Saturday, October 14, 2006

Band Geeks Of the World Unite

So I went to my first official Enrichment activity that I have not planned. I was doing it mostly out of support for my friends who are still stuck with planning Enrichment, also because I was sold out that I used to play a flute almost 20 years ago, and I thought I should do something with the flute my husband bought me last Christmas. So our Relief Society BANDS together consists of 6 flutes (that's right) 2 clarinets, one trumpet, a cello, keybordests, and an accordion. We are a little top heavy.

When our enrichment committee announced this activity our accordion player said she was so excited and that she would be bringing her accordion, everyone laughed to which she replied "Us accordion players don't get no respect". It was surprisingly fun and I played sooooo bad.


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

That's so great. I recently toyed with the idea of learning the flute...but couldn't get a sound. Guess I'll stick with plain old choir.

fourth_fret said...

this little tidbit made me laugh lots. i love the accordian players response.

you're rockstars. flutin' rockstars. i can just tell.

Sariah said...

Ah, but you had fun, right? Who cares if you think you played badly. You PLAYED. Power to the people ... the flute-playing people that is!!

ABQ Mom said...

how funny. THat's a lot of flutes I must say!

The accordian players response was hilarious.

Allrie said...

Sound like it was a blast of an Enrichment...I used to play tambourine, think they could use me?