Monday, July 31, 2006

Therapy +

There are things I wish I could post about, but I cannot. Don't worry its nothing bad, its just that nothing is definite and I am superstitious. If I tell you, then everything will automatically go up in smoke, so I can't tell you no matter how much I want too. Maybe I need therapy. Posting about it would be therapeutic but then what if it doesn't happen and then the smoke and possibilities of secondhand smoke. Ok now I'm just talkin' crazy.

Hey Look! Something shiny.

In other news my husband and I went on a double date with some friends of ours. They introduced us to a nice restaurant with good food. I liked what I was having and was very pleased with my choice until I tasted Mr. Wonderful's chicken. "Oh My Goodness" It was so good. I'm not just saying that because I normally suffer from Entree Envy (I always want what he ordered), I'm saying it because it was really good. It was all I could do to keep myself from ripping off my mannerly facade and steal the carcass from his plate. Good thing he didn't go to the bathroom cause I would have.

Later we introduced them to pool at Mr. Wonderful's workplace. We had so much fun and now my girlfriend has a stalker. Ok maybe not a stalker, but every time she was trying to subtly nurse her wee babe, this man in a yellow shirt kept coming by and staring. Neither of us girls were aware of it, but the men were. Maybe it was a testosterone, male territory kind of thing, but I had no idea and upon being made aware of what was going on I stupidly said "Awwe, how come I never get the stalkers?" To which my friend-in-law (her husband) replied "Don't worry, [so and so] said.' take confidence in knowing at least twice a day somebody has looked at you and said yah I'd do that." I wonder how scientific the study was? Despite the peeping we had a great time.

Oh did I mention I borrowed their babysitter too. I'm getting good at that. To be fair it was the babysitter's idea and she made a pretty penny too. So it looks like it was a great night for all and Mr. Wonderful and I went home to play our own game of stalker. Isn't he sweet?

Thursday, July 27, 2006

I Want To Ride My Bicycle

At least I thought they did, but as you can see they mostly pushed their bikes around. Maybe I should have bought a stroller or a wheel chair, than at least they could be pushing me around.

Its Time For A Change

I have been unhappy with the appearance of my blog. I found out on most computers that my banner looks weird and since I don't know HTML code so I don't know how to fix it. Unfortunately I don't really care fore the skins that are available to me at the moment so I chose this minimalist template to try to exude a personality of organization and peace. Is it working?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

So Its ON!

After Saturday with the girls I have new resolve to continue with my 14 in 14 but its more like 5 in 14 because I took a break. I could give you many reasons why I stopped but lets just sum it up to stress and my gym pass expiring. Anyway thanks to beautyshopmomma and jenthemom, I am at least going to try again for the next week. I have already lost a day of exercise because I was cleaning all morning and running around all afternoon and into the early evening, but today is a new day and I'm going to try really hard. I have already made a bunch of snacks that will help me keep within my targets.

Speaking of the girls we went out on Saturday night. It was a much needed vacation from the stressful week I had been having (being trapped in Cardston and all) Mr. Wonderful wasn't home to watch the wonderlings, so I mooched on jenthemom's babysitter and brought my kids over. Can I tell you that was just a recipe for disaster, but Bryant was such a trooper.

We went to the Olive Garden, why you ask? (So did my husband) The salad and bread sticks , but mostly the salad. Back off I'm cheap. Did I mention I mooched on the babysitter (don't worry I paid him). I learned somethings, the waitress is weird yet knows her stuff and I have the potential to be the family alcholic. In the time it took for the other ladies to finish one drink I had downed 3 diet cokes. I guess when it comes to liquids I don't hold back and funny thing neither does my bladder. I had to pee every 30 minutes. I also learned about something called skinny cows (light ice cream snadwhiches I think) but I have yet to see them so they may be a myth and finally I learned that three mommies hocked up on caffien and light headed from salad find pretty much anything funny.

Oh and congratulations to beautyshopmomma for getting skinny enough to fit in the carseat. Enough said!

Monday, July 24, 2006

The Rumble

Do you ever wonder if you are raising a serial killer? Yah um me neither. Just thought I'd ask. But lets just say that I know this mom who has this kid who gets really, really excited and happy to the point of ecstasy ad in a split second goes off the deep end kicking wailing and nashing his teeth over something as little as an exhale. At one time said child beat up a kid at the local BK playpark and his older brother had to get his mom before the choking caused any real damage. The reason for the choking, the chokee was going into the ball pit first and the choker didn't want him to be first. Since this is purely hypothetical lets just leave it at that. I wouldn't want any rumors to start.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Great Cardston Adventure (part 3)

Who knew my adventure would be a trilogy? Definitely not I, but I guess I have so much to say and maybe I'll bring balance to the force. (Its late give me a break).

