Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Identity Crisis/ School Junk

I am not feeling myself. I am in a bit of a downward spiral today. I have forgotten important things (like my son at school) and have been procrastinating others. This is not like me.

To top it all off the kindergarten teacher has changed yet again. I'm sure she is nice, but what gets me is why didn't they have all of this organized in the beginning. in the past two months my son has had 3 different teachers. Yep three. First there was Miss best teacher who took another position, then there was Miss beautiful teacher (aka miss new teacher) who was doing a great job, now there is Miss New Teacher II. Miss New Teacher II has lots of energy and seems to get along with the kids well. Tweedle E seems ok and I'm sure its for the best but I hate change.

Change unsettles me and when I am already not myself it can have dire consequences. Ok nobody is going to die but I have a hard time snapping out of the funk I am currently feeling.


This morning I went to go talk to Tweedle D's teacher. Last night Tweedle D informed me that he got sent to the office. When I asked him what for, he relayed to me a story of two kids plying a slapping game and he was running away because he didn't want to get slapped. The supervision teacher sent them all to the Principal's office. Thinking there had to be more, because who gets sent to the office for running from danger? As it happened I was talking to the mom of one of the other kids and she got the story and Tweedle D was still somewhat innocent. So I tried to get the school's story and I was told they have "a policy" that when the kids aren't listening at recess they are sent to the office. Now I don't know about you but I thought that was extreme. So what happens when my child, lets say, gets in a fist fight or worse? Also according to their discipline policy that they sent home in the information folder, it says that there would be a series of actions taken before going to the office, so why the opposing policies? They knew Tweedle D wasn't playing the slapping game but he got lumped in and punished anyway. Even if he was playing the slapping game I still think the office is extreme, but what do I know?

When we (the other mom and I) asked our children what the Principal said they replied "I don't remember" or "I forgot". I don't know which is worse, being a school who goes to extremes or being a less effective Principal?


Karen said...

Going straight to the principal's office sounds pretty drastic. What an ineffective way of dealing with playground conflicts.

Allrie said...

You skimmed by the part of being sent to the office for not listening as recess. In VA schools essentially no longer believe in recess. At least not the kind of recess I knew, or that I thought my kids knew. I though recess meant freedom from the restictions of the classroom. Running was encouraged...So I am left to wonder why Tweedle E was sent to the office irregardless of the ongoing slapping game. And, if indeed, it was a game why were the other kids sent to the office?

My next question would be WHY? Why straight to the office for running? Why straight to the office for a "game" rather than just stopping an inappropriate game--if indeed it was. And Why is your son's class on their third teacher this year? How many other teachers has the school lost this yrear? Why?

Something smells rotton in Wonderland. I strongly teccommend you find out what it is.