Saturday, December 31, 2005


Happy New Year!

May 2006 be better than 2005.

Friday, December 30, 2005

My Top 5 Christmas Songs

This last month I have experienced or have been bombarded (bomb-bard, get it? Bard, being a musician, ok not so funny) by Christmas songs. I think I have heard 6 different versions of "Santa Baby" including one orchestral version. Who knew? After weeding through the junk (because everybody and their dog does a Christmas album) here are my Top 5 Christmas Songs for 2005:

5. "White Christmas" Bing Crosby. A classic and since we didn't get one, I was dreaming of a white Christmas

4. "Baby it's Cold Outside" The Elf version. I'm particular about the version as the Simpson Lachey version is lacking. He holds his own but here voice is too wispy. Its a jazzy song it needs a clear voice.

3. "Little Town" Cliff Richard. Amy Grant did this song too, but I like his version better.

2. "Breath of Heaven" Amy Grant

1. "O Holy Night" Lee Greenwood. Not everyone can do O holy night but this country bumpkin can.

I'd like to give an honorable mention to "What Child is this?", and "Last Christmas" by Wham. What can I say I'm a child of the 80's

Thursday, December 22, 2005

I'm back

So as you can see it is all fixed now. Maybe I'll try again to change it later. TTFN

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Change Is Good?

In a quest to change the look of my blog, I was trying to find a template that would be easier to change to my own. Unfortunately i really screwed up so I choose a different template and lost all my links. I have my old template saved and will ad my links later. Please don't think I have deleted you all for good. You will be back. I just haven't the time right now.

Monday, December 19, 2005

A Theory Of Relativity

My father has a theory. I call it a theory of relativity because first he is a relative and second, time is relative. Although Time tends to be passing at a constant rate, our perception of passing time varies. Remember when you were a kid and everything took so long to get too. One year would seem like ten. He believes that the younger you are, the faster you are moving and the slower time passes. As we age we tend to slow down. We don’t have the energy of our youth thus we move slower or we are unable to maintain a high rate of speed or energy expended for long periods of time. For example take the same period of time, one year, to the older person it only feel like a few months.

This theory would explain why my kids every morning are saying “Is it Christmas yet?” and as I reply “no.”, I am thinking, “Thank goodness”.

The fact that I have some Christmas presents under the tree already doesn’t help either.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

I Know Lilith Married Fraser, But I Wouldn't Know Her From Adam

Yesterday I was reading "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe." To my boys and there was a couple of lines where the Beavers were explaining the origin of the White Witch. They said that she was a descendant from Lilith, Adam's first wife. I’ve been hearing a lot about Lilith and I know somewhat of the "mythology", but what I want to know is where she came from? Does she have any religious basis in apocrypha or was she cooked up by the women’s movement? This would be highly unlikely since CS Lewis wrote this book before the women’s movement.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

One Little, Two Little, Three Little Grey Hairs

I was looking in the mirror the other day and I notice this grey hair sticking straight up. Thats the thing about grey hairs they are a little more wirier than the others. At first I wasn’t quite sure that it was a grey hair. The lighting in the bathroom isn’t that great, maybe that us why I never noticed it before or could it be I haven’t colored my hair for 6 months. Anyway, as I was scoping to see if it really was a grey hair, I found 2 more. I thought I should stop there. Now I have one grey hair for every year I’m over 30. (I’m in my 33 year). I look for the fourth one next year.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Do The Litterbug

Today while we were walking home from dropping Dakota off at school, Ethan found some garbage. So we picked it up to carry until we found a garbage can to put it in. Just as we were having this teaching moment, this big grown man threw a coffee cup right into the street.

Thanks buddy.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

What Is in A Name?

When my husband Tim and I were discussing names for our children we had some rules. We each had unlimited vetoes because we thought both of us should like the name and we didn’t want to name our child after any exes, just in case the ex should run into us and think we named our child after them because of one of us secretly pining over them. Needless to say Tim had more vetoes than I did. I guess that doesn’t matter because we had boys, but I digress. Another of our rules was that middle name would be a family name and we were to alternate between families. Next the name had to flow and sound nice; a balance of syllables so that it would roll off the tongue. I have heard of people testing this out by standing at the top of the stairs and shouting a potential full name to see if they can tolerate hearing it. Funny! As you can see we were really only concerned about the pure esthetics of the name. We never thought about how the name might affect their personalities.

Don’t get me wrong we looked at baby name books and meanings, but the names we chose we didn’t know their meanings until later. My oldest’s name means friendly. We thought that suited him very well because he is quite friendly. His kindergarten teacher said that he was a sweet sensitive boy that was concerned about everyone. "Snapps" for us we picked a good name that suited him.

Our second little boy is much more aggressive and physical. He loves having friends and always wants to play, but he likes to play his way. I guess you could say he is a little stubborn. Guess what his name means… steadfast and immovable. I hope that this characteristic will serve him well in his teen years.

Although we gave them their names before we found out their meanings, we managed to pick names that really suited their personalities. I can’t help but wonder did the name on some subconscious level alter their personalities to match their name? I know it’s silly to think that but what if they’re really was something in the name we give our children.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Twice Stood Up

Unlike jenthemom, my husband has been in town for the past two weeks I just haven’t seen him. Now don’t get your knickers in a knot, he’s not doing anything unseemly. He is just working and I guess I exaggerate when I say I haven’t seen him (he does come home to sleep). The thing that really gets me is that we were supposed to have a date Thursday, but he had to work. We were supposed to have a date tonight to make up for the date on Thursday, but again after making arrangements, he had to cancel due to work. I know he feels bad and is a little upset as well; I just can’t help but feel a little mad. I also feel bad for the babysitter we have called twice and had to cancel twice. Really who does that? Oh I know…me!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

T – 40 Degrees and Dropping

Why do I live here? It’s cold, so cold. I’ve been through colder but knowing that the mercury isn’t as low as it could go doesn’t make me any more comfortable. We do have snow, not much, but some snow. I guess it is too cold to snow. Last week we were experiencing record highs of 20°C(68) now we are at -20°C(-4). The average for this time of year is about -5°C (23). I guess this is just Mother Nature’s way of averaging out. I think I’ll move to Australia either that or become a “sunbird” from Arizona. My husband would love that.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Walk Softly and Carry a Cheese Stick

There are few things I need, I'm not high maintenance, but I do need things. I need my kids to not whine or hit and not throw heavy wooden balls at my inlaws new wall. I also need them to walk softly when they are in the halls of buildings. They for some reason still have not comprehended the fact that in apartment buildings children are to be seldom seen and never heard. Its just good manners to those that are around you. My kids don't have good manners at least not today.


D has become quite the eater. Its something that I am not used too. Now he is always hungry and finishes almost everything. I now have to carry around food with me because a meall doesn't last very long with him. My choices of snacks are peperoni sticks and cheese sticks. If I don't carry them with me I am bombarded from both kids by the phrase "I'm hungry". Although I am glad that they are eating and growing, adults too need a routine and I'm just not used to it.

Thaks to Jen for letting me use her computer again.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Under The Guise of Working Out.

My Friend jenthemom and I have a deal to work out Monday, Wednesday and Friday but I have realized that its more about the conversation the reps. When we first started working out we were there for 1.5 hours now we are at the the gym for 0.5 hours. Even when we are there we arn't really there. More often than not we are leaning over the weight machine and talking instead of pumping iron. I would like to blame it all on Jens pregnancy but I have always been a chatterbox, just look at my report cards. Could that be why I haven't lost any weight in the last 3 months?

Maybe it could be because we don't always go. If the week is busy the work out is the first thing dropped. Then there are the times we fully intend to work out but something comes up and we end up at either house and don't quite make it to the gym. Kind of like today.