Anyway, It was Monday and we had had enough, we wanted to get home, and get in our own beds and have our own space and eat our own food, and get naked in our own shower. I have a hard time doing that in other peoples houses even though it is a necessity, house guest fish thing and all. I think my dad was the most anxious. He made that trip between the house and the dealership 3 or 4 times still wearing the same suit he wore Saturday. I felt bad for my parents they only had the clothes they came in so I went to the Bargain Shop and purchased them some shirts. Don't worry they didn't sleep in their clothes, they borrowed pjs so all was not lost.

Finally it got so bad, I mean my dad's impatience that he was ready to tow the car to Calgary and get it fixed there. We were to follow in a rental car. Lucky for us Cardston doesn't rent cars cause he would've done it. He even checked the yellow pages to see if the greyhound bus stopped there or if he could take a taxi, that's how desperate he was. I myself felt some of the same desire. I was not looking forward to another night of being kicked by my kids in bed and being woken by my mom's snoring (she'd kill me if she knew I'd let that out). It not her fault she has a deviated septum I think. But lets be pratical that's way too expensive.

So we went to the park and then we went to Dairy Queen to cool off. While we were there I decided I was going to make the best of this. I was going to visit some of the touristy things that we never get to visit. We were planning on going to the Card Home and the miniature museum. I was even going to get my boys hair cut after all I had the time, or so I thought. While were throwing our garbage away the phone rang "Your Car is ready". A sudden wave of sadness swept over me, I had plans. Then just like that it was gone, I was going to see my husband Yay!. Apparently We were not moving fast enough, because my father, who usually move at a glacial pace, said, "I'll come pick you up."

We were back at the house and packed in less than half an hour. We were grateful for the place to stay, but were more grateful to go home. "Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home."

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Great Cardston Adventure (Part2)

It has been said (I don't know where) that house guests are like fish, after 3 days they begin to smell. Well in our case it wasn't any different (especially because we didn't have supplies). Lucky for us Sunday church was early and we had some dress clothes to wear (after all we were at he temple the day before), so the smell wasn't that bad. Thanks to Alden and Heide's 3 full baths we obtained showers to fend off the stench.

At church things were normal. Just like any normal ward we had visited on vacation except it was full of relatives we didn't know very well. You wouldn't know it from my married name but I come from a long line of a very common southern Alberta family. In fact this long line stretches all the way down into Utah of all places. Along with this long line of family comes an awesome responsibility that my husband thought he had saved me from when he married me. You must know your family tree. So when it came time to introduce the visitors, my mother-in-law saved some time. She said "this is my daughter in law and her two parent Brad and Joyce *****. They are here because their youngest daughter was going throughout the temple yesterday. You may know Brad's Father Dean. They are having car trouble and will be with us for a while." After church was over my parents were swarmed by many to find out how things were and to confirm relations. CRAZY!

We went home and watched "The Borrowers" about 12 times. There wasn't much to do because the computer room was occupied and the TV was occupied so after dinner we went for a walk. Although every need seemed to be taken care of and everyone was quite polite its hard to be in someone else's house especially when you didn't plan for it.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Great Cardston Adventure (part 1)

My family went down to cardston on Friday. Our purpose was two fold, visit Mr. Wonderful's sister and family up from Orem, and be there for my sister's first time through the temple. We had a plan that would get us through the week so we would be able to meet everyone's needs including ours.


Visit with Mr. W's Family, eat smores and camp at Lee Creek Campground


Visit more with his family, have a birthday luncheon for my son, then go to the temple and book it home so my husband could work.

The problem with a plan is when you deviate from the plan.

Everything was followed right down to the letter until after the temple session when my family decided they wanted to see the boys, but they also wanted to eat. This seemed harmless, yet impossible until someone suggested that my husband go home (because he had too) and the boys and I should ride home with mom and dad.

Cue: Warning music "DUM, DUM, DUM"

Mr. Wonderful went home and made good time too. I guess traveling is smoother when your not pulling over ever 5 min because the youngest wonderling has to go pee really bad, but won't pee standing up or without a toilet.

My sisters got there wish, they got to eat and got to see the boys. It had been an hour and a half since Mr. W left and we were eager to go so we loaded up the station wagon, my father handed me the keys and said "You Drive". I turned the ignition, nothing. I tried again, nothing. We checked the battery, it was fine. After 2 hours of tinkering they called a tow truck.

So there we were, late Saturday, in Cardston with hardly anything cramming into my inlaws house. We had no hope of leaving before Monday.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I like to take this time and welcome Yo to the blogworld. If you are interested in pop culture then check her out at my mystery blog of the week.

Monday, July 10, 2006

I'm A Nerd and I Don't Care Who Knows

I love chemistry. I know, how could anyone love chemistry? I don't know why but I do. I get excited and happy every time I see an element or balance an equation. I love teaching it to people. Why didn't I finish and be a Chem teacher? I was young and stupid. Maybe I should pursue it again, or be a tutor or something. I should share the love and perhaps my love will grow on others and they will love Chemistry too. That's all Mendeleev and Arrhenius wanted, to share the love.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Groove Is In The HeartI heard this song while I was working out. Just thought I would share

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Happy Stampeding

It's that time of year again. Let the Ho Down begin.

