Saturday, December 30, 2006

Another Birthday Wish

Happy Third Birthday to the elves Mat-Q and Swimy.

Also Happy B-day to Morgan the Red.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Coming up For Air, How I Spent My Christmas Vacation.

My house looks like a post apocalyptic Christmas. I have cleaned my living room at least three times (all but vacuum, which I was planning to do) and the kids have messed it up. There is only so much energy to go around before I poop out for the day so needless to say I was a bit mad these last days.

Christmas was fun, and we experienced another miracle. My brother in-law found the x-wing and was offered money for it on the way to the check out. So Tweedle E got his x-wing. Good thing too. As he was opening his Santa present he kept saying "I know what this is, I know what this is."

I got my back scratcher and special oil of olay in shower body lotion, as well as belly and boob cream. That's all I put on my list because I'm so itchy. Mr. Wonderful didn't think that was enough (because he was getting an ipod) so he bought me two maternity tops and a nursing top. The kids got me "The Order of The Phoenix" and "The Half Blood Prince" so now we have a complete set. I got spoiled but even with out the extras I would have been happy. Did I mention that I'm itchy?

Tweedle D got his Batman Begins video. I was a little nervous about giving it to him, because we hadn't seen it before, but I watched it with him and I was actually impressed. I think it is the best Batman movie so far.

Ches and Sariah spoiled us too. We love the tripod and Mr. Wonderful can't wait to use his new pro pots football crock pot. I myself am looking forward to a relaxing footbath. Thanks guys.

I got to spend time with my family and on Christmas Eve we dragged them out for traditional nativity watching (Mr. Wonderful's family tradition) and they enjoyed it. Mr. Wonderful also tried to make croissants for breakfast for Christmas morning (another tradition) and although they tasted fine they didn't look.... He has plenty of time to get it right.

Unfortunately it all ended too soon and we are now back to real life. Mr. Wonderful is back at work and I'm trying to clean up the carnage of wrapping paper and dirty laundry. My family has all gone to there separate corners. One thing I didn't get to do this year was watch White Christmas with Bing Crosby, oh and we never heard Six White Boomers.

Sunday, December 24, 2006


Happy Birthday Sariah!!!!!!!!! Your so old now.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Behold Thy Christmas Miracle

With only 3 more sleeps and two more shopping days left (for those who don't shop on Sunday) I have taken the attitude of acceptance. I accept the fact that I won't find an x-wing fighter, I accept the fact I didn't bake cookies with my kids and I accept that I just can't do the Martha Christmas. I had such plans because last year was so disappointing on many levels. Not the day but leading up to it.

Anyway I have been given the gift of acceptance and a hope that next year there will be more activity and excitement. Fortunately my kids seem to have been too. They are just happy to have so many presents under the tree thanks to Sariah and family. You really outdid yourselves. Before I unpacked the box we only had two presents under the tree. One was for Mr. Wonderful and the other was for tweedle D from his teacher. Now I don't have to listen to Tweedle E say "Where is the present for me?" That is a miracle in itself. I do have presents for Tweedle E but I haven't got the energy up to wrapping them.

The other day when I was on an x-wing hunt I finally settled on getting him something starwars and hope for the best. Toys 'R Us was having a sale on Starwars Lego II for gameboy advanced so my Dad drove me and with hope glistening in our eyes we made our way to the electronics department. When what to my wondering eyes should appear.... A wall bare of games and gear. In desperation I asked if they would be getting anymore in before Christmas. One employee went to the computer, the other to a cupboard. The one that went to the computer said they were at (-2) in stock and would be getting some in a few days. The other who went to the cupboard pulled one out and handed it to me. I guess they will be at (-3) now. I am grateful for my Christmas miracle.

For the past week we have had friends that have been suffering in a revolving sickness and on Monday Tweedle D threw up on his bed and on Tweedle E's bed too. I got very scared because usually flu + pregnancy = a trip to the hospital and endless vomiting. Tweedle D was only out for two days and Tweedle E was out for two days with mostly fever. It definitely could have been worse and I am grateful we didn't get the worst of it that our friends and family have. That truly is a Christmas miracle. I just hope everyone else recovers quickly in time to enjoy presents and eating.

There is still much to do we still don't have stuff for stockings and one or two more presents need to be purchased, but I know that the kids will still have fun and the day will happen even if it doesn't get done and that is a Christmas miracle too. To be able to let the stress go and take the day as it comes.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Thou Shalt Not Go Christmas Shopping Without Thy Bucket.