Today we are to go to the gym but presently we are at jen's house waiting for a high chair. Although we still intend to go I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't make it to the gym.

So here I sit, with a figurative gun to my head, blogging because Jen is suffering from some kind of withdrawl and yes I still don't have internet. Perhaps we are not waiting for a highchair after all.

ps. Jens computer is blocking spell check so no spelling coments please.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Trunk Or Treat and the Flash

Last night was my ward Trunk or Treat. Our ward (congregation) has only been doing this for 3 years. A trunk or treat fro those who don't know is where people get together decorate their cars and pass out candy to this kids. I think it was developed for kids to have a safe place to trick or treat and be able to get a substantial amount of candy. Last year was really popular because Halloween fell on a Sunday. I remember when I was a kid and not getting to go trick or treating on a Sunday. I wish someone had done that for me. Like I needed more candy.

My family likes to dress in themes, or maybe its just me because I am the one making the costumes. The first year D was Steve and E was blue from blues clues. Last year my husband wasn't able to go, but my boys both wanted to be Robin Hood and I was Maid Marion. My husband already has our theme for next year but I am not going to share it with you because its a secret. I don't want anyone to steal his idea. Its just that good.

This year however I was too tired to make costumes. So I bought them. The boys needed pjs and costumes so I decided to kill 2 birds with one stone and bought Incredible Pjs. They came complete with mask and they were cheaper than the actual costume. Just before the actual activity I was looking for Halloween decorations and we found Harry Potter costumes for $12. They came complete with robe, wand glasses and scar tattoo. I couldn't make a costume for that cheap. My boys batted the puppy dog eyelashes at my mom and twisted her rubber arm, like that was hard, and she bought them for the boys. So last night I had one Harry Potter and one Dash. I was peer pressured into dressing up and since I had nothing I put my husbands Pjs on gave myself bed head and put dark circles under my eyes, if I had a snuggly and a doll I would have been a new mom, I went as insomnia. My husband took his old work shirt that looks like a baseball shirt and a baseball hat and bat. We were not a theme this time because I didn't sew, but I'm ok with that.

As we were helping clean up I found Jenthemoms camera and my husband and I took some pictures, one of us kissing. Mwaaahahaha! I crack myself up.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

I Need A Sous Chef

I love cooking. I love cooking shows. I love how they are able to make all those things in about 1 hour or in some cases 30 minutes. My problem is that I don't have a prep cook to set everything out and have it ready so I can just add things. I also need someone to clean up after me. I highly doubt that Rachel Ray or Christine Cushing are cleaning up their TV kitchens.

The only problem with me getting a sous chef is I would have to be someone else's first and that just doesn't work for me. So lets hear it for the people who cook their own food without the help of a hired man, because in my world it would be nice for a change to have him clean up after me. And as I raise my glass I still cannot help but want the help.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I'm Stuffed

I don't mean stuffed like the Brits do, I mean I have too much stuff. My in-laws have moved and all of my husbands stuff and our wedding presents now line the walls of our hallways. We already had too much stuff to begin with, we had lived here for 4 years and there was one box I had in our back hallway because I couldn't find a place for the stuff that is in there. So now I am in complete chaos and it is driving me nuts.

Now keeping the above situation in mind, I can't believe I almost took on more stuff. Yesterday I got a phone call from a neighbour who is moving and was wondering if I needed any shelves. A nice gesture. They understand my need for organization and were only trying to help. For a split second I entertained the idea of taking on some of their stuff, and the fact that I did scares me. Am I a "pack rat"? Luckily my drive for order won out, but what happens next time when I am not so strong? What is this compelling need for stuff?

Why do I seem to surround myself with stuff, when this action is contrary to the goal that I am trying to achieve? Maybe instead of pondering this question I should get my but in gear and a garbage bag and get rid of all my stuff.

Friday, October 21, 2005

My Little Jedi

If you want to see my little jedi look here. He is the one blowing the dandelion. Doesn't she take good pictures?

Lets Play Master and Padawan

"E will you come here and put you clothes on?"

"E we have to get to school, D is going to be late."
Still silence. I can feel my frustration mounting

"E you have 3 seconds...(insert threat here)"

"Mom I am a Jedi and you must call me master."

"OK Master Jedi", I say through gritted teeth," please put your pants on or we are going to be late."

When he has a name change you think he would let me know before hand so that I can avoid all the frustration, but no. I had to continue to call him Master Jedi for 3 days to get him to do anything, walk, eat, really anything.

100 Things About Me (61-90)

61. I used to play the piano for a congregation
62. I wasn't very good
63. One of my most embarrassing moments happened while playing for this congragation
64. It was Christmas time and I had practiced very hard, the song was "With wandering Awe"
65. I got lost and thought I was on the 4th verse, but I was on the third verse.
66. I got up at the end of the verse and started back for my seat.
67. I turned to see the Chorister standing there, arm ready, with a puzzled look on his face.
68. I realized what happened ran back to the piano and played the last verse.
70. My biggest wish is to own a house some day.
71. I'm reducing my debt load right now so I can own a house in the future.
72. I hate debt
73. I feel like the housing market in Calgary has passed me by
74. My credit card should be gone by Christmas
75. I'm going to take the money that I put on my credit card towards the car after the card is gone.
76. I have until July to get all debt gone, besides student loan.
77. I hate being patient
78. I would like to travel.
79. I have never been on a plane.
80. I have never been further east than Vegraville Alberta (in Canada)
81. I have been in all 3 countries in north America
82. My family drove everywhere for there family vacations
83. I have always wanted to go to Europe.
84. I have also wanted to go to Egypt and see the pyramids
85. I also want to go to Hawaii
86. My husband says he will take me to Las Vegas so I can see Europe and the pyramids at the same time. Usually they have seat sales to Vegas.
87. I have only kissed 3 men in my life.
88. I have never had Alcohol, didn't want to loose control
89. I have never smoked, too stinky
90. I know why people cry over spilt milk

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Eat The Apple my Pretty...

My friend Mr. Darcy saw my post 100 things about me 1-30. To be fair I didn't remember the conversation that we needed virtual PC for PAF, so I am publicly apologizing for saying I was uninformed in purchasing my MAC. Thank you for pointing it out Mr. Darcy and hopefully my Pride or Prejudice will not get in the way of me enjoying my computer in the future. Sorry.

100 Things About Me (31-60)

31. I am the oldest of 5 girls.
32. I only failed one course in public school
33. Math 20
34. I failed because I was late, not because I couldn't do the work.
35. I went to early morning seminary.
36. My ride would pick me up late.
37. I hate being late so I didn't go to class
38. I had to take summer school
39. I got 96%, my teacher said I shouldn't be here.
40. In my first year University I was extremely overwhelmed.
41. I couldn't keep up with the work. I had a lot of reading and 3 labs a semester on top of my lectures.
42. I was asked to leave, to come back when I was more mature.
43. I haven't gone back there.
44. I'm not very mature.
45. I did, however graduate from a technical college.
46. My certificate was for Health Safety and Environmental Technologies.
47. I did very well.
48. The first year I was somewhere in the middle.
49. The second year I was at the top of my class.
50. The third year I came in second.
51. After I was finished I worked in an environmental lab.
52. I could also teach WHMIS and TDG.
53. I also had my first year towards becoming a paramedic.
54. I met my husband 3 months after I graduated.
55. We started dating a month later.
56. We got engaged 3 months later.
57. We got married 4 months later.
58. I got pregnant 7 months later.
59. I went on maternity leave 9 months later.
60. I didn't go back to work.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

And Now For The Cuter Side Of Me

You Are A: Duckling!

DucklingThe cutest of the cute, these baby ducks are often spotted in the spring following closely behind their mother. As a duckling you will grow up quickly, becoming one of the adult ducks seen commonly in ponds and streams. Playful and timid, charming and vulnerable, ducklings are nature's very definition of innocence.

