player said she was so excited and that she would be bringing her accordion, everyone laughed to which she replied "Us accordion players don't get no respect". It was surprisingly fun and I played sooooo bad.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Superstitious Feeling: A Special Friday The 13 th, Friday Free 4 All

Just thought I would remind you of the rules. There are none. Should you like to comment on anything that has been written feel free. If you would like to introduce a topic feel free as well, after all this free 4 all.

This morning on the radio a lady emailed in about a person who is so superstitious, on Friday the 13 th, that he takes the day off and spends the day in bed. I thought how sad. There can be more than one Friday the 13 th a year and to just step out of life like that, he could be missing so much.

So Mr. Wonderful and I were running late today and because he worked at 9:00 am he asked me to drop him at work. As we went to go he noticed that his bike was missing. Yup that's right we have been robbed. I started to remember that it was Friday the 13 th and began thinking that maybe "that guy" had something. I shrugged it off there was really nothing we could do about it and staying in bed still wouldn't have prevented the bike being stolen. A lock that we purchased would, but not staying in bed. I'm more upset about it than he is.


As I have said before I'm not usually superstitious. I don't freak out when a black cat crosses my path and I only avoid walking under ladders because that is just good sense. However, I don't like telling people things. I am a little superstitious about that because every time I have talked about it in the past (job, boyfriend etc.) the situation is not so about a week later. No joke! I guess loose lips do sink ships.


I still think people tend to be more tired in the winter. I think it has to do with the candle power of the sun. I don't have proof, just my lack of wanting to get out of bed, but the last few nights I have gone to bed early (10:30 pm) and have felt well rested. I even got up at 6:30 am the last few mornings. I guess early to bed and early to rise make you happy healthy and wise. Look another cliche.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Oh Baby, I'm So Tired

Just over ten years ago I had a roommate who would say "Oh baby, I'm so tired." all the time. She said she got it from an Oprah show where a couple were having a problem with the frequency of sex. He wanted it and she didn't. Well before you jump to any conclusions the frequency of sex is not what this post is about, but now that I have your attention....

Lately I have been wondering if humans hibernate, because if they do that would explain a lot. I'm tired and I could sleep pretty much anywhere and at any time. I am longing for my bed all day. My comfortable clothes look like pajamas and I'm contemplating a whole wardrobe full of workout clothes. Nice workout clothing so that others will think I am active as well as giving great footage for when someone nominates me for "What Not To Wear." Could you please get on that.

Maybe its the crash that happens after a holiday (Canadian thanksgiving) or maybe its the fact they already have Christmas trees at the Local Zellers that is making me want to close my eyes and drift off in a peaceful slumber. It can't be my 13 year old secondhand tilted lumpy bed. Maybe instead of complaining I should be grateful. We all know it could be worse I could go back to my nights of insomnia where deceased horses are repeatedly flogged or I could enter the new world of Narcolepsy.

Friday Free-4-All

Sorry This is so Late.

Tonight is a full moon. All of those working this evening, Enjoy all the freaks that will be coming your way. By freaks I mean werewolves, Vampires, Alcoholics, lunatics, Couples about to conceive and Hungry Pregnant Ladies about to give birth. Please note there aren't any studies to substantiate lunar effects on people, however here is a link that might explain why these beliefs are perpetuated.

I just discovered this site a couple of days ago and think this Missy Elliot can be quite funny. She recently posted about working at Shopper's Drugmart, the people that come in and types of purchases they make. I thought it was quite funny because I have been that girl with the feminine supplies and chocolate. Every time I make that purchase the phrase goes through my head "Don't judge me! I could be buying this for a friend." knowing full well that before the store door closes I have already opened my cadbury thin (false hope) and snarfed it down. So have you every made a necessary yet embarrassing purchase and felt like you were being judged? ..OR have you been the cashier that has rang in some strange purchases that make you go hmmm?

Recently on the news they were covering a story about "Boomerang Children". The article (can you say article for TV?) said That people who were born between 1972 and 1976 are more likely to move back home to their parents house for good. It also said that the earlier the person left the nest the more likely they will move back home. The reasons weren't always financial either. The owners of Mountain Crest Breweries (slogan: Dam Good Beer) still live at home and they are millionaires. Some people they interviewed just liked having their meals made for them and their laundry done for them. Also it is important to note that the incidence of becoming a boomerang child isn't limited to single people. Some children are getting married and moving their families back home. And apparently Canada isn't the country with this problem.

I don't know about you, but I have moved home in the past on a temporary basis, when I have been in school for 4 months or between apartments but definitely not since I was married. I think I would live in a cardboard box before I would make may parents home, my family's home. That being said they will probably end up moving in with me.


My husband and a friend at work made a friendly bet on which team would make it to the playoffs (baseball). By friendly bet I mean lunch. The teams were Detroit and New York. The odds of Detroit beating NY were slim to none. Guess who won. Mr. Wonderful. He also found out if he had place a two dollar bet in Vegas he would have won $6,000. Sometimes I hate it when we are so good.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

How About Our Famous Pocket "T"

Well people, after being tired of being left behind, financially, I have decided to take matters into my own hands. I went an got me one of those "job thingies". I am still a property manager, but on top of that I will be feaking busy working at my new job. Yes that is right someone was despirate enough to hire me. Me who hasn't worked in like 10 years and me who tried my darndest to be a stay at home mom. Don't worry (I'll do enough of that on my own) I'm only working part time. If its crappy I'll have to quit, but at least I tried. Right? My kids won't turn into degenerates and hang out at the 7-11. Right? At least it will get me some extra Christmas money and maybe some piano lessons for my boys. I guess I should stop spending the money before I get it.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


So there is this game we play with our friends. I'm sure that you have heard of it before but I bet you don't play it the way we do. When we play it one person picks the word and the others come up with their own definitions. Wait, now here is where the twist is. We try to come up with the funniest definition. We never keep score, we just try and laugh our heads off.

