Saturday, June 24, 2006

All For One Or A Free For All

I admit it. I have crossed over. I have crossed over to a side I said I would never be on. I remember when I was younger and people who were older would complain about how disrespectful and ignorant young people were. I remember thinking to myself "Self, when you get older, try very hard to remember what it was like when you were younger and cut the young ones some slack." I used to think that the problem was, that through the process of aging, people forget the trials and tribulations of youth. They look to the past through pink glass in all filtered and glowy.

But now being somewhat on the "other side" I see things a bit differently (a pyridine that is sure to evolve as time goes by). Yes I remember the less desirable happenings of my past. I remember some of the dilemmas and temptations and granted, youth do have it harder. Morals and ideals that were once valued and held in high esteem are now thought to be extreme and intolerant. But this is not what I am getting at or is it?

In my aged mind I remember be taught to wait my turn, to walk on the Right side of the hallway so that traffic may flow freely. I remember losing privileges for poor behavior. Now I'm sure you wondering what brought this on? Who peed in her cornflakes? (a term not looked upon with fondness by the generations preceding mine.)

At my son's school children shove and push like salmon swimming upstream, but the problem is it doesn't matter which direction you are going, some one is bound to be trampled. Unlucky for us it has happened to both my kids. Does the injury and crying change anything. No!

At Heritage Park, today was railway days. There is a popular ride called the puffer belly. Its a smaller version of a train that is driven a short ways around the park. We got our tickets and waited in line while other children climbed and shoved to get on. Of course my children were worried that they would miss their chance to ride. They still made it on. Do you think my audible comments about waiting our turn will change things? No!

As I look at these behaviors with disdain, my gut reaction is to say "kids these days are rotten." Sometimes I catch myself thinking it. But why are these young "wipper snappers" so bass? Well I have to say its because of us. My generation. At my sons school they aren't taught to walk on the right side of the hallway and at Heritage park I found it was the parents saying "get on quickly be for you miss you chance." and "I think its a first come first serve" or "you should just let them on." Way to undermine me in front of my children.

All I can say is I'm sad at the behavioral decay. Man am I getting old.


Proud Mum said...

I've been worried about the same thing. When I started teaching I was uneasy with the poor behaviour of the children, and then I met their parents.

I agree with you, our generation is a bunch of self-serving parents. Can we individually make a big enough difference in the lives of our children that they can still be contributing members of society?

kenola said...

Hey! I am a few years younger than you and I feel the same way. The other night we were sitting on a rocky hill during a Stake dance festival. This kid, whom you would assume was old enough to listen to his mother after the first warning to not throw rocks, kept throwing rocks down the hill. There were several families sitting below us and the rocks came close to hitting them. I just wanted to reach over and give that kid (who seemed like he was about 10) a huge flick right behind his ear!
I feel your pain, Al.