Friday, October 13, 2006

Superstitious Feeling: A Special Friday The 13 th, Friday Free 4 All

Just thought I would remind you of the rules. There are none. Should you like to comment on anything that has been written feel free. If you would like to introduce a topic feel free as well, after all this free 4 all.

This morning on the radio a lady emailed in about a person who is so superstitious, on Friday the 13 th, that he takes the day off and spends the day in bed. I thought how sad. There can be more than one Friday the 13 th a year and to just step out of life like that, he could be missing so much.

So Mr. Wonderful and I were running late today and because he worked at 9:00 am he asked me to drop him at work. As we went to go he noticed that his bike was missing. Yup that's right we have been robbed. I started to remember that it was Friday the 13 th and began thinking that maybe "that guy" had something. I shrugged it off there was really nothing we could do about it and staying in bed still wouldn't have prevented the bike being stolen. A lock that we purchased would, but not staying in bed. I'm more upset about it than he is.


As I have said before I'm not usually superstitious. I don't freak out when a black cat crosses my path and I only avoid walking under ladders because that is just good sense. However, I don't like telling people things. I am a little superstitious about that because every time I have talked about it in the past (job, boyfriend etc.) the situation is not so about a week later. No joke! I guess loose lips do sink ships.


I still think people tend to be more tired in the winter. I think it has to do with the candle power of the sun. I don't have proof, just my lack of wanting to get out of bed, but the last few nights I have gone to bed early (10:30 pm) and have felt well rested. I even got up at 6:30 am the last few mornings. I guess early to bed and early to rise make you happy healthy and wise. Look another cliche.



Two Mittens said...

I've heard that Friday the 13th used to be a day of celebration for the 'witches' of the old days. I think they preferred to be called wise women. It was only deemed wicked and bad luck by Christian men. Go figure.

Having said that, we had a major screw up getting our appliances delivered to the new house and now it looks like we won't get them until next Friday. Super Sucks.

Allrie said...

As a kid I absolutely LOVED whenever the 15th of Nov fell on a Fri. It is my sister's b'day, and my bro and I would torment her! Since she always seemed to own a black cat, she just helped us! We were so mean.