Thursday, March 30, 2006

Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Blah blah blah

Last night, as we were getting ready for scripture study the following conversation took place.

Me: "I should do my financial home work tonight."

Husband: "What do you need to do?"

Me: "I need to finish Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I'm having trouble..."

My oldest: "Mom don't you mean Kingmen, Freemen?"

This may seem like an inside joke. That's because it is. Sorry. But of all the things to pull out of the Book of Mormon, the Kingmen and the Freemen. Too funny D.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Goodall, Jane Goodall

Right now I feel a little like the Jane Goodall of Sea Monkeys. For all of your sea monkey mating question look here.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Freaky Friday

Today has been really random and I have a few things that I want to post about but none go together so here is the generic version of Random Friday.

1. Do sea monkeys mate? Because if they do then wow. I have two that have been attached to one another for two days now. Not only do I find them creepy but now I'm a little jealous.

2. For those of you who don't have a T.V. (jenthemom) or live somewhere other than Canada (almost everyone else), There is this Scotia Bank commercial that has a slogan "You are richer than you think" they show people doing a happy dance after meeting their banker. Well my husband and I just found out our net worth. Lets just say No happy dance for us. The slogan for our bank should be "you are as poor as you thought you were Hahahahahha".

3. I didn't weekly weigh in this week because I am ashamed. Last weekend Mr. Wonderland and I went out for our anniversary, with our children, and pigged out. Sunday a lady made us a cake for our anniversary. We were to share with the marrieds class, but we were the only ones who showed up , so we ate the whole cake, over a couple of days but still. Then when I went to weigh myself today I found out the scale has been out and I actually weigh significantly more. I only thought I gained a bit. But wow. So now I don't know what to believe. I do actually know what to believe but I don't want too.

4. Mr Wonderland and I are officially no-longer "Young Marrieds". It was a bit of a rude awakening. I still have young kids, but I guess my crows feet have been shining through the spackle I call make up. Note to self get better make up. Anyway. We have been taking this marriage and family relations class at church. Every time the class is set up they have a couple who has been through more are a little older and can share their wisdom when there is discussion. Well the first day we went around the room and everyone introduced themselves and said how long they have been married. The average marriage length for this class is 3.1 years. Lets just say that its us who brings up the average. We have 2 couples who have been married under a year, one ~ 2 weeks. Ahh to only have wisdom to share. I do however remember our first fight. It was over a sandwich. I laugh about it now.

5. I just fed my 4 year old some pudding for lunch. I'm such a good mom. This should make up for the fact that I took their game boys away, for fighting, and hid them and can't remember where they are. Its been 2 weeks. I'd better go and try to find some fruit.

Have a great Freaky or Random Friday.

Alyson OUT!

Monday, March 20, 2006

And The Oscar Goes To...

For his inspiring interpretation of a Ninja , Clockstopper, Jedi, Wizard Superhero name Cody Banks. Lately my youngest has taken on every character in just about every movie he has ever seen and rolled it in to one. The only problem is my son does not break character. He constantly battling demon bad guys even during church. It was all I could do to get him to fold his arms during a prayer and even then there was some awesome high kicks to ward off any ankle biting evil beings. The thing is he wasn't being noisy. He was "shadow boxing" or "shadow hand to air combat". Regardless of what one might call it, almost all appendages were involved. That my friends is just a distracting as a child wailing as if they were having their arm cut off by a lefty pair of scissors. I did eventually take him out after trying to redirect attention and threatening punishment.

I love that he has such a vivid imagination and I don't want to crush it. It has to take a great imagination to remain in character for days on end, but not everyone wants to live in a movie. I must say that it is hard to find a balance on teaching appropriate behavior and fostering a good imagination. So far so good.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Anniversary, Schmanniversary

Is it lame to take your children along on your anniversary date with you? I mean if you child was a couple weeks or even months I wouldn't think so, but in my case they are neither. I have tried to get a babysitter for a week now and we are on our third one. I almost don't want to call because I'm afraid that the notice is too short. We already didn't get to celebrate on the original day but tonight looks like it won't happen either. So I'm putting it out to the internet. Is it lame to take your children with you?

