Monday, July 03, 2006

Randomness In All Its Glory

I have a confession to make. I haven't been that diligent in my 14 in 14 goal. I do have about 6 weeks left and if I could just focus I could still achieve my goal. I have dropped some weight and size (size being the more important number) but I'm not their yet. I'm hovering at about 156 lbs and I would like to be 150lbs. I have however brought more activity into my days.

Friday Mr. Wonderful and I took the wonderlings to play Frisbee in a park. When we got out we aere assaulted by hundreds of mosquitoes. I immediately ran back to the car and only sustained a few bites. Mr. Wonderful and the oldest wonderling did the same, but the youngest in all excitement to play ran in the opposite direction. He wasn't so lucky. Not only did he receive multiple bites but they puffed up to the size of silver dollars. Poor Kid

Still wanting to have fun we drove around and found a mini golf course. D got two holes in one and I got one. E kicked our butts on one hole and I got hit in the right boob by every water prank on the course. Mr. Wonderful did great too but he spent more time laughing at the fact that I looked like I was lactating from one breast, then he did on his play. At the very last hole my kids were frightened to take their balls out of the cups (because of the pranks). I volunteered and was surprised to see that I wasn't being nailed in the chest, but was brought right back to reality with a shot in the head by a stray stream of water. I won the wet T shirt contest.

On "O Canada Day" we want to Heritage Park We have a seasons pass with rides. We had breakfast, went on the rides, took a boat ride and had Canada birthday cake. We would have liked to have stuck around for more of the festivities but it was smoking hot and we needed to get the children out of the sun. We went seeking refreshment from Burger king only to discover that they didn't have milk shakes. What kind of place doesn't serve milk shakes on a hot day? I find that the McLeod trail BK is frequently out of product.

This just in.... The Calgary Flames have traded Shean Donovan. I remarked to Mr. Wonderful that he must be disappointed to see him go. He said to me that he thought that he was my favorite player. I'll admit he was, but I liked him for his nice brown eyes. To that Mr. Wonderful said "Yeah those brown eyes can sure skate." that's just like a man isn't it?

Halifax Nova Scotia still has no shopping on Sundays. Interesting

Today we plan to get rid of my dilapidated sofa and are replacing it with another less dilapidated couch. I am grateful that someone wants to help us out by giving us their couch, but what is it about us that says"please give us your cast offs?"

Funny Song: Swing by Trace Atkins. I you like country check it out.

Well I guess that is all for now and I hope I made Sariah proud on my randomness.


Proud Mum said...

Happy Canada Day!

Our day was even more random than yours, but it's hard to celebrate Canada Day by yourself.

Sariah said...

I could not be more proud! This is the best Random post I've read in a long time. Mine aren't half as good!!

We actually didn't celebrate Canada Day this year. Ches had to work all day. We didn't even wear t-shirts: Ches had to wear a work shirt, I couldn't find one to fit over my belly, Aiden doesn't have one in his size anymore, and Dallin's was dirty (because I got lazy and didn't get the laundry done in time). It was quite sad for us.

We are the same way about cast-offs. That's about all we own. But I can't bring myself to say no because I keep hoping it's better than what I've got.

Karen said...

Very random. Sounds like you had a great Canada Day.