So I thought it would be fun to play a blogger game of my version of Balderdash. The Word is Flummox. Even if you know the proper definition please make up a funny one. I look forward to your responses.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Ring, Ring Anybody There?

You know how it is when you just feel like talking to an adult, so you phone one and they aren't home. Then you phone another, and they aren't home. Then another and so on, and so on, and so on. Well you can feel that way about your blogroll. I understand the business of life. I have been known to slip away for a month at a time and I don't begruge an one their hiatus, however there are a few bloggers that have dropped of the face of the earth with no warning. Are they gone for good? Are they ok? Do I take them off? Will they be insulted if I take them off?

I take pride in my blog and have tried to update it regularly including the links. I also appreciate my readership (all two of you) and the last thing I would want to do would be insult you. So at what point do you draw the line and send the blog to the dead blog (letter) office?

In the mean time I get a little frustrated going to someone's blog and finding that they are still not there. So just know I am desperately seeking voyeuristic opportunities and look forward to the day you all update.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Eager Beavers

Last Monday we went Beaver Hunting in the weasel Head (a park in Calgary). We set out with the Doc and his family of fairies as our guides. They are experienced beaver hunters and know the best places to look. As we entered the park Tweedle D exclaimed in shear surprise that this place was full of nature.

When we got to this spot the elusive beavers swam in the opposite direction. It was hard to get a good look at them. The Doc, in frustration stated that since the beavers weren't food or beast of burden they should be entertaining us. In a way they were but from a distance they would taunt us by splashing with their tails.

At least on our journey we had sustenance and good company (both provided by the Doc and the Fairies) and the most beautiful day (provided by God).

And as we rounded the corner of the bridge their was a family there. They were staring intently into the trees. We asked them what they were looking at. They told us if we listened closely we could hear a beaver munching. It was dark but we could see movement. We were straining to see the beaver for about 5 minutes. Then the Doc pulled out his flashlight and Mr. Beaver came out for the show. He was so close and not at all bothered by the audience. Mr. Wonderful got as close as 2ft aimed and shot him (with his camera of course). And here he is.

What a fabulous adventure.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Two Very Tiny Scoops Please, I'm Watching My Figure.

Product in Review: Kellogg's Raisin Bran

The marketing geniuses at Kellogg's have had the same slogan since I can't remember when. In fact it is such a genius slogan that I can be found singing it every time I pull out the box, maybe not out loud but singing just the same. The have done so well with product association that all other Raisin Brans shrivel up in envy. So you would think that Kellogg's would actually have what they advertise. Today I had a regular serving size (Ikea child size bowl) and only had one raisin. It was a juicy plump raisin but again it was only one. As I looked on the package for a guarantee, I found one of those get out of jail free statement telling me that the contents may undergo settling in transportation. They have an answer for everything don't they. All I would like is at least 6 raisins in each 3/4 cup serving. I don't think that's too much to ask. Please note I said at least, if 's would like err on the side of caution who am I to day anything?

I also have other questions are these regulation scoops and when are the two scoops added? Do they figure out a ratio and mix the raisins in with the bran before packaging or do they really add the two scoops to each box? I wouldn't have all these questions if there weren't so many inconsistencies.
The one thing Kellogg's does have is there raisins are better that most noname brands but I want quality and quantity and I don't want to pay $8.00 a box. That's highway robbery.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Phlegm Phactory

I have been fighting this cold for a week now and I am afraid that today there was a turning point in the battle. I have been feeling the pressure build ever so slightly in the sinus cavity and yesterday I had a throat tickle. Today my nose is in full production, actually over production. Unfortunately no one ever taught the nose about supply and demand. I am putting in for an injunction on production due to its environmental hazards (viruses),but that may be tied up in the courts for a while so in the mean time I am reduced to using wash cloths and a drier sheet I found in the car to contain the spill. Please bare with me in this time of trial and you might want to buy some stocks in Kleenex seeing as there is an increased demand on that particular product. Oh and if anyone knows of a company that makes industrial strength chicken noodle soup let me know, cause apparently that particular solution has neutralizing qualities.

So to sum up in the markets today, the price of phlegm has gone down and good buys are Kleenex and chicken noodle soup.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I'm Having Way Too Much Fun

A while back motherhood uncensored asked people to make their own succesories. Here is mine. You can link to here to make your own.

Love Thursday

This is a picture of he last day of our last camping trip. Our family went to Waterton to camp. Unfortunately it was full so we camped 3 Km (2 miles) away at another campground. So far that was the best trip we have had as a family. Actually it was the only summer trip we had, because this summer was ridiculously busy. I'm so happy we made time for our family because it easily could have not happened.

In the picture Tweedle D and Tweedle E are enjoying our dessert (mini oreos). If you will look closely at Tweedle D's teeth you will notice one is slightly askew. He lost that one shortly after the trip.

Finally, because I couldn't choose, I decided to add this picture of Mr. Wonderful. Its his birthday today. Unfortunately he is working and won't be home until late, but we will celebrate another day. I love you and am looking forward to kissing my first 32 year old. I so love robbing the cradle.

Shhh, Don't Tell Anyone.

I have a secret. I have been released as the Home Family and Personal Enrichment Leader and have been given what may be the best calling ever. This particular calling is one most complain about or say that they would never want it. I am going to be a CUB LEADER! Aren't you all envious of me? You think you aren't but wait until I tell you about my adventures I'm going to have. You will so want to be a Cub Leader and you won't be able too because I will be the Cub Leader and I won't want to give it up. Guess it sucks to be you.

I just got oriented and I'm so excited. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Pump Up The Volume

So my workout partner Jenthemom has posted a plea for help in our workout music department. I thought I would extend the plea to you. Please give us actual songs if possible instead of genre. Thank you so much for your input.

