Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I'm Hot Sticky Sweet, From My Head To My Feet.

We have been having a bit of a heat wave. At least for us its been a heat wave. I kind of like it though. Sometimes I like to have a glow about me. I just don't want to be dripping.

Speaking of dripping, yesterday I took my new runners and my lumpy self and went for a run. I hate running with every fiber of my being. About 2 minutes into my run my side started to protest and then my hip. Its probably because I'm doing it wrong, but I still went anyway. Why? Because at the end of 1.5km (0.9 miles) is a tanning salon and I was going to reward myself with a healthy glow each time I run. I'm only doing this twice a week (if that, lets be real) just to build a base. You see I'm a little inept in the application of sunless tanner, and I can't reach my back. I just don't want to be the girl with the farmer tan in her swimsuit. Call me vain. I dare you. Its just I've been that girl for the last 8 years.

As I was running, pain aside, I was comfortable. I was thinking its not that hot out, I'm not even sweating. Then I walked into the salon. The water works began, the pen kept slipping from my hand and my form was wrinkled with moisture. Sick. Laying in a hot bed half naked didn't help either. With the lotion and the sweating I'm surprised I didn't fall out of the bed, but I did leave a milky white residue. I went to wipe it off with the complimentary towel but It was already dry. Double sick. I sure hope they clean between sessions. *shudder*

Needless to say I walked back.


Karen said...

I'm sorry, but this whole post just makes me want to go, "Eww." (No offence.)

I hope your tan got off to a good start.

Alyson said...

None Taken

Allrie said...

[Laughing] Why do we females put up with so much junk? To look good? For whom? Do they care? Do they notice?

Of course, I can laugh because I can not run, so I walk and ride my bike--lots :)

Keep up the good work, and I hope you achieve your goals.