Saturday, October 28, 2006

Things Are Not As They Seem

Turns out the "grandfather" that got beat up was not a victim of a random act of violence and the perpatrators were all adults. Does that make it any better? Does the fact that it was in retaliation for a drug deal gone bad change things? So he wasn't attacked by a bunch of random teenagers who thought that they would get their jollies by beating up some silver haired man (turns out he's not so silver haired either). He is a man who got messed up in organized crime and got the snot kicked out of him. Some might say "you mess with the bull, you get the horns." I must admit I felt a little relieved to know that it was a result of his own actions (whatever they were), but then I realized that there is still an element that is present that shouldn't be there. I may not be the one getting beaten up but I sure don't want to live where one is getting beaten up even if they "had it comming." I don't sleep any better at night knowing that I or someone I love won't be randomly selected for a thrashing, because I still here the screaming. Or maybe its the fact that I ate all that crap and am now suffering from indigestion.


Just so you know Miss New Teacher didn't leave the school. She is now one of the resource room teachers and will be occasionally helping the Kindergarteners with their literacy program.

Monday, October 23, 2006

A Lynching We Will Go

This morning my sis was invited to a meeting that one of the moms in the kindergarten class set up. They are meeting with the Principal to demand answers. The invitation was passed on to me as my sis will not be able to attend. I am choosing not to go. Yes there is strength in numbers, but when that many mother bears get together to attack I think my concerns will not be heard as I am not agressive enough to make them heard. I would rather, in a calm manner, make my own appointment and ask my own questions. I feel bad for the teacher.

Side Affect or A Symptom

On Saturday, a 61 year old man was at the Canadian Tire in Airdrie (small town north of Calgary). At 5:30am he was ambushed by what police say to be 5 males between the ages of 15 and 20. He was kicked in the head multiple times and is now bearly cling to life. This man is a grandpa.

I have so much I want t say, but cannot find the words.

I would like to blame our uncontrolable growth. Our city and surrounding area have experienced crazy growth and I guess with that growth you attract all kinds.

I would also like to blame media. Did you know there are videos out there that show kids how to beat up people? The videos don't even have a rating so anyone can buy them. I also find it strange that just over a week ago CSI had an episode that delt with this very thing.

Ultimately I would like to blame the kids but unfortunately those who are in the know are keeping quiet.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Identity Crisis/ School Junk

I am not feeling myself. I am in a bit of a downward spiral today. I have forgotten important things (like my son at school) and have been procrastinating others. This is not like me.

To top it all off the kindergarten teacher has changed yet again. I'm sure she is nice, but what gets me is why didn't they have all of this organized in the beginning. in the past two months my son has had 3 different teachers. Yep three. First there was Miss best teacher who took another position, then there was Miss beautiful teacher (aka miss new teacher) who was doing a great job, now there is Miss New Teacher II. Miss New Teacher II has lots of energy and seems to get along with the kids well. Tweedle E seems ok and I'm sure its for the best but I hate change.

Change unsettles me and when I am already not myself it can have dire consequences. Ok nobody is going to die but I have a hard time snapping out of the funk I am currently feeling.


This morning I went to go talk to Tweedle D's teacher. Last night Tweedle D informed me that he got sent to the office. When I asked him what for, he relayed to me a story of two kids plying a slapping game and he was running away because he didn't want to get slapped. The supervision teacher sent them all to the Principal's office. Thinking there had to be more, because who gets sent to the office for running from danger? As it happened I was talking to the mom of one of the other kids and she got the story and Tweedle D was still somewhat innocent. So I tried to get the school's story and I was told they have "a policy" that when the kids aren't listening at recess they are sent to the office. Now I don't know about you but I thought that was extreme. So what happens when my child, lets say, gets in a fist fight or worse? Also according to their discipline policy that they sent home in the information folder, it says that there would be a series of actions taken before going to the office, so why the opposing policies? They knew Tweedle D wasn't playing the slapping game but he got lumped in and punished anyway. Even if he was playing the slapping game I still think the office is extreme, but what do I know?

