Saturday, July 02, 2005

Just bought groceries and there is nothing to eat.

The plan was to have chicken tonight but I didn't look at it before we went grocery shopping. Its rotten! We bought burgers but since we are going to have some of those tomorrow we don't want any tonight. Beef overload. I think I'll go open a can of something. It will just be hard to cook it on the BBQ. I don't want to use my kitchen because I just cleaned it. Lets hear it for poor planning.

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Darcy Schack said...

:( I hear ya! Although cans actually do cook quite good on the Barbecue... The proper instructions are as follows.

1) Preheat barbecue to 500 Degrees
2) Place cans of food on Barbecue and close the lid
3) Wait 5 minutes flipping constantly
4) After 5 minutes run like hell
5) Scrape food off of lid and adjacent area and serve with favorite condmints