Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Communication is the key, not ESP

This originally was in response to a post on jenthemom but recently a close acquaintance was "venting" and so was I. I think this is a good reminder to communicate with your spouse.

I think women get caught up in the fairy tale and plan how things "Should be". Unfortunately we don't let our husbands in on it. They are supposed to read our minds. Really would you want your husband reading your mind all the time.

Instead of focusing on how things "should be", we need to acknowledge how things are, enjoy the present and the progress we have made so far. Goals are good. They are a destination but sometimes you need to see the attractions on the way.

Marriage is hard enough without meeting others expectations. I got so many for myself.


Carol said...

I agree that there needs to be time to appreciate where you are. I am hearing this message from a couple of sources and I am listening.
Keep writing, Al.

Jennifer said...

I'm glad you're writing now! This is fabulous!

Darcy said...

Like Homer J. Simpson once said about marriage. "The problem with today's marriages is communication, too much communication." On a serious note however I think you hit the nail on the head. I think men are just darn poor communicators at the best of times.

Nicole said...

When Bjorn and I got married we made a little 'policy' that we would tell eachother what we wanted instead of wishing hoping and missing out. So if i am walking along and thinking 'he hasnt held my hand in ages' i go with the policy and say Bjorn I would love it if you held my hand more it makes me happy...it works really well for us and it is something we always try to remember. So i soo agree on the 'not esp' thing. Us girls are funny creatures at times..