Being John Mal, Harry Potter

So this is the time of year where I begin planning what is going to happen for Halloween. I try to come up with a theme that will work for both the boys. The years that I have been busy, I just bought the costumes and ignored the themes, but this year I would like something cool. I usually try to choose something that isn't too scary and quite clever. In the past Tweedle D was Steve from Blues clues and Tweedle E was Blue. Then there was one year Tweedle E wanted to be Robin Hood so Tweedle D was Little John and I was Maid Marian. This year my boys want Quidditch Robes but they both want to be Harry Potter. This doesn't work for me. I've tried to convince them to be from different houses with little progress and they argue because there aren't two Harry Potters, there can only be one. So if you have any ideas on how to reason with my children or other themes that would be great. Thanks

Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday Free-For-All

Today I was listening to CHQR 770 and in the afternoon they have a feature called the Friday Free-For-All. They give you a chance to talk about anything you want at the same time presenting topics in which you might want to share your opinion. So in the spirit of plagiarism I am using the same format and ask you, interneters, to feel free to comment on anything that gets you blood boiling, makes you happy, or gossip that you heard at the water cooler. Now for my part. Here are some of the things that I heard on the news, radio or casual conversation. Feel free to comment on these topics too.


US bans Canadian Beef due to Mad Cow

Canada Bans American Spinach due to E. coli outbreak.

Interesting, I smell a conspiracy.



Today on the entertainment segment featuring Jimmy Hollywood, they said look to hear an announcement of a wedding in the next 6 weeks. Rumor is that Tom's sexuality has come into question and he needs to get married.

Could there be a more stupid reason to get married? I'm struggling to find one. The person I feel sorry for is Kate. You are in a whirlwind romance (Yay), you get pregnant and come under catholic scrutiny (shrug), you have a baby and people start questioning if that was true (insulted). They say your psycho enough to pretend to be prego and give birth. Then you fiance, due to some poor handling by his people, end up loosing one of the biggest contracts of his life, and now people are saying he is gay and you need to marry him to save his image (sad). Poor girl, If she doesn't have post partem depression, she will soon. Keep your chin up girl.



In Alberta a potion of your property tax is earmarked for education. This money doesn't necessarily go into a special education fund but if I understand correctly its used in formulas to calculate money for education. Today an older gentleman was upset to find out that a portion of his property tax goes to education. "I don't have any kids." he exclaimed I shouldn't have to pay. I don't know if he really wants to play that game but if he does...

Dude, I'm not retired yet. It's not like the money I'm contributing to the CPP (Candain Pension Plan) will ever make it into my pocket, it going into yours. Do you think I should have to pay?

I only go to the doctor once a year for a check up (which reminds me I need to make an appointment) it would be cheaper for me to pay the doc the $26 for the visit then pay the premiums that I contribute to even out your visits.

What you sir have forgotten is that we all contribute to make life easier for all. Eventually it all comes back to you and to make the system a user pay system is slippery slope I don't think you want to fall down.



This is the only reason I'm not modeling in Spain. But seriously good on them.


Now its your turn.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

A Little Left Of Reality

This is not a post about this althought I do like his work. I'm posting about my guilty pleasure, reality shows. Not all reality shows because frankly some are really stupid. Ok most are really stupid.


Big Brother

I watched the first season and thought it was awesome. I watched the second season, missed a few shows but became a fan of chilltown (Will). They lost me in season 3, 4, 5 and 6. I started watching it all those times but quickly lost interest. Big Brother 7 "allstars" came and Will was back. Although he is one of the most decitful players, but you have to admire his ability to read people and play them. His only mistake this time is he forgot (or didn't know) girls talk.



This show came out the same time as Big Brother. I didn't watch the first season because I was too busy being a voyeur with Big Brother. I watched the second season and was lost again in season 3. I think I watched season two because of Colby and his progression to supreme ruggedness

Well Survivor has begun its 13th and most controversial season due to the race factor. I'm sure everyone has their own opinions and predictions (please ignore the pictures in the link). After listening to Rick Forchuck an entertainment reporter talk about the bios I have only one question, ok maybe two. How come the "white team" is the only team that has a Rock star/ wrestler and a Roller derby girl? All of the other teams have people with real professions. What is survivor trying to prove?

Although most people (media) are disgusted by this seasons plan to spice things up, I think most are going to tune in. You know you will. It's my train wreck theory. You just want to see how bad it gets.


The Mole

One of the best reality shows ever made but dropped 3 episodes into season two due to the changes. Sadly the network spiced up the show too much but season one was awesome. Imagine my surprise when I saw Anderson Cooper on CNN a few years later.


The Amazing Race

This has got to be the best reality show ever. I admit I haven't seen every season. If there was one reality show I would apply to be on, it would be this one (because the Mole was dropped). Unlike most I enjoyed the family edition. All the Driving reminded me of my own family vacations. We drove everywhere, the family was too big to afford to fly.

I think my favorite contestants were Rob and Amber. Mostly I liked them because everyone else didn't like them and they didn't seam to care. I think that was Will's appeal too.


Rock Star INXS/ Supernova

Yes American Idol gets the viewers but if you want real talent (performance, songwriting and drunken debauchery) this is the show for you and Canada is 2 and 0 for the two seasons. What is it about Canadian Rockers? JD Fortune and Lukas Rossi now front two very big bands.


Finally honorable mentions go to:

So You Think You Can Dance

Dancing With The Stars

Celebrity Duets


I think I watch Too much TV.

I Did It, I Did It.

It took me 4 months but I finally got over myself and bought my first stocks. Here is hoping for financial security. Yay Me!

Love Thursday

I Love this picture because these boys are my second loves, my first being my husband. This is also one of the times they aren't bickering, so this is a picture of brotherly love. I also like how they are two toned, as two toned as white kids can be and each preferring how they look to how the other does. Tweedle E doesn't have blonde hair he has golden hair and thinks mommy should get golden hair. Tweedle D loves his olive skin and his dark hair that he has inherited from Mr.Wonderful. He so wants to be just like his Dad. I've got to say it I havet cute boys.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hey Calgary Get Your FOOD ON!

