Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Great Cardston Adventure (Part2)

It has been said (I don't know where) that house guests are like fish, after 3 days they begin to smell. Well in our case it wasn't any different (especially because we didn't have supplies). Lucky for us Sunday church was early and we had some dress clothes to wear (after all we were at he temple the day before), so the smell wasn't that bad. Thanks to Alden and Heide's 3 full baths we obtained showers to fend off the stench.

At church things were normal. Just like any normal ward we had visited on vacation except it was full of relatives we didn't know very well. You wouldn't know it from my married name but I come from a long line of a very common southern Alberta family. In fact this long line stretches all the way down into Utah of all places. Along with this long line of family comes an awesome responsibility that my husband thought he had saved me from when he married me. You must know your family tree. So when it came time to introduce the visitors, my mother-in-law saved some time. She said "this is my daughter in law and her two parent Brad and Joyce *****. They are here because their youngest daughter was going throughout the temple yesterday. You may know Brad's Father Dean. They are having car trouble and will be with us for a while." After church was over my parents were swarmed by many to find out how things were and to confirm relations. CRAZY!

We went home and watched "The Borrowers" about 12 times. There wasn't much to do because the computer room was occupied and the TV was occupied so after dinner we went for a walk. Although every need seemed to be taken care of and everyone was quite polite its hard to be in someone else's house especially when you didn't plan for it.

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