You were almost a: Mouse or a Duck
You are least like a: Bear Cub or a GroundhogWhat Cute Animal Are You?

Monday, October 17, 2005

My Monster Profile

Your Monster Profile

Blood Thirsty Dictator

You Feast On: Snow Cones

You Lurk Around In: Swingers Clubs

You Especially Like to Torment: Your Exes

100 Things About Me (1-30)

1. I was born in the United States
2. I grew up in Canada
3. I could potentially have dual citizenship I just ned to get the paper work done but that costs money
4. I like genealogy
5. Last year I would spend at least an hour a day working on it.
6. My computer broke down last year.
7. So did my genealogy.
8. We bought a mac
9. I was told it would do PAF (Personal Ancestral File)
10. It doesn't without virtual PC. I can't afford virtual PC
11. I'm not happy. I feel deceived.
12. I have taken 7 years of Piano
13. I cannot play worth a darn.
14. I am teaching myself piano because I can't afford lessons.
15. I am currently in Grade 2 conservatory.
16. I have a sister who taught herself piano up to grade 8
17. She has inspired me.
18. I have a yellow belt in Karate.
19. My last Karate Lesson was when I was 8.
20. When I was young my parents put me in community lessons for gymnastics
21. After a year I wasn't taking gymnastics anymore.
22. The just let us play on the Canadian climber, a special jungle gym attached to our gym wall.
23. I can still do a cartwheel.
24. I can still do round off.
25. I learned how to do that when I was 6.
26. I get really dizzy when I do a cartwheel or a round off.
27. My Mom taught me how to do a cartwheel.
28. I am trying to teach my boys how to do a cartwheel.
29. I would like them to learn to play an instrument.
30. I don't think they are ready.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


This is the month for Breast Cancer awareness. So flaunt it if you got it. Your pink that is.

I Am Sooo Frustrated

I am So frustrated. I am frustrated with myself for not letting go of things I cannot control. I am frustrated with people not following through because it makes me look bad. I understand people have lives. I know their priorities are not mine. Yet I still need to give people a chance to do what they say they will do. I just wanna sit down and cry.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

What Have You Done For Me Lately

Two days ago I was reading on the jenthemom and I was feeling a little jelious about how her husband had been so considerate and drew that bath for her etc. Then I thought hey Al, when was the last time you ordered pizza, turned on the football game, and had the kids in bed for your husband (the male rose petal bath, or Rose Bowl). Life is a two way street and doing nice things for others tends to come back in goodness towards you. I don't know if Jen ever does her husbands equivallent to the "Rose Bowl", and even if she didn't, I need to take care of my husband so he can take care of me. Its not domestic slavery, its being considerate, its apart of being in a good marriage.

BTW spell check is on the fritz so I don't wanna hear about my poor spelling.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Its Weird How My Mind Works

Today D and I were having a conversation about mommies and daddies and how they become mommies and daddies in the animal world. He told me that in seahorses the daddy makes the baby not the mommy. So then I said shouldn't he be called the mommy. The poor kid. I think I confused him. Hopefully he didn't think I was serious.

Although, I guess that would be the case if the title Mommy was only attached to the person carrying the baby and not the gender.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Top 10 Thankful List

In the spirit of Canadian Thanksgiving I am going to List the top 10 little things I am thankful for.

10. Jumbo pack of AA Live Batteries
9. Post it notes
8. Tooth brushes, what did they clean teeth with before these were invented?
7. Facial tissues (aka Kleenex). Not the tissues themselves but the fact that one pops up to replace the one you have taken.
6. My pillow
5. Dishwasher. OK this isn't little but I sure am thankful.
4. Clean Sheets and shaved legs. To myself I say thank you and your welcome.
3. Internet Banking. I can pay my bills in my PJs
2. Cadbury Thins. A chocolate bar that is Only 100 calories.

And the number 1 little thing I am thankful for is control top panty hose.

My husband wonders if there is a connection between 1 and 2.

Friday, October 07, 2005

My Other Funny Son

today i took E to the farmes market because wecan't go tomorrow. we went to the bakery, like we always do. a different lady was there. she thought E was so cute that she gave him his treat. i tried to pay but she wouldn't let me. i get this alot when i'm with him. Weird. its been an eventful day and he just climbed into my lap and fell asleep. so i am typing this one handed. i'm tired so i'm gonna stop. typing one handed is very slow.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

A House of Order

I said in my first post that I would get a little political sometimes. Its my blog I can do what I want! Right? I don't to do this all of the time, but lately I feel that I have been in a bit of a Wonderland. The crazy Wonderland created by the politicians and I just don't understand their thinking. If I were running the country, I would run it as if I were running my household. Cut back when I need to, spend when necessary, and only have a party when everything else is in order. I would also be able to do it without name calling, swearing, or childish behavior. How is anyone to get anything done when they are constantly wasting time by interrupting one another. If there was more time spent debating the actual policies then saying "Mr. Speaker, he called me a ****" then things might actually get done. If I had a business and my people were behaving that way, they would so be fired. Here are some things that I don't get about the parties of Canada.

The Liberal Party: (aka the Grits, why I don't know)

1. Takes Employment Insurance (EI) and puts it into general revenue. They take their greedy little hands and grab the money that is to be saved for when we are out of jobs, pregnant, or on a leave of absence. Its no wonder they have a surplus.

2. Goes through scandal after scandal and still manage to come out clean. The HR scandal, Gun Control program, "Add Scam" and now expense accounts have come into question and that's just in the last 10 years.

3. They are giving David Dingwald a severance package for quitting. They are afraid of being sued. "what?" He quit or was encouraged to resign but that was because he was in the wrong. What business would ever do that?

The Conservative Party; (aka the Torys, again I don't know why?)

1. Suffering from multiple personality disorder. Are they reformers, alliance , or conservatives. Their lack of stick-to-it-tiveness is embarrassing. How are they to be trusted to lead when they don't even know who they are and cannot stay together long enough to agree?

2. Maybe this next thing is a symptom of their condition, but they have yet to find a leader who has full backing of their party. They lack Unity.

3. They employ sub-standard people. Past and present leaders have surrounded themselves with people who don't fact check and give poor advice. It like its being run by a bunch of monkeys. They need better spin doctors because even if they come out with something worth while and factual, nobody knows it because the Liberals have a greater talent with getting their stories on the news.

The New Democrats: (aka the NDP, now that makes sense)

1. Aside from their name, I don't get them at all. I am speaking in generalizations but they think that spending is the only way to improve things. Its like they are shopoholics. Just throw money at it that will fix it. That's nice if your living on the dole.

Its no wonder Canadians are apathetic when it comes to voting. There is no one to vote for. I guess that's what you get when you have thieves, monkeys and shopoholics developing policy and running the country.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Time Well Wasted

Today I walked the boys to school. I say boys because although E isn't in school right now he walked with me. We met my workout partner and left for the gym. Put the kids in childcare for an hour and then went home. E put in a movie and I showered, tanned, ordered Winsor Pilates, and did my hair. It is now 1:15 and I have 2 hours till D gets out of school. Were did the time go?

Monday, October 03, 2005

Pet Peeve

One of my pet peeves is dog pooh on the sidewalk. Everyday there is a stretch of sidewalk my boys and I travel to and from school that more often than not is littered with dog pooh. You wouldn't think this area would have a problem, because it is a well to do area, but they do. Now that the leaves are falling Its camouflaged.

What led me to this post is this morning I saw a man leaving his house with two dogs, off leash, and heading towards the doggy bathroom I like to call the sidewalk. There were no grocery bags in tow to pick up the packages that his dogs were going to leave. Although I never saw the actual act of defecation, I wouldn't be surprised to find a fresh pile of steaming pooh on my way to pick D up.