I had envisioned for tonight a quiet escape for dessert and conversation. Nothing lavish. We have to cut back because Tim gave notice at work. If we bring the kids, there goes the quiet. Oh well I guess you do what you have to do.


Edited: Turns out babysitter #3 cannot do it either. Guess we are takin' the kids. YAY THEM. At least I don't have to run around like a chicken with my head cut of tidying up. YAY ME

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Divine Secrets

Tonight we had our Relief Society Anniversary it was so fun (at least I thought it was, but then I planned it). Our Theme was The Divine Secrets of the ***** Ward Sisterhood. There were 3 phases (or divine secrets). First there was guess who (pictures of you when you were younger), Second there was Sisterhood Bingo, and third (the most fun of all) was to tell the truth. The ladies had to give me stories of them that no one (or very few people) knew about them. Then with each story I got 2 "liars". The three people were a panel and had to tell their story and answer some questions. At the end everyone had to vote on who they thought the story belonged too. I gotta say we have some pretty good liars. They were also funny too. I almost wet my pants. Anyway I was glad for how the night went. I'm just sorry that some people chose not to go. They really missed out. If someone didn't have a fun time I don't want to hear it because I thought it went well and I only want happy memories. Thanks to Mr. Wonderland (my husband) for helping me and supporting me. I Love You.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Weekly Weigh in #5

Start 158
Week #1 156
Week #2 157.9
Week #3 157.5
Week #4 157.1
Week #5 156.3

Net Loss 1.7 Lbs

Yahoo. I finally see some progress. Don't worry I won't let it go to my head and binge. I've got to go and drink my water now, Slosh, Slosh, and make a healthy snack.


Sunday, March 12, 2006

Deep Thought...

...With Alyson Handy. I don't know JACK.

1. If through some break in the Space/ Time continuum my younger me got to meet my older me, would my younger me be happy with the person I've become?

Friday, March 10, 2006

The Money Saver

People have been asking me for a while to share some of my money saving tips. I've finally broken down and started another blog. You can get to it through my profile or through the tea party or here. The address is

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Weekly Weigh In #4

Start: 158 Lbs

Week #1: 156 lbs
Week #2: 157.9 lbs
Week #3: 157.5 lbs
Week #4: 157.1 lbs

Net loss 0.9 lbs

Wow this is going slower than I thought. I know I haven't been very good with my eating. I gave up pop, that was my treat, but I would choose diet pop which was 0 cal. Now I 've replaced it with somethings that are fattier and not 0 cals. I need to sit down and make a plan. I need to find a new treat and I need to not consume it so much what ever it is. Any ideas? And you better not say water because that is not a treat. I'm already sloshing when I walk. I think that I 've busted the myth that increased water consumption will make you lose weight.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Ch-Ch-Ch Changes

Well this was originally a comment I made on Devynn's blog and I thought it was kind of funny. I didn't have a post for today so I thought I would use this one:

I had a little talk with my boys about body odor. I know it's silly, but I thought if I started now talking about changes that will happen when they get older, it may be easier to talk about the hard stuff. Well it kind of back fired because now they sniff my armpit and tell me I need to shower. It's a bit of game to them.

Monday, March 06, 2006

I just thought I would let you know why I have changed my banner to the cheesy wedding theme. This month is my anniversary. I had a hard time finding St. Patrics Day and March maddness pictures so there you are.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Being A Domestic Godess

When I was in University, I found a book my grandmother gave to me when I was a year old. The book was called The Fascinating Girl. The author also wrote Fascinating Womanhood. We would sit around, a group of girls and I, and read it an laugh. Its been a long time so I don't remember many particulars. What I do remember was there was a chapter on setting the mood/ how to catch a man. It invovled lighting, but not in the way you would think. You were to cast a rosy glow about the room by throwing gauzy pink material over the lamps. I may have remembered this wrong but can you say fire hazard? The book contained ideas more like this but pertaining more to being a girl and how to catch a man. I would look it up to confirm my impressions but I cannot. I had left it at the institute between classes and someone must have needed it more than I did because it was gone by the end of class. Maybe she is getting invited to all the fancy parties.