When we (the other mom and I) asked our children what the Principal said they replied "I don't remember" or "I forgot". I don't know which is worse, being a school who goes to extremes or being a less effective Principal?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Dear Kimmy
Happy Birthday to you

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Band Geeks Of the World Unite

So I went to my first official Enrichment activity that I have not planned. I was doing it mostly out of support for my friends who are still stuck with planning Enrichment, also because I was sold out that I used to play a flute almost 20 years ago, and I thought I should do something with the flute my husband bought me last Christmas. So our Relief Society BANDS together consists of 6 flutes (that's right) 2 clarinets, one trumpet, a cello, keybordests, and an accordion. We are a little top heavy.

When our enrichment committee announced this activity our accordion player said she was so excited and that she would be bringing her accordion, everyone laughed to which she replied "Us accordion players don't get no respect". It was surprisingly fun and I played sooooo bad.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Superstitious Feeling: A Special Friday The 13 th, Friday Free 4 All

Just thought I would remind you of the rules. There are none. Should you like to comment on anything that has been written feel free. If you would like to introduce a topic feel free as well, after all this free 4 all.

This morning on the radio a lady emailed in about a person who is so superstitious, on Friday the 13 th, that he takes the day off and spends the day in bed. I thought how sad. There can be more than one Friday the 13 th a year and to just step out of life like that, he could be missing so much.

So Mr. Wonderful and I were running late today and because he worked at 9:00 am he asked me to drop him at work. As we went to go he noticed that his bike was missing. Yup that's right we have been robbed. I started to remember that it was Friday the 13 th and began thinking that maybe "that guy" had something. I shrugged it off there was really nothing we could do about it and staying in bed still wouldn't have prevented the bike being stolen. A lock that we purchased would, but not staying in bed. I'm more upset about it than he is.


As I have said before I'm not usually superstitious. I don't freak out when a black cat crosses my path and I only avoid walking under ladders because that is just good sense. However, I don't like telling people things. I am a little superstitious about that because every time I have talked about it in the past (job, boyfriend etc.) the situation is not so about a week later. No joke! I guess loose lips do sink ships.


I still think people tend to be more tired in the winter. I think it has to do with the candle power of the sun. I don't have proof, just my lack of wanting to get out of bed, but the last few nights I have gone to bed early (10:30 pm) and have felt well rested. I even got up at 6:30 am the last few mornings. I guess early to bed and early to rise make you happy healthy and wise. Look another cliche.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Oh Baby, I'm So Tired

Just over ten years ago I had a roommate who would say "Oh baby, I'm so tired." all the time. She said she got it from an Oprah show where a couple were having a problem with the frequency of sex. He wanted it and she didn't. Well before you jump to any conclusions the frequency of sex is not what this post is about, but now that I have your attention....

Lately I have been wondering if humans hibernate, because if they do that would explain a lot. I'm tired and I could sleep pretty much anywhere and at any time. I am longing for my bed all day. My comfortable clothes look like pajamas and I'm contemplating a whole wardrobe full of workout clothes. Nice workout clothing so that others will think I am active as well as giving great footage for when someone nominates me for "What Not To Wear." Could you please get on that.

Maybe its the crash that happens after a holiday (Canadian thanksgiving) or maybe its the fact they already have Christmas trees at the Local Zellers that is making me want to close my eyes and drift off in a peaceful slumber. It can't be my 13 year old secondhand tilted lumpy bed. Maybe instead of complaining I should be grateful. We all know it could be worse I could go back to my nights of insomnia where deceased horses are repeatedly flogged or I could enter the new world of Narcolepsy.

Friday Free-4-All

Sorry This is so Late.