If you are not going to pick it up maybe you shouldn't have the privilege of having a dog let alone two. I am not a pet person. I admit it, but I don't hate them. People should be able to have a pets if they can properly handle taking care of them. One of the reasons we don't have pets is because I would be the pooper scooper. Its not fair to the dogs or your neighbours.

The funny thing is when I first noticed the dogs and their owner, I noticed that one of the dogs was urinating and I quickly turned away to give the dog some privacy.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

I Have Ruined My Family

Ok maybe its not that bad, but I have taken a family of night owls and changed them to morning people in 4 weeks. ARG! I stayed a night owl. As I have stated before we have been getting up early to read scriptures before Tim goes to work. The last few Saturdays we would sleep in, because we could, but this Saturday my boys were up bright and early all ready to read. Then they stayed up and played. No back to bed to sleep till a more sane hour.

Everybody Salsa

Today the family and I went to the farmers market. We picked up our usual fruits and veggies, but this time we also picked up 40 lbs of tomatoes and 2 bags of assorted peppers. One was hot!!! peppers. So now I'm finishing bottling the first batch. The house smells of onions and peppers. Monday I should be finishing up. I don't bottle on Sundays. Its my rule. Anyway I have 8 completed jars and hope to have 16 by the end of Monday.

At the farmer's market the boys were good so they each got $1 to buy a treat. Their favorite spot for treats is a European bakery. D got an almond bar covered in chocolate, E, a rice crispy square with chocolate. Tim got a broken heart and I got an apple turnover. Its become a tradition with us and although the choices aren't that healthy its once a week. Vive la tradition.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Business and Pleasure

This will be the only time that I mention my business by name as I am not one to mix business with pleasure. Today I launch my fall and winter gardening company. I will be changing messages on my answering machine and booking appointments. I know I am crazy to be stating a fall and winter gardening business in the frozen north but there is a real niche for the services that my sisters and I will be offering. The only thing is people need to be educated on why they need our services. Wish me luck. I am not expecting much out of this experience. I'm just hoping to break even. If anyone has some great marketing ideas, let me know.

Monday, September 26, 2005

I'm It

I finally found time to answer the Meme.

1. When showering do you start the water before you get in or do you get in and start the water?
I start the water before I get in.

2. Do you read the labels on your shampoo bottles?
Yes I do and if necessary i repeat

3. Do you moan like the people on the Herbal Essinces?
Not all the time.

4. Have you ever showered with someone of the opposite sex?
Have you? I'm uncomfortable with this question.

5. Have you been forced to shower with one of your siblings?
Whe I was younger. I'm sure for the reason of speed. There were 5 of us.

6. Have you ever brushed your teeth in the shower?
Yes, I believe it saves time, but really I'm just trying to find an excuse to stay in the shower longer.

7. Have you ever dropped your soap on your foot?

8. How old do you look?
You tell me.

9. How old do you act?
Younger than I am

10. Whats the last song you sang?
How do I get you alone - Heart.

11. Have you recently become a member of anything?
All of MP3 gotta have my tunes. Yet I haven't bought anything. I'm kind of warming up to the idea.

12. What are your plans for the weekend?

13. Do you kiss with your eyes open or closed?
That depends. sometimes I start closed and peak and sometimes i sart open an end closed. I don't want to miss.

14. Whats the sexiest thing about Condoleeza Rice?
I don't find her sexy. Sorry Condy. I do however think its awsome that she is a concert pianist.

15. Are you in love with anyone right now?

16. Have you ever said I love you?

17. Does anything on your body itch right now?

18. What colour is the carpet in your bedroom?
Grey Blue. I think.

19. Have you ever had somone of the opposite sex in your room?

20. Who is the sexiest famous woman alive?
Jessica Alba I think?

21. Who is the sexiest famous man alive?
If my husband was famous it would be him but I guess i would have to say James Marsden.

22. Are you more creative alone or with people?
Depends on who the people are.

23. Does every family have a crazy uncle or is it just mine?
neither. My doesn't but i don't think its just yours.

24. Have you ever smuggled anything into america?
Which america North or South? Aren't we all from America canadians too. Since i don't smuggle I'd have to say no.

25. Do you end up making a fool of yourself when you flirt with someone you like?
Not all the time. Ask my husband.

26. Does playing a guitar make a girl/guy more attractive?
Almost every instrument does except the acordian or triangle

27. Do you exercise before you eat in the morning?

28. Do you believe your name fits your personality?
I never thought about it. I guess it does. I've always been me.

29. Do you live in a city with a good sports team?
Sports, Whats sports?

30. Is it better to be single or in a relationship?
Depends on the person and who they are in a relationship with. Right now its better for me to be in the relationship I'm in.

31. What do you think about the person who sent you this survey?
Revenge is a dish best served cold. I get you with a survey when you least expect it.

Friday, September 23, 2005

When God Closes A Door Somewhere He Opens A Fridge.

My sister came up with this phrase and I thought it appropriate for this day. Yesterday my wonderful hubby gave me some money to go shopping for some skirts and such since my clothing collection has dwindled. I lost a dress size and got rid of all my "fat clothes". Thinking I was going to loose a lot more weight I only bought a few "skinny clothes". Well to my dismay I have gained the weight back and have no clothes but that is not the point of my post.

As I said before I my wonderful hubby gave me some money to buy clothes. So this morning I took the boys on an outing to the mall fully intending to look at things that interest them as well. After loosing one son, being so badly talked back to by another, almost breaking of a mirror, and a bunch of other incidences too little to mention but piled on top made our excursion the worst ever.

I must admit I wasn't the best behaved mummy either, but they made it out of the mall without bruising. I bought a drink for my self and drank it in front of them, telling them little boys who behave that way don't get treats. This was followed my fit pitching at the bus stop. In haste I told them that if they didn't stop this horrible behavior they would be confined to their beds until their father got home. The line was drawn and they tried to cross it.

So now here I sit posting, venting if you will, and eating some lemon squares. Not only do I feel like I over did it (they were confined to their rooms for 3 hours), but also I am engaging in a behavior that got me to this place in the first place. What a vicious cycle.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Awake and Arise

Lately I have been waking up at 4:00am. For some reason my eyes open and I am awake. There is no transition from sleep to awakening. No metaphorical fog to lift. I am just awake. I start thinking of all the things I have to do and I can't go back to sleep no matter how hard I try. Today, instead of lying there with my futile attempt to sleep, I got up. I did a load of laundry, dishes made lunches, muffins and showered all before my family got up at 6:30am. It was a productive morning and I didn't feel rushed. It was nice but I don't think I would like to do that every morning. My sleep is just too high on my priority list. I expect to be hitting the wall at around 2:00pm, right when I need my second wind.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Attention! School Fees

This information is very important to anyone who falls under the Calgary Board of Education and meets the following criteria:

1. Child goes to designated school. (school in your area)
2. Child is bus eligible but does not ride the bus (must live at least 1.2 kms away)
3. Is staying for lunch.

You do NOT have to pay lunch fees. This is a policy that has been in place for at least a year. I just spoke with the luch lady in charge at my son's school because a friend of mine (Trina Marr you go girl.) informed me of this policy. The forms are not clear so don't rely on them. If you are skeptical ask someone at the school, not the teacher as they probably don't know, what could it hurt? But if I could save anyone anywhere from $220.00 to $440.00. I will have considered this my most productive post.

The current count of people helped is now two, including myself. The money saved is now $660.00. Please pass this on as I don't have a very large readership. Lets get this information out there and I will be personally writing a letter the CBE on the lack of clarity on the forms.

Just so you know Trina's friend had to fight 12 months to get her refund last year so don't give up.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

MMMMM. I'm Lovin' It?

