Monday, October 02, 2006

Ring, Ring Anybody There?

You know how it is when you just feel like talking to an adult, so you phone one and they aren't home. Then you phone another, and they aren't home. Then another and so on, and so on, and so on. Well you can feel that way about your blogroll. I understand the business of life. I have been known to slip away for a month at a time and I don't begruge an one their hiatus, however there are a few bloggers that have dropped of the face of the earth with no warning. Are they gone for good? Are they ok? Do I take them off? Will they be insulted if I take them off?

I take pride in my blog and have tried to update it regularly including the links. I also appreciate my readership (all two of you) and the last thing I would want to do would be insult you. So at what point do you draw the line and send the blog to the dead blog (letter) office?

In the mean time I get a little frustrated going to someone's blog and finding that they are still not there. So just know I am desperately seeking voyeuristic opportunities and look forward to the day you all update.


Karen said...

I use Bloglines feed reader to see when people update their blog. That way I don't seem to notice on a daily basis that specific people aren't updating, because I am only watching for the boldface type that indicates activity on the blog.

I know of one person whose link you and I share who hasn't been updating for a while, and it's for complicated reasons. I am hoping that that person is ready to re-enter blogworld soon.

I began to take blogs off my sidebar when I no longer felt like reading them any more. I tried to make it about me and not about them.

Kris said...

I've been sucky at updating lately, I admit it! I update my blogroll all the time...and hey, if you feel the need to remove someone, or want to it's your blog! Just do it. If people are offended then they'll just have to get over it. Hehe.


April_Mommy said...

I am usually slow to remove people from my links as well. Mostly because of one person. I read her blog as often as she updates. I enjoy the read and thought she enjoyed my site as well... however, one day I dissapeared from her link's section. I was still updating but I just was not a fun read to her anymore I guess hehe. I kept her on my links for quite some time though... I still sometimes wonder what I did to get myself removed ;-)

Proud Mum said...

I have serious commitment issues. I lurk (and sometimes even de-lurk) for a very long time before I include someone on my links.

But once they're on, it's very complicated to remove them; I feel like I'm truly severing ties with an old friend. But, like Karen, when I'm no longer happy to check their blogs, when I feel it's a burden or just no longer rewarding, then the link is deleted.

I had an experience like April's, too, and I had been a commenting member of the blog-reading community and noticed one day I had been hacked from the links. I took it personally. I've learned my lesson now -- I try not to check if I'm on other people's lists. ;-) (you know, don't ask, don't tell)

Alyson said...

What s Bloglines?