Tonight is a full moon. All of those working this evening, Enjoy all the freaks that will be coming your way. By freaks I mean werewolves, Vampires, Alcoholics, lunatics, Couples about to conceive and Hungry Pregnant Ladies about to give birth. Please note there aren't any studies to substantiate lunar effects on people, however here is a link that might explain why these beliefs are perpetuated.

I just discovered this site a couple of days ago and think this Missy Elliot can be quite funny. She recently posted about working at Shopper's Drugmart, the people that come in and types of purchases they make. I thought it was quite funny because I have been that girl with the feminine supplies and chocolate. Every time I make that purchase the phrase goes through my head "Don't judge me! I could be buying this for a friend." knowing full well that before the store door closes I have already opened my cadbury thin (false hope) and snarfed it down. So have you every made a necessary yet embarrassing purchase and felt like you were being judged? ..OR have you been the cashier that has rang in some strange purchases that make you go hmmm?

Recently on the news they were covering a story about "Boomerang Children". The article (can you say article for TV?) said That people who were born between 1972 and 1976 are more likely to move back home to their parents house for good. It also said that the earlier the person left the nest the more likely they will move back home. The reasons weren't always financial either. The owners of Mountain Crest Breweries (slogan: Dam Good Beer) still live at home and they are millionaires. Some people they interviewed just liked having their meals made for them and their laundry done for them. Also it is important to note that the incidence of becoming a boomerang child isn't limited to single people. Some children are getting married and moving their families back home. And apparently Canada isn't the country with this problem.

I don't know about you, but I have moved home in the past on a temporary basis, when I have been in school for 4 months or between apartments but definitely not since I was married. I think I would live in a cardboard box before I would make may parents home, my family's home. That being said they will probably end up moving in with me.


My husband and a friend at work made a friendly bet on which team would make it to the playoffs (baseball). By friendly bet I mean lunch. The teams were Detroit and New York. The odds of Detroit beating NY were slim to none. Guess who won. Mr. Wonderful. He also found out if he had place a two dollar bet in Vegas he would have won $6,000. Sometimes I hate it when we are so good.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

How About Our Famous Pocket "T"

Well people, after being tired of being left behind, financially, I have decided to take matters into my own hands. I went an got me one of those "job thingies". I am still a property manager, but on top of that I will be feaking busy working at my new job. Yes that is right someone was despirate enough to hire me. Me who hasn't worked in like 10 years and me who tried my darndest to be a stay at home mom. Don't worry (I'll do enough of that on my own) I'm only working part time. If its crappy I'll have to quit, but at least I tried. Right? My kids won't turn into degenerates and hang out at the 7-11. Right? At least it will get me some extra Christmas money and maybe some piano lessons for my boys. I guess I should stop spending the money before I get it.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


So there is this game we play with our friends. I'm sure that you have heard of it before but I bet you don't play it the way we do. When we play it one person picks the word and the others come up with their own definitions. Wait, now here is where the twist is. We try to come up with the funniest definition. We never keep score, we just try and laugh our heads off.

So I thought it would be fun to play a blogger game of my version of Balderdash. The Word is Flummox. Even if you know the proper definition please make up a funny one. I look forward to your responses.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Ring, Ring Anybody There?

You know how it is when you just feel like talking to an adult, so you phone one and they aren't home. Then you phone another, and they aren't home. Then another and so on, and so on, and so on. Well you can feel that way about your blogroll. I understand the business of life. I have been known to slip away for a month at a time and I don't begruge an one their hiatus, however there are a few bloggers that have dropped of the face of the earth with no warning. Are they gone for good? Are they ok? Do I take them off? Will they be insulted if I take them off?

I take pride in my blog and have tried to update it regularly including the links. I also appreciate my readership (all two of you) and the last thing I would want to do would be insult you. So at what point do you draw the line and send the blog to the dead blog (letter) office?

In the mean time I get a little frustrated going to someone's blog and finding that they are still not there. So just know I am desperately seeking voyeuristic opportunities and look forward to the day you all update.