I think I have been blogging for long enough now to share something really personal about myself. Who out there has not heard of McDonalds? I think there is a law that states "upon every third corner there must be a McDonalds." Who doesn't know the menu off by heart? Who hasn't been there in the last month? Finally who has never worked at McDonalds?

I know there are probably a lot of people that have not worked at McDonalds, but who out there has applied for a job 4x and been denied all of those times? The answer is me! OOOHH the shame of my youth. I thought that they took everyone barring some mental deficiency. Maybe that was the problem. I don't even know why I was rejected. I think I need to start a support group but unfortunately I would be the only member.

Sometimes when I take my kids there I look at the people behind the counter and think to myself I could do that. It can't be that hard and yet I will never know. Not that I want to work there now but I would like to think that if there was absolutely no other option, that if I was in desperate need of an income, I could fall back on it, but I can't. Things would have to get pretty bad.

I should get over this but instead I go there and torture myself. To add insult to injury their food doesn't sit well with me either. Ever since my gall bladder came out, I don't have enough juices to digest all of the fat. I think I have been rejected on all fronts.

Maybe this is a blessing in disguise.

Alyson Out!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

I Have Found My New House

I have found my new house. It is so beautiful. I have seen larger and more extravagant but I'm a practical gal. Careful of the drool. Now I just need to move to MI. I also need another $19000, in US dollars, for a down payment.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

My Funny Son

All of you have funny children I'm sure but mine is really funny. He is funny without even trying. Dakota is 6 years old and has been funny for a while. A couple of years ago we were driving down a road in Calgary and Dakota asked a question that had nothing to do with our conversation. He said, "Dad, do people drive with their elbows?" What an odd question, but my husband answered anyway,"no, people don't drive with their elbows and if they do they shouldn't be." Dakota got a funny look on his face and then asked the question "then why do they call this elbow Dr.?"

About a few months ago Dakota was sitting next to a vent in church. All of a sudden he skooches over to me with an intense look on his face. "mom I think I am a jedi"
"What?" I ask
"I think I am a jedi"
" I was sitting next to the fan and I was wishing that the fan would turn on. It did mom, I have the force."

The most recent incident was when my two sons and I were reading Harry Potter. We were at the part where Aunt Petunia was cutting Harry's messy hair. She had cut it, shaved it. The next day it grew back. Dakota remembered that earlier that day I had been complaining about how fast his hair grows. He put 2 and 2 together and decided that he was a Wizard.

These are only a few examples but I deal with this on a daily basis. I'm glad he makes me laugh. I'd rather be laughing than yelling or crying.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Unto much is given, much is required.

This morning I woke up to visions of Harry Connick Jr. carrying an old man to a rescue boat. This was followed by a myriad of pictures of celebrities "rescuing" people. I admit my first thought was how nice that a camera man just happened to be there to witness this astounding moment. Where were the camera men for the regular everyday person rescuing people.

Shortly after that I saw an editorial cartoon in the National Post, A Canadian news paper. It was of a victim of hurricane Katrina sitting with a sign that said celebrity photo ops $10.00. After all this I started to get mad at the stars for taking advantage of these people all for a good photo opportunity.

As it turns out I am wrong. This doesn't usually happen but at least I am able to recognize it when it happens. It turns out all of these celebs are from the area and felt a pull to help. That feeling I can understand and I'm from way faraway in Canada. Even if their motives are wrong who is it really hurting. These people have the means that most of us wish we had and at least they are doing something noble instead of wasting it. It would be much worse if they had the means and didn't use it.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I'm The King of The Castle...

All the games that we learned while we were in school still live on today and were are my kids learning them. At school. Today was Dakota's first day in grade 1, first grade for you Americans out there, I must say that I am nervous. I'm a little more nervous than I was for him to go to kindergarten. For one thing I haven't met this teacher before. Both grade one teachers got changed over the summer so I have no information on what either of them are like. I miss Miss Smith. Another thing I am worried about is this is real school. You actually have to work. I want so much for him to do well. I want him to love learning and love school maybe because I loved it so much, but also because it is much easier to do something if you like it. I guess we will see when he gets home.

We Could All Use A Little Good News

Please don't take this the wrong way. I am not trying to down play the enormity of the tragedy of Katrina. I am just tired. Emotionally tired of all of the bad news. I know people need to vent and it is therapeutic to do so and you should continue. I don't want to silence. I was just wondering if there were any good stories, miracles, if you will, that came out of this. I would like to focus on the stories of people rising above the tragedy rather than the looting, how awful the president is and such. There were a lot of people affected so chances are one of you guys know someone in the states affected. Share the good news. I need to hear it.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Doing Lines

I have been reading Harry Potter to my sons and this past weekend we got to watch the first movie. My boys loved it so much that they watched it 3 times in a row because I fell asleep. I was so tired. Anyway while I was still conscious I got to hear one of my favorite lines from the movie. Let me give you some background.

Filtch was taking Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Draco out to Hagrid's place to serve detention for being out of bed after hours. They were to be going into the "forbidden forest" to help a unicorn and Filtch was complaining.
"Detention has changed. It used to be you would find yourself hanging by your thumbs in the dungeon. How I miss the screaming."

This led me to think of some of my other favorite lines from movies and TV. So what are yours?

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Grimm? Not Really.

Last Night, Date Night. My husband and I saw the movie "The Brothers Grimm". The movie takes Place in 1800s French occupied Germany. A tale of two con artists brothers who end up battling something truly evil. I don't want to tell too much because I think this movie really needs to be seen with fresh eyes. It was refreshing to go to a movie where I couldn't predict what was going to happen. I loved the references to the folk and fairy tales of youth but I must stress that this movie is not for children. The Bothers Grimm was a little more violent than I usually care to watch but I also thought it was necessary for the story. I give this movie 4*s out of 5.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Twice is Nice

We actually had family scripture study and family prayer in the morning before Tim goes to work two days in a row. That in itself is a miracle. I'm gonna go back to bed now and wake up at a more decent hour.

Stress Factor

Here is an idea for a reality show. Instead of seeing what people will eat or do for $50,000 (not enough in my book). Give people two kids (one of them has to be a really good whiner) a husband who works twelve hours and has an important calling like EQP. Put them in back to school time give them no car and tell them they have to go grocery shopping, hem pants, make doctors appointments, get to them, help their inlaws get ready to move, work out, eat right, pay bills, clean house (difficult task all on its own because inlaws are constantly bringing over stuff that you have no room for), blog, start up a new business, laundry, plan an enrichment pratically all by themselves, sub in Sunday school, watch the neighbour's kids, do a food drive for over 100 houses, and all of the regular mom things that one does in a day to keep from beating her children. Put them in this pressure cooker and see them crumble and for what a mere $50,000. This is my life. I chose to commit myself to these things. I shouldn't be complaining but I think I really need to learn to say NO once in a while.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

What Dreams May Come?

Two nights ago I had a dream that my husband and I were splitting up and that I lived in this huge apartment with all of the room mates I have ever had before. I dreamt that neither Tim nor I could find an apartment that would take children so my son Dakota had to live with my mom. If I wanted to see him she would send him over in a cab, because in my dream she couldn't drive. I woke up shortly after that with this tremendous urge to get back together with my husband (still in dream mode because we are fine) I hate it when dreams seam so real and it takes a while to get out of them. Well I called my husband at work and told him that I loved him. Then I told him about my dream. He thinks I silly. Apparently this isn't uncommon in our marriage. I have a dream that is not real but feels real and overreact. You should hear about my poligamy dream.

Monday, August 22, 2005

A Little More Me.

I'm thinking of personalizing my blog. I got some good advice from plastic obsession (she said to copy my original template in a word document unless I totally screw up so that I can copy and paste it back together) but I was wondering if anyone else out there has some more advice. I'm not looking forward to ripping out my hair so if anyone who has gone through this before please help.

