Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Playing with my camera

I can't remember if I was playing with lighting scenarios or the colour settings on my camera. BUt it was fun and these are so Tweedle 3.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Hello Bandwagon, It Seems I'm Jumping On

I've been on blogger for a while and have done all I can with that blog to personalize it. I was happy with my free choice, but it seems that i want more. I've been under this process for quite sometime and eventually I will have my own domain, but until then come check me out here. Many have also made the switch, and it seems like I'm just copying, but really I think great minds think alike. So this is me on wordpress for now.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

I'm Tired

I'm tired of Rosie having an opinion on everything and pulling the discrimination card out even when it is clearly uncalled for. I'm not posting to have a discussion on gay rights, I'm just tired of how everything can be made into a homophobic situation when really it is a difference of opinon or nothing to do with gay right at all. I know I could turn it off and do something else during that time and sometimes I do, but really I like Elizabeth so I tend to watch to hear what people are saying about the current events. I guess thats the dilema I have.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Climbing My Mount Everest of Laundry, A Step Closer To My Dream

Before I start airing my "Dirty Laundry" (hehe get dirty laundry) I think I should update you on my basketball game experience. Things went ok and surprisingly I wasn't that nauseated. There were no "episodes" so I didn't suffer humiliations gallery. I was however quite disappointed with my meal. The university now offers grown up type of food along with the concession (and I thought we were going out before the game. Hmph!) I ordered a chicken breast sandwich and a Greek salad. The chicken was raw. Unfortunately I didn't notice until after I had eaten some. Gross! They took it back and was willing to make me a whole new sandwich until they found out that all of the breasts weren't cooked through. I got a full refund and settled for a hot dog. They were very apologetic.


Now back to my story.... Mt. Wonderful and I went Saturday to Halstead Mattress and ordered our bed. Yep we bought a bed. Thank you for all of your advice and suggestions on how to save money on a mattress. We decided that we needed to splurge. I also like the idea that I can have the bed made for me to my firmness specifications and Mr. Wonderful can have his. We don't need to compromise. Also the idea that it won't have someone else's "ick" in it also appealed to me. We have had other's "ick" and well, "ick". We went with the mattress maker because you get more bed for your money. We should have this for quite some time. We already have the money for it so how responsible are we? It should be here in the next two weeks because did I mention, "they are making it for me".

In the mean time we are taking this opportunity to rearrange the bedrooms, edit our wardrobes and catch up on the laundry that has so unfortunately , but due to the circumstances, been neglected. I moved all my "skinny clothes" to a bin and hung up all the maternity clothes I can stand to wear. Mr. Wonderful even vacuumed out the closet. I just need to figure out how to condense down to one dresser otherwise there will be no room in the inn. If worst comes to worst I guess I could just clean out a drawer and the wee babe can sleep there for a while.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday Free For All

Neapolitan Family

This morning Tweedle D, Tweedle E and I were talking about how they are so different looking. Tweedle D has dark hair and olive skin and Tweedle E is blonde and fair and I call them chocolate and vanilla respectively. Then they (or one of them I'm not good with my memory these days) said what if the baby had red hair what would I call it? I told them strawberry. The possibility is there for a red head. We have red heads on both sides.

A Tulip By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet Unless Its A Carnation

About three days ago I was longing for spring. I love tulips and the colours look so fresh. I just wanted some spring. I decided to buy some flowers at the local grocery store only to discover tulips aren't ready yet. I was greatly disappointed. I decided that I should just buy some flowers anyway and maybe they will help my mood. I looked around and found the cheapest bunch (carnations). Tweedle E was with me and his favorite colour is red so that's what I got. It didn't work. Carnations don't say spring to me and red definitely doesn't say spring. I'm glad Tweedle E is happy.

Emotional Blackmail

Tonight Mr. Wonderful wants to take the boys to a basketball game at the university. The problem is he wants me to come to all 4 hours. I don't mind basketball and under normal circumstances I would do it, but night is my worst time. I tend to need to be horizontal by 10:00pm sometime earlier. If I'm not then the episodes happen. Also the fact that the bathroom is so far away from the stands there is a high probability of me not making it there in time. Add the fact that I tend to wet myself when I am violently vomiting (why I have a bucket next to the toilet now) my desire to go is greatly diminished. Here is the kicker. Tweedle E is the one who wants to go the most but Mr. Wonderful doesn't have the patients for him be cause he grows weary of the game sooner than the other two, so in order for him to go Mr. Wonderful says I have to go. I asked if I could reserve the right to leave early and reluctantly he said yes, but I know his plan was to have me there so he could stay for the whole thing. Can you tell I'm not too excited? At least I'm getting a meal out of it.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Chrysalis

I'm not a hairy woman. I can grow the hair on my legs for weeks and the hairs may be long but they are few and far between. The hairiest part of my body (aside from the top of my head) is my eyebrows and now thanks to pregnancy my mole. I can pluck on a regular basis and my eyebrows look like caterpillars. As for my mole, well I can pluck it in the morning and by bed time I have this half inch wiry black hair coming out of it. Ok that may be an exaggeration, but I'm not far off. I wonder what other beautiful side effects I'm in for.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

To Find Out, Or Not Find Out.

Today was one of my monthly checkups an the doc asked me if I wanted to know the sex of the baby. I said I wanted a surprise but truthfully I'm still undecided.

When I was pregnant with Tweedle D we didn't know. We found out 2 days before he was born because I'm so late and they had to do an ultrasound. I happened to overhear the tech say to the doc the fetus was phallic. I don't use that word very often (if ever) so it took me a few hours to figure out what that meant but my contractions had already started so it really doesn't count.

With Tweedle E I found out. It was nice to know so I could be ready. We had a name and thankfully all the boy stuff we needed from the previous pregnancy but there was no surprise. I like surprises.

I still have a week until my ultrasound, so I could change my mind before then. What to do, what to do? What would you do?