Thursday, January 25, 2007

I'm Tired

I'm tired of Rosie having an opinion on everything and pulling the discrimination card out even when it is clearly uncalled for. I'm not posting to have a discussion on gay rights, I'm just tired of how everything can be made into a homophobic situation when really it is a difference of opinon or nothing to do with gay right at all. I know I could turn it off and do something else during that time and sometimes I do, but really I like Elizabeth so I tend to watch to hear what people are saying about the current events. I guess thats the dilema I have.


Anonymous said...

Tempting..... ;) Very tempting... I know what you mean about Rosie

Brian - the Shrink said...

I hear you, my wife sometimes watches the View (only because it's the only thing our bunny ears pick up here) and whenever I have watched it, she always turns everything into a gay attack or praise. And she always has to mention her lover and so on. Now, before anyone think I am gay-bashing, I do enjoy a little Ellen every once in awhile. I think she is funny and she is proud without being in your face about it.