Friday, August 19, 2005

I Tune, You Tune, We All Tune...

Yesterday Dakota, Ethan and I went school shopping at Chinook Center. After three hours of trying on pants at various stores we finally found a pair that fit him. In desperation to find a pair of pants that will fit his tiny waist and that we both liked we walked in to the Gap. They had a $10 off promotion on jeans so what could it hurt. The jeans had adjustable waists. Yea! They we still long but I can hem those. As we came out of the dressing room a girl handed us a card for a free download from itunes.

Tim and I haven't downloaded music since Napster because we are cheap and we rarely buy cds because its pretty rare that all of the songs are good on a cd. After much consideration we decided to download "Lets get it started in here." by the Blackeyed Peas. It turns out that its one of Dakota's favorite songs right now (we'll see how long that lasts with only one song in our library). Also he was the one who tried on the jeans and has the skinny waist that made it necessary to purchase pants there.

this morning I broke the news to him and he and Ethan we ecstatic. We have played it 5 times already and had a bit of a dance party, a scene that is common in our house to the point that a neighbour bought us a party light for Christmas last year. I admit I am a little tempted to go back a few times to try on jeans so that I can get more cards but what happens if I find a pair that I like? And what songs would I download?

What Was Lost is Now Found

Eureka! I found it! I was cleaning my kitchen and found my ring by the toaster. I must have taken it off. I don't know why it would be there but hey who cares I have it. Thanks to all who prayed for me to find it. I'm sure it helped.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I Am NOT A Great Date, But Maybe I'll Get Lucky

Last night I took myself out on a date. I think I am pleasing to be around and good company so why not? I was going to see a movie and got there a little early and decided to walk around the mall. Because I am always trying to get back that inner goddess I lost (see I not a bum I'm a mum post) I thought I would cease the opportunity to do a little research on what was new for fall. Why not I neither had kids with me or money so there was no danger.

When it was time to go see the movie, I made my way back to the theater all the while appreciating the irony that I was a married woman by myself going to a movie about divorce (Must Love Dogs). As I sat by myself I noticed that the theater was full of couples and I imagined that they were thinking how pathetic she is, all alone. I shrugged that off because I knew I was wearing a wedding ring. The symbol that I belonged to someone. That I was in a relationship and that I was a confident woman who could go out and see a movie that I wanted to see, by MYSELF.

10 minutes into the movie...... AAAAARRRRRGGGGG!


I tried to remember the last time I saw it. Did I take it off at home? Did I loose it in the mall? I checked my pockets, my purse. Nothing. I wasn't enjoying the movie and wanted to leave but under the circumstances I thought I should stay to the end to wait for the lights to turn on so I could search the area around me. Nope not there either. After searching my seat area I quickly drove home to check all surfaces in my apartment. Nothing. By then it was midnight and I decided that I should break the dreadful news to Tim.

Seeing that I was upset and that scolding wouldn't help (good choice). He consoled me and said that if we cannot find the ring I will get a new one but I didn't want a new one. I calmed down and we were lying in bed trying to go back to sleep and one of us joked about him being a married man (because he had a ring) with a single girl in his bed (because I didn't have a ring).

Well I have spent the last little while contacting all of the stores I was in and now I am waiting for a phone call to tell me either way, from the movie theater. I just don't see how I will ever get it back.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Strawberry Smoothie

1/2 cup vanilla ice cream
1/2 cup whole milk
2 tbsp skim milk powder
1/2 cup frozen strawberries (sweetened)

yield: 375 ml

284 cal / serving (0.8cal / ml)
10g protein, 37g carbs, 12g fat

Chocolate Super Shake

Caution do not make unless you want to gain weight.

175ml (3/4 cup) vanilla ice cream
60ml (1/4 cup) cereal cream
15ml (1 tbsp) chocolate syrup
30ml (2 tbsp) skim milk powder

Makes 1 250ml (1cup) serving
489 cal/250ml or 1.9cal/ml
11g protein, 50g carbs, 29g fat

I didn't always have cereal cream so I used whole milk.

What is great about these is after your kid has leveled off and is not in such a danger zone you can lessen the bad stuff and replace high fat ingredients with a healthier low fat choice.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Eating Shmeating!

4.5 years ago Dakota was hospitalized for 5 days because he has a condition called "Failure to Thrive" which can be cause by many things but basically means you child has stopped growing and in some cases loosing weight. He endured a myriad of tests which included taking his blood at least 4 times. They evaluated his eating and came to the conclusion that he wasn't eating enough. That was what I told them before I went in but I was only his mother.

The problem with kids not eating has many parts.

1. Because of incidences like the previous we (parents) tend to put pressure on our kids to eat and get all worried making the problem worse.

2. Getting them to try a variety of foods

3. Getting them to gain weight so that their body doesn't feed on it self.

The first thing we I needed to do was stop putting pressure on Dakota to eat. I think kids not eating is a control issue, I have no degree in psychology and all of this info is purely anecdotal but, lots of things are happening in kids lives that they have no control over and eating is one that they can control. The more I pressured the more Dakota refused to eat.

The next thing I needed to do was to get the kid to gain weight. I had to beef up the calorie count to all his meals. He love milk shakes so his food was supplemented with ensure (or a store brand easier on the wallet) He was only aloud to have water once a day and never any juice. I guess it fills them up. No drinks until after he has finished half his dinner. The dietician specifically said this because they wanted his calories to come from food. I guess that's really important because kids have a hard time transitioning. Is easier if they can carry a cup around all day. My pediatrition gave me some recipes that are for milkshakes you can make at home in case the budget doesn't allow for the expense of piedisure. I 'll share some in the next few posts.

There is a lot of psychology behind getting a kid to eat and I guess you have to find what works for you but here are some helps that worked for me.

1. Regular meal times
***2. Eat at the table. Less distraction. Gone are the days of picnics in front of the TV.
3. No juice especially at meal times. If going to have juice it must be served 1 to 2 hours before a meal
4. Establish the rules and reduce the pressure. It pained me to see Dakota go hungry one night but the next day he learned to eat when served (this was the hardest) He could choose to eat what he wanted on his plate but I was not to make him a special meal and I left the choice up to him.
5. It takes about 15 times of offering something they won't try, to get them to try it. Just keep trying.

Its A Miracle

Yesterday was "Miracle Treat" day at Dairy Queen. Like I need another excuse to eat something I shouldn't, but it was for a good cause. I guess I'm willing to get fat or loose weight for charity. How philanthropic of me.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Shout Out!

I would just like to send a shout out to my parents who have been married 33 years now. Thanks for making this possible and necessary. Just kidding. Love You guys

Ready, Aim, Fire...

A few things have been bugging me this past week. I guess bugging is not the correct word, maybe concerning. Lately I have been hearing things about other people and sadly I have participated in some gossip. I know that this "sharing" has not been done out of a malicious intent to hurt but out of real concern. Unfortunately these snippits of concerned discussion don't paint a whole picture and people are making judgments, and what I mean by this is I have been making judgments, without being fully informed. I'm not saying that we need to get into one another's lives but that maybe if you are going to share some information be really sure that the person you are sharing with needs to know. If not don't pass it on. Its like we are putting the subjects before a firing squad and they don't even know it. So unless we are all prepared to walk around with our own "scarlet letters" or better yet targets on our backs, we need to stop firing our shots at people, one day they will back fire.

I am reminded of a statement someone said years ago in a gospel doctrine class "we never see where someone is aiming we only see where they are hitting."

Monday, August 08, 2005

Boom Boom Ain't it Great To Be A Leavitt Part 2

Before I continue I need to give some background. My grandfather was the baby of a large family (11 boys and 2 girls). So as you can imagine there are a lot of people there each representing one of the 11 brothers or 2 sisters. Every one walks around with these name tags that show how they fit in. My sister has a great idea for name tags next time, but I can't tell because someone else might snatch it up. Next come the competitions.