On Saturday September 16th there will be a door to door, city wide ,food drive for the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank. How do I know? I know because my family is one of the collector groups that will be going door to door between 9:00am and 12:00pm. Last year we, my family, collected and out of 85 residences we got 5 bags (one of which was full of old Halloween candy, nice!). This year we have the same route. Thanks to the Great Calgarian House Swap we have new residences in our area. I hope the results are better, I know last time the boys were so disappointed.

This week you will receive, if you haven't already, a bag with a piece of paper taped to it about the food drive. Please put at least 1 can of tuna in it, and hang it on your mail box, door knob, or put it on the porch. What will it cost you? $1.00? Or how about ravioli? $0.80? If you can't spare that you suck. That's right I said it you suck. Sorry! I know I can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Maybe some of you don't know what its like to go hungry. Anyhoo, please open your pantry and support the food bank. And Get Your FOOD ON!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


This morning I only have time for a short post. I have too much to do.

Mr. Wonderful was reading the back of a Club House Smoothie drink mix. He said "I'm glad I'm not making this in French." I responded with a puzzled look. Seeing my questioning eye he said "It says here I would have to use a grosse banana."

Cheers and Vive Le Franglais.

Friday, September 08, 2006

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly


Today I worked out for 38 minutes and burned 208 cal


I opened a bag of chips and snacked a bit. Ok about two servings.


My butt shakes when I run. I just hope it doesn't look as bad as it feels.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

First Day Jitters

Before I delve into the story of my kids first day of school, I am letting you know that From now on the wonderlings will be referred too as Tweedle-D (My oldest) and Tweedle-E (My youngest). Take note that there isn't a tweedle dum because my kids aren't dumb they can speak just fine.

You know that feeling you get when something you have looked forward too is about to happen? Tweedle-E was in knots for the past two nights he couldn't sleep. He has been asking me for almost a year now, "When do I get to go to school?", "When is September coming?", "Will my cousin Thumbelina get to sit next to me?". Tweedle-D however wasn't so excited he was more concerned about what was on T.V. when it came to bedtime. Either way I didn't get much sleep the couple of nights before school.

Morning came and both boys were ready to go , thanks to my excellent organization the night before. So we were sitting out side of the school wondering when the bell was going to ring and when we would get to meet the new teachers. I don't know what I was thinking (listening for the bell) because that would only make sense. By 8:45am, 5 minutes late for the second bell, we decided to squeeze our way through the teenagers and make our way to the kindergarten room. Wouldn't you know it, but on the door was a note that said Kindergarten to meet in their classroom, grades 1-4 meet on the tarmac next to the playground, and grades 5 and 6 meet in the gym. Now I 'm not going to go into great detail about the chaos that ensued in the playground meeting place, you can visit jenthemom and read all about it, but lets just say at least one child got lost and there were some tears.
So that was the first day of school and despite getting lost (Tweedle-D) and having classmates get mad at you (Tweedle-E) Everything went OK, OK enough that they both decided they wanted to go to school the next morning.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

It's In The Bag

So last week Very Mom asked us what was in our make up bag. I'm a little late but here it goes.

So here is a picture of my make up bag. Its nothing special. I got it at least 5 years ago. It may look small but you would be surprised at how much it holds. I do however have a much bigger case that holds this bag and some more stuff like cleansers and such.

As you can see this bag holds a lot.

I tried to group these in some sort of logical order. The white and blue tube is my zit zapper. I paid a lot for it and it works ok, but not as good as the sales lady said.

The larger tube is my foundation (Loreal). I use this type because I have some acne scaring and other imperfections I would like to cover. It supposed to dry to a smooth powdery finish and because of its medium coverage I continue to use it, however if I don't blend it perfectly in the beginning, I am left with a streaky finish that lasts at least 12 hours.

The stick next to my foundation is my cover stick (Cover Girl). I don't think I need to say more.

Then there is my bronzer (Marcelle). I brush this on my forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin as well as on my chest depending on the shirt I have on. After all I hate two tone skin.

My brushes I can't live without. The small one is for blush, the large one for powder or bronzer and the skinny one is for eye shadow. Everything goes on smoother with a brush.

This next grouping is my eyes. The feature I choose to enhance the most on my face is my eyes. I like my eyes. I wish they were bigger and my lashes longer and the colour to be blue, but other than that they are perfect. Actually I've grown to like them more and more.

On the left are the liners. I have more in my bigger bag, but these are the ones I use the most. Until last thursday I liked my liquid eyeliner the best, but I recently purchase the long thin black one and love it much more. It is line stylist by Maybelline New York.

In the middle is my shadow set I use most often.

On the right are the mascaras that I carry around. The gold one is Loreal volume enhancing mascara. It used to be my fave, but it started to clump. I didn't like my boy telling my constantly that I had eye boogies on my lashes so I decided to buy something else. I probably should throw it out. My next purchase in the quest for long beautiful lashes was Maybelline's XXL. Got to say one of the worst mascaras ever made. Don't waste your time. My new love in mascara is lash stylist by Maybelline. It has a comb instead of a brush. Thanks to my sister Kim for introducing this one to me. I am very satisfied with my new mascara.

Finally one must not forget the tweezers. When I pluck my brows its like I have an instant eye lift. Perhaps I should be doing that more often.

This last photo is of my lips and the clip I use to hold my hair back while applying my make up. The silve tube is a "collagen enhancing" clear lip treatment. I use this every time I apply my makeup (which can be quite rare). The long skinny tube is my Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen lip duo. I liked it at first but then started thinking this was not appropriate make up for my age so I don't ware this very often any more. Perhaps I should throw that one out too. I do have other lip liners and pencils but I rarely use them since Mr. Wonderful doesn't like kissing lips that have "stuff" on them and I like kissing so I sacrafice.