Monday, July 03, 2006

How Bazaar, How Bazaar.

I can't believe I'm posting about this. Ok I can. I admit I'm interested in pop culture and at times I like to know what the celebs are doing, but this certainly not what I wanted this blog to be about, and yet here I am. As many of you know Mrs. Federline has posed nude for the August issue of Harpers Bazzar. The photo is reminisant of the Demi Moore pregnancy photo that had many up in arms almost 15 years ago. I am not going to get into should Britney (we're on a first name basis) have posed or not. The point of this post was brought about by a number of seemingly unconnected moments.

First my mother and my sister were in line at Walmart to buy a juicer. Two men were in front of them discussing the tabloids. They were comparing which actress was hotter and why. Durring the course of their conversation Angelina Jolie came up and not for the reason you might think. One said to the other, (and I'm paraphrasing)"You know who is hot? Angelina Jolie." The other man agreed but in response said "Yah, but now that she has had a baby everything has gone kaputs."

This was a story that I didn't need to hear, lately with my focus on my body and my quest for a healthier looking body, I have noticed my marks of beeing a mother. I have noticed the saggy streatched skin mainly around my middle and how my boobs are no longer standing at attention. Gone are the days of the demi cup or T shirt bra. I'm a full support girl now. I do morn the loss of my former body, my flat tummy and smaller size. At times I think I would like to go under the knife, but practicallity, reality and my fear of pain set in. Then I start to get mad at myself and "society"(mostly society) for not celebrating the marks of motherhood, for not finding the beauty in a softer deflated body. How come my husband can and I can't? And if Motherhood is a such a noble job why does society put so much pressure on us to remove all evidence physically that we are mothers?

Fianlly on "The View" they were talking about the changes a body goes through with pregnancy, the before and the after. They talked about Britney and Demi posing nude and then they posed a very interesting question which I am posing now. Putting the fact that you mostlikely wouldn't have nude pictures taken of yourself aside. Would you more likely have nude pictures taken of yourself when you weren't pregnant or when you were?

I know this is a strange question considering my readership. I also know that if someone asked me that question I would normally tell them neither, but if I had to choose my answer would be...

Randomness In All Its Glory

I have a confession to make. I haven't been that diligent in my 14 in 14 goal. I do have about 6 weeks left and if I could just focus I could still achieve my goal. I have dropped some weight and size (size being the more important number) but I'm not their yet. I'm hovering at about 156 lbs and I would like to be 150lbs. I have however brought more activity into my days.

Friday Mr. Wonderful and I took the wonderlings to play Frisbee in a park. When we got out we aere assaulted by hundreds of mosquitoes. I immediately ran back to the car and only sustained a few bites. Mr. Wonderful and the oldest wonderling did the same, but the youngest in all excitement to play ran in the opposite direction. He wasn't so lucky. Not only did he receive multiple bites but they puffed up to the size of silver dollars. Poor Kid

Still wanting to have fun we drove around and found a mini golf course. D got two holes in one and I got one. E kicked our butts on one hole and I got hit in the right boob by every water prank on the course. Mr. Wonderful did great too but he spent more time laughing at the fact that I looked like I was lactating from one breast, then he did on his play. At the very last hole my kids were frightened to take their balls out of the cups (because of the pranks). I volunteered and was surprised to see that I wasn't being nailed in the chest, but was brought right back to reality with a shot in the head by a stray stream of water. I won the wet T shirt contest.

On "O Canada Day" we want to Heritage Park We have a seasons pass with rides. We had breakfast, went on the rides, took a boat ride and had Canada birthday cake. We would have liked to have stuck around for more of the festivities but it was smoking hot and we needed to get the children out of the sun. We went seeking refreshment from Burger king only to discover that they didn't have milk shakes. What kind of place doesn't serve milk shakes on a hot day? I find that the McLeod trail BK is frequently out of product.

This just in.... The Calgary Flames have traded Shean Donovan. I remarked to Mr. Wonderful that he must be disappointed to see him go. He said to me that he thought that he was my favorite player. I'll admit he was, but I liked him for his nice brown eyes. To that Mr. Wonderful said "Yeah those brown eyes can sure skate." that's just like a man isn't it?

Halifax Nova Scotia still has no shopping on Sundays. Interesting

Today we plan to get rid of my dilapidated sofa and are replacing it with another less dilapidated couch. I am grateful that someone wants to help us out by giving us their couch, but what is it about us that says"please give us your cast offs?"

Funny Song: Swing by Trace Atkins. I you like country check it out.

Well I guess that is all for now and I hope I made Sariah proud on my randomness.