Before any of the games start the tally is posted and for every game or race won points are awarded. My grandfathers family is at a disadvantage by sheer numbers. There are 20 years between the oldest and the youngest so my grandfather was the same age as some of his nephews. Growing up I hated the tally. We were always last not because we couldn't win but because we didn't have a representative for each age group. We may have gotten 1st place in our races but one of the other brothers would get both 2nd and 3rd. This year wasn't any different.

The first event was the water balloon toss. This isn't just any ordinary water balloon toss. 200 to 500 water balloons are slingshotted from a hill, 2 or 3 at a time, onto a field of people holding the corners of blankets, towels, sheets or anything else that might aid in the catching of these water balloons. This is fun but you have to be on your toes because it really hurts when you get hit. It took a while but, Tim and I developed a rhythm and a technique and were able to catch 6 all on our own. We tied for first place because Eldon (one of the brothers) had more people out there catching balloons. Individually we caught more but they had more people out there.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Boom, Boom, Ain't It Great To Be A Leavitt Part 1

This past weekend my husband and I packed up the boys and we headed for my family reunion. I must admit I was a little nervous because this was the first one we had been to since I got married. I think it because, depending upon the person, Leavitts should be taken in small doses. Unfortunately we don't come that way. We are loud, competitive and we sure like our junk food.

Friday night we arrived in cardston and we camped at Lee Creek between two groups of bikers. It was great and they were really friendly. Best camping neighbours I ever had.

Saturday was the day of the actual reunion. We arrived just before 9:00am for breakfast just in time for the "early bird "draw. I quickly filled out four slips of paper, one for each member of my family< folded them in half and put them in the draw box. the first name called out was Dakota. The next name was Ethan. Then someone else. They picked another of our names but we told them to put it back. Who needs to start a reunion with a target on their back. Did I mention we are competative?

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

When I Loose We All Win

Last night I had the strangest dream. Maybe its because I am having guilt for eating ice cream 4 days in a row, but I dreamt that I was going to loose weight for charity. It was going to go on for five weeks and my goal was to loose 2 pounds a week. I dreamt that I had to get sponsors and everything. Crazy!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Dominion of Canada Under The Influence Of The Sith

My brother-in-law wrote this. I thought it was so funny that I asked if I could post it. Thanks Jon

CANADA has always been noted as a country with few natural enemies, easy to get along with never really in the forefront of controversy: until now. What has changed? New evidence points irrefutably to the fact that the Fathers of Confederacy are nothing more than a cabal of the Sith, led by non other than Darth Sidious himself His likeness (Sir John A. Macdonald, pictured at the right on a $10 bill) is proof. Another likeness, Sir Wilfrid Laurier, also bears an uncanny resemblance to the Sith Lord (on the $5 bill). Events from Canada's history seem to link this evidence to so-called Sithlike activities.
In 1868, Thomas D'Arcy McGee, a founder of confederacy was silenced. Doubt still clouds the details of his death under dubious circumstances. Macdonald was PM at the time. Another noteworthy assassination during his time in power: George Brown, a journalist and senator from Quebec in 1880.
Then there was the famed Riel Rebellion in 1885. Again, Macdonald's opponent silenced under sinister circumstances. And lest we forget the National Dream - a railroad connecting the East to the West, uniting a grand dominion. And all the Chinese labourers (slaves, clones, whatever) sent to their death in the Rocky Mountains in order to complete Darth Flemming's grand project. The Evidence is before us: do we not see it?
Need we forget internment camps when Japanese were enslaved during yet another of this planet's wars, filled with hate crimes?
Most notable of all is the presence of a Separitist Faction in Canada opposing the Sith at every turn - The Bloc Quebecois. Former leader, Lucien Bouchard lost his leg to Necratizing Fasciitis, an infection undoubtedly spawned by the midi-chlorians. And now the Sith have queen: Belinda Stronach! A recent Confidence Vote in the House of Commons was overturned, ensuring that the Dark Ones would continue to rule, thanks to her unexpected seduction by the Dark Side of the Force, tipping the balance of power in their favour.
Canadians history has shown us time and again the price of power! Be not decieved! Where are the Jedi to save us when we need them most?

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Wish I May, Wish I Might...

I wish:

1. My husband had a job he loved.

2. I knew enough or brave enough to make wise investments.

3. I had a house

4. I spent my time more wisely

5. I had more energy.

Monday, July 25, 2005

The Organic Rebellion

This is for all you Star Wars Freaks out there. The Organic Rebellion . My boys were quoting it all yesterday.

Dance Puppet, Dance

Isn't marriage funny. You take two people with different backgrounds and you make them live together. In this process of living together, ideally, we are supposed to foster a relationship of cooperation, love and communication, but somewhere along the way we learn what buttons to push to get a desired reaction. Take my marriage for instance. If I want to set Tim off I start talking about my birthday this year or my lack of wedding photos. If he wants to set me off when he goes to bed he will take the nicely folded laundry that took all day to fold and just needs to be put away, and either shove it over to my side of the bed and turn off the light or he will put it on the floor and turn off the light before I get in there. It drives me nuts. In his defense this hasn't happened for a long time and it wasn't a recent incident in my marriage that brought this post on. I have noticed however, as I was preparing this post, that this extends to other relationships as well. What is this base desire to manipulate the other person into feeling fear, anger, lust and How do we rise above it?

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Tan Lines or No Tan Lines?

Last night I was putting on self tanner because:

a. Who has the time to lay out all day to get some colour?

b. I no longer have the body nor the privacy to lay out all day to get some colour.

c. The evil dragon, Skin Cancer.

d. All of the above

The Answer is d. As I was putting on my self tanner I was wondering "Where do I stop?" Do I stop at the knee or my thighs. Should I do my stomach and should I make tan lines or just do my whole body? I know what I am. What are you? Tan lines or no tan lines?

I'm Tan lines mostly because I'm lazy and I can't reach everywhere.

Friday, July 22, 2005

The tortoise and the hare

Sometimes I feel like the tortoise and the idea of a mortgage is a hare. Yesterday the banks raised mortgage rates for both the 5year closed and open mortgages. Not that I am prepared to buy a house but I feel like the opportunity is passing me by. Each month I put money in my "house fund/ emergency fund" Twice it had been depleted because of emergencies. At the rate I'm going I don't ever think I will own a house. I just hope that "Slow and steady wins the race" is true. I can't help but think there is something else I should be doing or could be doing to make my dream come true.

10 Reasons You Should Not Attend HFPE.

For those of you who don't know I am Home Family and Personal Enrichment Leader for our ward. I was doing an idea search and came across this. I would have linked you to the site but I haven't figured out how to do that yet. This is from I'm not clever enough to come up with my own.

10 Reasons NOT to attend Enrichment Night!

1. My house is a mess! I would rather stay home and clean.
2. I attended Enrichment Night in 1997. Why do I need to attend another one?
3. I don't like having 2 hours away from the house every month.
4. I couldn't possibly take a night off from watching my favorite TV shows.
5. I am so gifted in the "spiritual" department. I don't need to learn anything.
6. I don't like getting together with sisters of the same religion.
7. I don't like learning things like how to use time more wisely, tips for FHE, $ management, etc.
8. My kids and/or husband love me to spend all my time with them and not have any outside interests.
9. I would rather talk with telemarketers than with the women at church.
10. I have all the confidence I need! Why would I want to develop more?

Monday, July 18, 2005

Super Charged Over A Surcharge.