So that's what is in my bag. What's in yours? And Pass it on.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Love Friday

Looks like I misses it again. This is my hot husband sporting my sun glasses. I sacrificed my eyes so he could get us home safely. Actually I closed my eyes and slept. He looks better in them than I do.

My husband and I have been together for 9 years now. We met at a time in our lives when we weren't looking. He wasn't satisfied with the women he was dating and was going to move away. I had given up on the dating scene and decided I wasn't going to date for a while if ever again. But then cosmos aligned and we decided we should date. I wish it was that easy.

What we do have going for us is we have similar goals. Mr. Wonderful and I have the same faith, we put our family first, and we respect each other. I'm sure there is more that we have in common but when your makin' a list its hard to think of those things off the top of your head. He is also the Yin to my yang. He is calm when I am frustrated, he strong when I am week, but he can be strict when I am layed back. Sometimes these polar opposites can cause problems but most of the time its useful to get 'one's self out of one's tree." when one is totally being irrational. Can you guess who the one is most of the time?

We have invested much time and have reaped two beautiful children. Yah boys can be beautiful. We have worked hard together to reach our goals and we have learned a lot from one another. He is my best friend. Sorry spot shot, but ours was a relationship based on what you could do for me. So that is why I chose my husband to represent love.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

iPod, uPod, We All Pod

Yes boys and girls I have joined the iPod universe. Mr. Wonderful and I went on a bit of a shopping spree. I'm still feeling a bit irresponsible especially because I have never spent this kind of money just on a whim. Thank you Visions for having this nice sale and a very eager sales man cutting us some extra deals due to our multiple purchases. Did I mention that we were a bit irresponsible? Just so you know we have a plan. Isn't that something someone says when they are trying to rationalize their behavior? Oh well I'm 33 and I deserve a little indulgence now and then. So here I sit typing whilst listening to "The Old Apartment" by Barenaked Ladies on my new iPod nano. I'm not feeling much regret right now lets see how I feel in the morning, that's in about 5 min.

Nope don't feel any regret now either. Guess I have to sleep on it.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Lucy, You Got Some Splaining To Do.

My oldest was fortunate enough to have the most wonderful teacher for kindergarten. His experience was the best way to introduce a child to their academic career. She was well organized, beautiful, and most important she loved the children. I would brag to all my sisters that I had undoubtedly had the best kindergarten teacher in the world. I must admit that when D went to grade one I really missed her. I secretly wished she would just follow my kid up through the grades and be his teacher forever, but I know that's not right. I needed to share her with others and at least E would have her in two years.

Today we got the news, she is traveling for a year and will not be back till next year. I was at Jenthemom's house when the call came it went something like this.

Miss New Teacher: "Hello Jennifer."

Jenthemom: "Hello"

Miss New Teacher: "I am Jocelyn's new kindergarten teacher."

jenthemom: "What happened to Miss Smith?"

Alyson: Gasp and grab chest, cause all I heard was "What happened to Miss Smith?"

Miss New Teacher: "I've been getting that a lot."

Then she proceeded to tell Jenthemom when we could meet her and when Miss Smith would be coming back. I know the kids will be fine, its the parents who will have a harder time getting over this. In fact I have contemplated getting a plane ticket to her place of refuge and collecting her myself, but between you and me I don't have the money to do it. Just know that's the only thing holding me back from making a spectacle in warmer then here land.

Shortly after, my husband took the phone call at our place of residence and chatted reasonably with her. He doesn't seem to think its that big a deal, and he is right (as always, I'm really getting tired of that). Anyway it turns out she was on mat leave a while ago and has come back this year to cover for Lucy. At least she has experience, because if she like graduated like last spring and is like totally excited to like be a teacher, my kid will walk all over her and then turn around and walk all over her again. He may look like an angel, but he knows he is cute and can be quite a devil.

One Last thing, I hope she is a blonde, because E is kinda partial to "Golden Hair" also then we wouldn't have to tell him and he wouldn't be the wiser.

Out Dang Spot!

By a show of hands, how many of you out there have a leopard carpet? Yah me neither. Unfortunately, at first glance you wouldn't know that it was a nice grey/ blue. Instead it looks like Tarzan killed Sabor skinned him and laid him on my floor. My poor abused carpet has been bombarded by ketchup, chocolate, juice box juice, markers and mud, to name a few.

So I was vacuuming the living room, and seeing not much improvement, I pulled out the spot shot. Now in the past spot shot has worked but not on everything. The youngest wonderling puked every time he ate until the age of 11 months (thanks to acid reflux) so I've put it through rigorous testing. I think I got the spots out about 80% of the time. Well this new spot shot was a fresh new bottle in new packaging. What I'm saying is it was new. I wasn't expecting much, these spots have been there for a while.

As I was saying, I pulled out the bottle, got on my hands and knees and did my best impression of Lady Macbeth. I was able to get out everything I have tried so far except the high lighter.

I still have a lot more carpet to go, but right now Spot Shot, you are my best friend.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Geeky Entertainment

How brilliant is this? Ok maybe its just me, but Woohoo!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Love, Uncertainty and Misunderstanding

I missed love Thursday last week and was going to post one this week but again I missed it. So here is my representation of love on Sunday.

This is a picture of my sister and her son. It took 5 years for her to get him. She is a great mother, a really good example to me.


This week (month) has been a time of ups and downs. Friends have lost babies and job offers have removed then given then removed again. We are at a stage of life where the future is uncertain. I know that we will have a home, and food to eat, but when you have made plans for the last 9 years working towards a goal and now find it unattainable its hard. Its hard to be back at square one not knowing what we will be doing, and not being able to get ahead.