And yet again spell check on blogger is not working.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

There Is A Fine Line...

...Between witty and the babbling ooze that is verbal vomit. Today I was at a birthday party for a friend. In knew two people and felt pressure to be funny as the hostess has always thought I was funny and said I was the entertainment. As I was throwing my quips around willy nilly, I found I was getting mixed response. I reached an all time low as I turned the discussion to toilet paper. The hostess has five or six- ply cloth like cashmere for the bottom. I enquired as to where she would obtain this quality paper of high thread count. Others became intrigued, mentioning their experience with substandard textures and roughing it with one-ply when I chimed in stating "yes and oh the fingers". As I was saying that, I was thinking stop now. You do not have to say everything you think (and yet I'm typing it and putting it on the internet for all to enjoy). Of course at the same time I was gesturing the mess on the hands (nothing vulgar). After the shocked looks I realized I should leave. No wonder I am never invited to classy parties.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Ethan Wants To Type

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I Would Like To Take This Time To...

Frankly people I am feeling a little overwhemled but it is my own fault. I am in the process of planning an Enrichment night and I am presently taking a financial course and have been given a truck load of homework. I am a procrastinator by nature and I'm finding it hard to foresee anytime to procrastinate. I know its for my own good but... Oh just let me whine for a while. Pleeeaaaase.

I thought I was bogged down with the Enrichment event but now I have to read 80 pages, fill out questionnaire, read a FORBES article, Do the first two exercises in the binder, call a lawyer to get things started for a will, personal directive and power of attorney, pick a stock to follow and do the excursuses in another book all for next week. Okay I'm done whining now

Its not that I don't want to do this I really do. I'm actually excited but I am a little scared. It's a big leap for me. I am also wondering when I am going to find the time to do all this and still complete what I have already committed too. A friend, who is also in the class, was wondering the same thing. She has even more to do than I (so I couldn't whine to her) she will be MC at one of her sons meets this week. I told her if there was a lull in the competition she might want to spice things up with "Ladies and Gentleman I would like to take this opportunity to read to you from this article in FORBES." You know two dead birds one stone. You get the idea.

Anyway I think I am definitely going to learn how to manage my time better, but hopefully I will get more out of this than that.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Isolation and Lack of Education

To tell you the truth I can't believe I am weighing in on this because the last thing I want to do is give this any more publicity that it already has. Maybe that is why I have waited so long. I think there is some better way we could be using our time as educated women then battling between SAHM (Stay at home moms) and working women. We could be changing the world in the board room as well as raising kids who give a damn but no we (the royal femailian we) are wasting our time being offended by one another and never getting anything done. That being said I find it quite funny that a particular topic of The right to Education (aka Mommy Wars) and using it comes at the same time our Relief Society Book group discussed the book The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis. It is about a girl growing up in Afghanistan under Taliban Rule. Deborah Ellis spent some time in refugee camps interviewing people there and the book is this result. Proceeds from the book go to refugee camps to set up schools for girls.

Now I know that most if not all have not read the book but one point I would like to make is that the Taliban were able to rule through fear. This was accomplished by isolating people and taking away their education. You can not communicate with the outside world because you are isolated and you end up relying so much on the regime because you are uneducated. When the Taliban were no longer in charge of Afghanistan things didn't get better because there were so many uneducated people. No one to stand up an lead.

I think we all agree that everyone (including women) should be educated and we never ever see it getting this bad, at least in North America, but it is amazing how quickly it can slide. Before the Soviets tried to enter Afghanistan they were a thriving country with running water and education. Now they are in total chaos. Be grateful for the feminist movement and that you have choice and instead of bickering we should be helping those achieve their ability to choose. Isn't it amazing what one little children's book can make one think of.

Weekly Weigh In #3

Start 158 Lbs

Week 1 156 Lbs
Week 2 157.9 Lbs
Week 3 157.5 Lbs

Net 0.5 Lbs

Funny This post should come after Fat Tuesday. Hehehe.