As of today I have spent a grand total of 2.5 hours trying to correct an over charge on our phone bill. Most of the time was spent being on hold. Why did I stay on hold that long? You would too if you were over charged $125.06. The first thing wrong is they didn't bundle the package. Next they charged us for calling our home, then they charged us for the phone that was supposed to come free, Then they charged long distance fees on phone calls that were not long distance. Tim and I had to go through every single item on the phone bill and calculate the overages ourselves. On top of that for 8 days they tried to charge in full. When I called the first time they said it was a bundling error. The second time It was a prorating error. After all the correcting the customer service agent said "Now that we have this corrected, would you like to set up an automatic withdrawal?" I calmly said no. Like I'm going to set up an automatic withdrawal so I'll have to spend more time getting my money back. Yah Right! I strongly suggest that everyone go through their bills and find out what you are really paying for.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Batman Begins and Ends. YES!

Dakota's Birthday just finished. I think I did quite well if I so say so myself. We had a Batman party. I served the kids lunch and then we had bat man training school. We learned the stance for hand to hand combat. Then we threw some pretend punches. It sounds a little violent I know, but my house was too small for 8 kids 6 and under to be running around, besides they were not throwing the punches at each other. I had planned some inside games because we were experiencing scattered showers but that idea went out the window when I heard how loud it was inside my tiny apartment, so we went outside during a break in the rain. After the hand to hand combat training, my husband pretended to be a bad guy. The boys had to get past him by any means necessary. They loved that too. They went inside and decorated their own cupcakes as a reward for graduation from batman training school. Then we opened presents and played with the toys. All in all I think it went pretty well for flying by the seat of my pants. At least it shows that I am flexible, but I was glad to see it end.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Less is not more.

For years now I have noticed that at the time of Stampede intelligent, beautiful women who "work hard for the money" have used those 10 days as an excuse to dress in the fashion of a less respectable profession. Women, who under normal circumstances, are dressed in business attire, for some reason dawn black bras with white lace shirts or wear next to nothing all in the name of western wear. As if putting a cowboy hat with their outfit makes it western. When has that ever been western?

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Cool Hand, Puke

Caution those of you with weak stomaches don't read.

Those who know me know that somehow I manage to steer any conversation to the art of puke. I am greatly versed in the topic of the "technicolour yawn". I know what things really hurt to throw up, and many other aspects of puke to graphic to mention. However there is one aspect my child Ethan has experienced that I have not. Puking in your bed and sleeping in it. Gross!

All of that aside I gotta say that puke from your kids must be different than puke from anyone else, because I have been able to deal with it with such grace and composure . Something that would have triggered a barfaramma to rival the one in "Stand By Me", has not because its my children. They need someone with a cool hand to deal with the puke.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Blog, Blog, Blog, Blog, Blog

I have a list of certain blogs that I read and you aren't writing what's a matter with you. Its almost like waiting for the next Harry Potter to come out. This is almost like an addiction. Thanks to Nicole for finally updating hers. She had 3 new entries. Good girl:) A special mention to Darcy who always manages to post. Keep writing.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

New Name

I just came up with a new Name for my blog. Before I change it tell me what you think.

Alyson's Adventures in Wonderland.

There is NO Free Lunch People!

Maybe because I am in such a grumpy mood right now, I would like to blame it on PMS but its not the right time. Boy are you are in for a gripe session. I am sick and tired of people who feel entitled, that the world owes them. I have a son that feels he is entitled to ice cream despite previous warnings on behavior. I personally know others that feel entitled to a standard of living that is higher than most just because their parents have it,and feeling they don't have to work for it. There are others who live by the dole and vote according to the social programs that are offered at this very moment despite the immoral and unscrupulous manner the party conducts themselves. ( Can you tell I live in Canada). GET REAL as if the new government would remove ALL of those programs after they got in office. Then there are others who do a little work and expect every thing for free at the same time rejecting any other form of help, so they could get it for free. Just one word of advice don't tick me off after a 6 hour trip, with the kids, that was supposed to be fun but was mostly full of whining and fighting.

Ok the trip wasn't that bad. We did have some fun, but I am TIRED!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Dynamite is not "The Bomb", it is a bomb!

Last night my husband and I watch the movie Napoleon Dynamite. For those of you who don't know this movie listen up because I can save you $4.00 at your local video store. For those of you who are already familiar with the movie, all I can say is I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that last year when Tim and I were actually in Preston Idaho we had an opportunity to see this movie for free. That way I could have let you all know and saved you even more money. We decided not to see it because we thought it would be a low budget crappy movie with poor acting, but with all of the rave reviews (from people I know and respect) and awards, I finally decided to rent it.

I've been told that I need to see it more than once to enjoy it, but considering that was 2 hours of my life that I will never get back, I don't think I'm going to watched it again. I must be completely out of it. I imagine this movie is like smoking. How you ask? You have to try it enough to push past the disgusting after taste to enjoy it, by then you are addicted. Its not good for you and neither is this movie.

I'm sorry for being so harsh because although I didn't like it, one good thing is no nudity or profanity.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Just bought groceries and there is nothing to eat.

The plan was to have chicken tonight but I didn't look at it before we went grocery shopping. Its rotten! We bought burgers but since we are going to have some of those tomorrow we don't want any tonight. Beef overload. I think I'll go open a can of something. It will just be hard to cook it on the BBQ. I don't want to use my kitchen because I just cleaned it. Lets hear it for poor planning.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Communication is the key, not ESP

This originally was in response to a post on jenthemom but recently a close acquaintance was "venting" and so was I. I think this is a good reminder to communicate with your spouse.

I think women get caught up in the fairy tale and plan how things "Should be". Unfortunately we don't let our husbands in on it. They are supposed to read our minds. Really would you want your husband reading your mind all the time.

Instead of focusing on how things "should be", we need to acknowledge how things are, enjoy the present and the progress we have made so far. Goals are good. They are a destination but sometimes you need to see the attractions on the way.

Marriage is hard enough without meeting others expectations. I got so many for myself.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

I'm not a bum, I'm a mum

I was at my son's school picking him up from kindergarten. As I looked around I noticed all of the yummy mummies picking up their children. I know I shouldn't compare myself to others, but I couldn't help but feel a little inadequate. I was in my snot covered green t-shirt and jeans, my signature ponytail, an unmakuped (is that a word) face. I have discovered that I have the "haggard Mother" look down. At least I was clean, I did manage to fit a shower in before 3:15 pm. That doesn't always happen. Somewhere along the line I traded in primping for sleeping.

I lost my inner goddess somewhere between the I dos and the birth of my first child. I think it al started with the vomiting that pregnancy brings and made a fast downspiril when I started to wear my husbands clothes because baby made it impossible for mine and maternity clothes were too expensive. Unfortunately it didn't stop there. After having baby #1 I continued to wear his clothes not really thinking it mattered. I've been dressed this way for almost 5 years now and I think its time I looked more like a girl. I need some instruction for my new looseand deflated body and have been tempted to nominate myself for "What Not to Wear" on TLC The only problem is I don't want any closet shots my room is a mess and if they did that they might as well bring along "Clean Sweep".

Friday, June 24, 2005

A rose by any other name...

I sat for a while trying to come up with a clever name for my blog. I wanted it to say something about me. I tried alyson's life but I thought that might be too boring. Looking at other blogs I thought I could copy theirs like al the mom or al's blog or even ally (but I have never been an ally and I don't thing it suits me). All of these ideas lacked originality. I wanted something that could capture all aspects of my life, my family, my interests. Finally I looked right in front of me and there was a New Testament Student Study Guide.

I'm hardly comparing myself to the Bible, although I may get a little religious, but like the Bible I'm sure I will cover political, family, and religious topics. But most of all this is a testament to my life. Eventually when the creative juices are flowing I may change it but until the this isn't The New Testament it's A New Testament.

I wonder what would have happened if there was an apple in front of me instead of a study guide.