I still haven't really decided what I am going to do while the wonderlings are in school. I would love to pursue my me time and such but we are still waiting for word on some jobs Mr. Wonderful has applied for. Thank you to all for the "Two Cents".


On a Lighter note:

D: "You can't have that E, you stink."

Cue whining

Dad: "E come here, tell D he has Halitosis."

E: "D you can't have Halitosis, Dad Said."

D: "that's not fair."

As we all know its more about the telling, and the possessing something that someone else doesn't have, then about truly being insulted.


Wednesday, August 23, 2006


My little entrepreneurs have moved on to a much bigger task. Remember how they worked collecting bottles for over a year to get two discounted (second hand) gameboys totaling ~ $120. They have now decided they will collect bottles for a Disneyland trip totaling $2300. Judging by the rate we went last year we should be in Disneyland in the year 2026. Do you want to make plans to meet us there?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Its that time of the year again. School is fast approaching and I will have two wonderlings enrolled in and institution of learning. For two to three hours a day I will have time to myself. I am wondering what to do with that time. The choices are many:

1. I could use that time to clean my house and catch of on my morning talk shows.
2. I could go to the gym and obtain the hard body that I have always dreamed of.
3. I could get a job and help raise our standard of living and eventually get us in a house.
4. I could get pregnant and use that time to sleep and puke in private.
5. Start my own business
6. Go back to school

Each decision has its ups and down (like most). I would like to volunteer at my kids school as much as possible, but if I take on a job that may not be possible. My husband is having a hard time finding a job that will pay well enough to get us ahead so that we can save for retirement, home etc. (do you like how I put retirement and home together?) This factor also affects whether or not I will afford the gym pass and the hard body that I want. Then the kid thing. I am really looking forward to having time to myself to do as I please. I'm not sure what I please is gestating and eventually giving up that time for another 5 years making it that much harder to enter the work force, but I'm getting older and I'm not entirely sure that my family is complete. Going back to school and starting a business scares me because of the debt it might incur and for the past few years we have been almost crippled by debt. We are out of it for now, but I am really hesitant on going back there. Some of these decisions could be done concurrently says the optimist in me , but the realist says not likely.

So as you can see I am at a quandary and am seeking the advice of interneters everywhere. What would you do with a situation similar to this, or have you been in a similar situation? Do you have any ideas for making money (jobs etc.) If you have gone back to school what did you take and how long was your program?

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Introducing Mr. And Mrs. MH1

On Friday my youngest sister got married. She is the last one. My parents are finished. The sister closest in age to me and I were discussing how chic this wedding was and how "homemade" ours were. W realized tat in order for her to have the beautiful wedding complete with photographer extrodinaire, we had to have the ones with all of the mistakes in them. I hope she appreciates our sacrifice.


Have a great honeymoon, and be safe whilst moving to the ends of the earth.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Just to prove that I take really bad pictures, look here. I would like to thank jenthemom for making this possible by posting the picture on her site.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Don't You Wish Your Mommy Was Hot Like Me?

As you can tell I'm suffering from a little bit of insomnia due to my 2.5 hour nap I took at 5:00pm. So here I sit putting mindless posts together. I don't post pictures of myself, due to the lack of good picture and privacy, but earlier today my hair was working and my face looked slimmer so I decided to make an exception. Now after seeing the picture I think it looks like I was trying out for America's (Canada's) Next Overly Ripe Washed Up Model. I was also taking it in the mirror because alas my husband wasn't around to take the picture and he would ask why are you doing that with your face?

Sunday, August 13, 2006


This was a long time coming. After going through Kindergarten and grade one (first grade for those who don't speak Canadian) and seeing all his friends and their money from the Tooth Fairy, I'm surprised he didn't grab Mr. Wonderful's pliers and rip out his first tooth. What a trooper and now he has a shiney Loonie to show for it.

In Other News...

My boys have finished their swimming lessons and they both passed. Yay!

Friday, August 11, 2006

A Camping We Had Went

So many things have been happening this week that I haven't had time to post about our camping trip. Basically I'm still trying to recover from said camping trip. I have yet to catch up with my laundry, and since this is our last one for the year, I have to rearrange the storage room, a project that is taking longer than I thought. A women's work is never done. But enough complaining.

Our story begins with a family setting out on an adventure to go a camping in Waterton Lakes National Park. Mr W got off work at 1:30pm and was home by 2:00pm. I had already started the packing the van process in an attempt to get us off earlier. You see the campsites at Waterton and surrounding area are a first come first serve, so we had to be stealth and we had to be fast. Unfortunately upon arrival the campgrounds were full. Oh the lament of our children. If this were biblical times, they would have rent their clothes and been covered in sack cloth and ashes for sure. They couldn't get over it.

"What do you mean they are full?"

"Can't we just stay over there?", they would ask pointing to a grassy spot right next to the highway. We tried to explain the random camping was not aloud. We told them that we would try to get a campsite close to Waterton. The reasoning wasn't helping relieve their fear of a cancelled trip all together.

Our first attempt at a campsite proved less than fruitful. All they had left was their green space, normally set aside for running children, on which they were letting people randomly place their tents their for $10 a night. That would just not do.

Fortunately for us the next campground was much more pleasing. By the time we got their they only had four tenting spots left. Mr. W in his wisdom picked site with trees to shelter us from the all to common southern Alberta wind which inevitably comes. Thanks Mr. Wonderful.

Upon completion of setting up camp we proceeded to make our dinner. Top Dogs Hot dogs. D ate one and complained of a tummy ache. He said he wasn't going to throw up, but alas that was not the case. As I was off to fill a pot with wash water, I hastened back to the site by a concerned and reluctant husband. Reluctant to deal with the puke that is. A risky choice on his part seeing as I am normally a sympathy puker and the mess could have potentially multiplied 3 fold. His gamble paid off. Lucky man. The mess wasn't that bad and we were able to continue camping.

