Saturday, June 03, 2006

Pajama Party, Marathons, and Toenails

Every so often my husband works on a Saturday evening leaving me all alone with my kids. Tonight is one of those nights. I don't usually get sad, but tonight I am a little. So to get my mind off of the fact my husband is not with me, my boys and I are going to have a PJ party. Actually we have already started. We've been in our Pjs since 5:30pm. We are going to have a Harry Potter Marathon and do our toenails. Ok maybe just E and I will do our nails, D has out grown that a bit. Who needs girls when I got my boys. Here is hoping I stay distracted.


fourth_fret said...

i got a chuckle about the toenails. hope everyone had a great time. did you have s'mores? were there pirates? ninjas? pillow fights?

oh man! i'm so having a pajama party!

Karen said...

Oh, you just reminded me. I got a spa package for Mother's Day and I have to book my pedicure before my trip.

Allrie said...

I love my Dad. But when he was gone--it was fun times--my Mom would cook tounge [which we all loved, except Dad] and we weould eat at the kitchen bar rather that te dining room. We would play game like password or just find ryming words or string together silly sentences begining with the same letter to see who could build the longest. We'd get silly, and extra noisy, and laugh and giggle. It was special time with just Mom, and we treasured it. Enjoy your precious times with your little ones--they'll grow all too fast!