Here are some of the memories made.

peddle boating on Cameron Lake

The wonderlings learning to stier a peddle boat

Playing in the park

Throwing rocks in Waterton Lake

Ice Cream at Ye Old Lick & Nibble

Playing hatching dragon and erupting volcanoes at a park (poor villagers they didn't see it coming)

souvenir shopping (nothing bought)

Hiking at red rock canyon

Throwing rocks in Waterton Lake

Minnow hunting in the creek beside our campsite

Dipping D and E in Waterton Lake

Playing with Carly at the park. She had the best sand toys

And now for the rest of the story...

Our last night their I needed a nap so Mr. Wonderful took the boys to our favorite minnow hunting spot in the creek near by. They came back soaking wet. It seem they discovered that Waterton Riverside Campground was actually riverside. They were following some fish and hiked about 3 minutes from the spot were observing the minnows. They rounded a corner and discovered this huge river. Yay! After dinner we decided to beat the heat and float down the river. Due to the glacial temperatures we had warm chocolate and then went to bed. The temperature changes must have done something to E because he wet the bed.

All in all I would say it was a success. I shall post pictures later. I need to get back to my laundry.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Over Exposed

A slight problem has developed over the past week. One I did not fore see. My youngest wonderling has decided that no underwear is best. It started 5 days ago when he forgot to put underwear in the backpack for swimming. As it turned out he went until Sunday without underwear before I noticed or remembered. When Mr. Wonderful asked me how long he had been going "commando", E heard the word and thought it was awesome.

Now he wants to be “commando” all of the time. Last night he slept "commando" and this morning he wants to eat "commando". I have no idea where he gets that from.

Monday, August 07, 2006


We are back and tired and stinky. I will post more about our camping trip later. I am going to sleep in my bed. Right now I love my bed because it isn't an air mattress. Nothing like camping and freezing to make your 11 year old secondhand bed look really good.

Just one thing before I sign off. I was watching some celeb stuff and saw that Zach Braff is coming out with a "new" movie (the American version of an Italian movie). Anyway I saw some beautiful girls in there and thought to myself "Self, why does he get such hot women to act in his movies?" I know he is really funny in SCRUBS and I hear he was brilliant in Garden State (another movie with another beautiful girl) but I don't know, him and the hotties, is that believable? Am I the only one that wonders about this?

I tired. I go bed. I edit tomorrow

Thursday, August 03, 2006

6 Down 365,456,297 To Go

This summer I have been so busy. Busy with my calling, my job, birthdays, family time and my sister's wedding. Tonight I just finished throwing my sister a wedding shower. Tomorrow we are leaving for camping. When we get back a full week of swimming lessons and getting things together for her wedding. E has a birthday three days after the wedding and then I have to coordinate enrichment flower arranging course and the potluck the following week. 4 days later is Tims's Elders quorum BBQ (the same night as my sister's second reception. Somewhere in there I am supposed to get my visiting teaching done and get the kids ready for school and plan the quarterly enrichment night that will be happening on the 12 of September. I don't see it letting up even if I get more help. AHHHHHHHH

I wish I could run away to a quiet place and not have to deal with this stuff anymore, but I'm too responsible. What happened to the days of sitting by the pool? I thought I was supposed to be simplifying my life. E is suffering. He still thinks in some twisted way that violence makes friends. Its not as bad as it sounds (E I mean) but I feel if I don't nip this now we could be in for some trouble. I need to simplify. I'm going to have to start saying no to things. People just don't take hints. Maybe its because hints aren't obvious, but I think its because they don't want to take the hint.

So until people understand what I'm saying and give me what I'm asking, you can find me plugging away doing substandard work because I'm spreading myself too thin or I will be saying No to everything. Neither way looks good.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Self Discovery

I've been off of some medication for almost a year. One of the reasons I went off of it was because there was this she devil that would bring all the powers of hell to my home once a month. Now that I have been off of "it", I find out that the she devil was really me and now I am a she devil with crappy skin. Just my luck.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Therapy +

There are things I wish I could post about, but I cannot. Don't worry its nothing bad, its just that nothing is definite and I am superstitious. If I tell you, then everything will automatically go up in smoke, so I can't tell you no matter how much I want too. Maybe I need therapy. Posting about it would be therapeutic but then what if it doesn't happen and then the smoke and possibilities of secondhand smoke. Ok now I'm just talkin' crazy.

Hey Look! Something shiny.

In other news my husband and I went on a double date with some friends of ours. They introduced us to a nice restaurant with good food. I liked what I was having and was very pleased with my choice until I tasted Mr. Wonderful's chicken. "Oh My Goodness" It was so good. I'm not just saying that because I normally suffer from Entree Envy (I always want what he ordered), I'm saying it because it was really good. It was all I could do to keep myself from ripping off my mannerly facade and steal the carcass from his plate. Good thing he didn't go to the bathroom cause I would have.

Later we introduced them to pool at Mr. Wonderful's workplace. We had so much fun and now my girlfriend has a stalker. Ok maybe not a stalker, but every time she was trying to subtly nurse her wee babe, this man in a yellow shirt kept coming by and staring. Neither of us girls were aware of it, but the men were. Maybe it was a testosterone, male territory kind of thing, but I had no idea and upon being made aware of what was going on I stupidly said "Awwe, how come I never get the stalkers?" To which my friend-in-law (her husband) replied "Don't worry, [so and so] said.' take confidence in knowing at least twice a day somebody has looked at you and said yah I'd do that." I wonder how scientific the study was? Despite the peeping we had a great time.

Oh did I mention I borrowed their babysitter too. I'm getting good at that. To be fair it was the babysitter's idea and she made a pretty penny too. So it looks like it was a great night for all and Mr. Wonderful and I went home to play our own game of stalker. Isn't he sweet?

Thursday, July 27, 2006

I Want To Ride My Bicycle

At least I thought they did, but as you can see they mostly pushed their bikes around. Maybe I should have bought a stroller or a wheel chair, than at least they could be pushing me around.

Its Time For A Change

I have been unhappy with the appearance of my blog. I found out on most computers that my banner looks weird and since I don't know HTML code so I don't know how to fix it. Unfortunately I don't really care fore the skins that are available to me at the moment so I chose this minimalist template to try to exude a personality of organization and peace. Is it working?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

So Its ON!

After Saturday with the girls I have new resolve to continue with my 14 in 14 but its more like 5 in 14 because I took a break. I could give you many reasons why I stopped but lets just sum it up to stress and my gym pass expiring. Anyway thanks to beautyshopmomma and jenthemom, I am at least going to try again for the next week. I have already lost a day of exercise because I was cleaning all morning and running around all afternoon and into the early evening, but today is a new day and I'm going to try really hard. I have already made a bunch of snacks that will help me keep within my targets.

Speaking of the girls we went out on Saturday night. It was a much needed vacation from the stressful week I had been having (being trapped in Cardston and all) Mr. Wonderful wasn't home to watch the wonderlings, so I mooched on jenthemom's babysitter and brought my kids over. Can I tell you that was just a recipe for disaster, but Bryant was such a trooper.

We went to the Olive Garden, why you ask? (So did my husband) The salad and bread sticks , but mostly the salad. Back off I'm cheap. Did I mention I mooched on the babysitter (don't worry I paid him). I learned somethings, the waitress is weird yet knows her stuff and I have the potential to be the family alcholic. In the time it took for the other ladies to finish one drink I had downed 3 diet cokes. I guess when it comes to liquids I don't hold back and funny thing neither does my bladder. I had to pee every 30 minutes. I also learned about something called skinny cows (light ice cream snadwhiches I think) but I have yet to see them so they may be a myth and finally I learned that three mommies hocked up on caffien and light headed from salad find pretty much anything funny.

Oh and congratulations to beautyshopmomma for getting skinny enough to fit in the carseat. Enough said!

Monday, July 24, 2006

The Rumble

Do you ever wonder if you are raising a serial killer? Yah um me neither. Just thought I'd ask. But lets just say that I know this mom who has this kid who gets really, really excited and happy to the point of ecstasy ad in a split second goes off the deep end kicking wailing and nashing his teeth over something as little as an exhale. At one time said child beat up a kid at the local BK playpark and his older brother had to get his mom before the choking caused any real damage. The reason for the choking, the chokee was going into the ball pit first and the choker didn't want him to be first. Since this is purely hypothetical lets just leave it at that. I wouldn't want any rumors to start.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Great Cardston Adventure (part 3)

Who knew my adventure would be a trilogy? Definitely not I, but I guess I have so much to say and maybe I'll bring balance to the force. (Its late give me a break).

Anyway, It was Monday and we had had enough, we wanted to get home, and get in our own beds and have our own space and eat our own food, and get naked in our own shower. I have a hard time doing that in other peoples houses even though it is a necessity, house guest fish thing and all. I think my dad was the most anxious. He made that trip between the house and the dealership 3 or 4 times still wearing the same suit he wore Saturday. I felt bad for my parents they only had the clothes they came in so I went to the Bargain Shop and purchased them some shirts. Don't worry they didn't sleep in their clothes, they borrowed pjs so all was not lost.

Finally it got so bad, I mean my dad's impatience that he was ready to tow the car to Calgary and get it fixed there. We were to follow in a rental car. Lucky for us Cardston doesn't rent cars cause he would've done it. He even checked the yellow pages to see if the greyhound bus stopped there or if he could take a taxi, that's how desperate he was. I myself felt some of the same desire. I was not looking forward to another night of being kicked by my kids in bed and being woken by my mom's snoring (she'd kill me if she knew I'd let that out). It not her fault she has a deviated septum I think. But lets be pratical that's way too expensive.

So we went to the park and then we went to Dairy Queen to cool off. While we were there I decided I was going to make the best of this. I was going to visit some of the touristy things that we never get to visit. We were planning on going to the Card Home and the miniature museum. I was even going to get my boys hair cut after all I had the time, or so I thought. While were throwing our garbage away the phone rang "Your Car is ready". A sudden wave of sadness swept over me, I had plans. Then just like that it was gone, I was going to see my husband Yay!. Apparently We were not moving fast enough, because my father, who usually move at a glacial pace, said, "I'll come pick you up."

We were back at the house and packed in less than half an hour. We were grateful for the place to stay, but were more grateful to go home. "Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home."

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Great Cardston Adventure (Part2)

It has been said (I don't know where) that house guests are like fish, after 3 days they begin to smell. Well in our case it wasn't any different (especially because we didn't have supplies). Lucky for us Sunday church was early and we had some dress clothes to wear (after all we were at he temple the day before), so the smell wasn't that bad. Thanks to Alden and Heide's 3 full baths we obtained showers to fend off the stench.

At church things were normal. Just like any normal ward we had visited on vacation except it was full of relatives we didn't know very well. You wouldn't know it from my married name but I come from a long line of a very common southern Alberta family. In fact this long line stretches all the way down into Utah of all places. Along with this long line of family comes an awesome responsibility that my husband thought he had saved me from when he married me. You must know your family tree. So when it came time to introduce the visitors, my mother-in-law saved some time. She said "this is my daughter in law and her two parent Brad and Joyce *****. They are here because their youngest daughter was going throughout the temple yesterday. You may know Brad's Father Dean. They are having car trouble and will be with us for a while." After church was over my parents were swarmed by many to find out how things were and to confirm relations. CRAZY!

We went home and watched "The Borrowers" about 12 times. There wasn't much to do because the computer room was occupied and the TV was occupied so after dinner we went for a walk. Although every need seemed to be taken care of and everyone was quite polite its hard to be in someone else's house especially when you didn't plan for it.