This should be the one of the 10 commandments for me. Its official now all three pregnancies have experienced squatting by a tire and well I'll spare you the details. I hope my kids are grateful for what I go through to get Christmas presents for them. Unfortunately this trip wasn't very fruitful. Any ideas where I can get an x-wing fighter that won't break the bank. Its for my 5 year old so keep in mind he will be playing with it, this isn't an investment. I found a Millennium Falcon but he specifically asked for x-wing fighter.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Beta? I thought VHS won years ago

Blogger has beta. What's so good about beta. I'm no computer geek so I want to know why go beta? Are we all going to have to go beta? Can the beta work with a Mac? I feel like I'm so far behind in the times.

Monday, December 11, 2006

I'm A Case of Baskets

I have finally reached the stage of tired + insane hormones = uncontrollable fits of crying.

Last Sunday our lesson in Relief Society was on unity. There was one comment on how each of us should be striving to feel so unified that if we needed help we know we could call any lady in our ward and know that we would be helped or they would know someone who could help. Well the last two months I have been knocked to my backside with the NVP (nausea and vomiting due to pregnancy) and have not been able to take care of my kids let alone make meals and clean my house. I knew I needed help but I hadn't felt as "unified" as I normally have. So I asked my sister Melissa if she could phone the ward and ask for help be cause I was all up in my prideful self and couldn't actually utter the words that "I needed help". I was so surprised at the volume of willing hands. Its been three weeks now and people have supplied us with meals and cleaned my kitchen and bathroom a truly humiliating task (as I've said before Tweedle D just learned to stand to pee). So needless to say I was teary eyed during the lesson.

Follow that minor event up with a comment from "mean doctor" in Scrubs (for some reason his character name escapes me). His 3 year old son is asking the question "daddy where do babies come from?" I was expecting the answer to be all sarcastic or blunt, but no. He says "Son when mommies and daddies love each other very much, sometimes they close their eyes and wish very, very hard." Cue water works. This was reminiscent of the time I cried all the way through "Armageddon". Yes the movie staring Bruce Willis, Liv Tyler, and Ben Affleck. I can still remember using my shirt to clean my face as I had already used up all the Kleenex.

These fits of crying can happen anytime and anywhere. Its almost like an out of body experience because I can't control the crying but my brain is all "Thats no reason to cry. What's a matter with you? You're embarrassing yourself."

Dairy, Dairy Quite Contrary

You might think this is a post for lactose intolerance, and under any other circumstances it would be, but under the circumstances (being prego and all) it is not.

Yes all pregnancies are different but there is one constant that I can count on, Dairy and I cannot be friends. This includes cheese, yogurt, sour cream, and any other form of dairy including milk. Occasionally I am able to trick my body and sneak some cheese in disguised inside a bake potato or a sandwich, but since I am at the point where everything comes up, my stomach cannot be fooled.

Having been pregnant twice before, you would think I would know that dairy and are not friends and would have foreseen the awkward association that always occurs when we are put together.

Please note before proceeding if you can’t handle conversation on puke, don’t continue reading.

The first time it happened I was gestating my oldest Tweedle D. I was actually having a good day and felt a strong craving for milk. So I poured my self a small glass of skim. I drank slowly, waited a half an hour and thought that went well and proceeded to drink 3 more glasses. It felt so good to have the cool milk slip down my throat and know I was providing the much needed nourishment that my fetus required. Then it happened. Out of nowhere, no warning (I usually know when its going to happen) an uncontrollable force pushed the curdled, sour, smelly, Technicolor yawn all over my carpet in my bedroom, my makeup case, the hallway and finally the bathroom. My poor husband had to clean it up and no matter how we tried the smell lingered for quite some time, triggering subsequent sessions of puking.

Ok I guess I’m not ready for milk yet so I waited another month. I waited for another day I was feeling better and thought I would take it slowly after all I needed to drink milk, its what good moms do. Right! I only drank one glass. Things went well but after an hour or so I could feel my stomach churn. Thinking that some French fries might help (they had in the past) I made Mr. Wonderful take me to Wendy’s. We were in the drive through and in those days I had a bucket everywhere so naturally there was one in the car. They were taking forever with our order, my stomach was doing flip flops by then and just as the opened the window to pass us our food it happened. They got a full view of my congealed, cylindrical, tampon looking, milk puke. I guess that’s what you get for making a prego lady wait. It even felt like Kleenex coming up.

I had some similar situations with the second pregnancy and found it really difficult because I had a dietician begging me to drink whole milk because I wasn’t gaining enough weight due to the puking.

So what made me think it would be different this time? To tell you the truth I knew it would happen, I was just soooo, board of what I was currently drinking that I thought I would risk it. Perhaps my need for calcium (Ca) would outweigh the repulsion. Also maybe if I cut the milk with a little eggnog I could make my mouth happy too. Eggnog isn’t as bad it’s just more curdly than congealy.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Its Time I'm Out With It.

My name is alyson and I have hyperemisis gravidarum. This is my third time. The first time I lost ~20lbs and was sick for about 6months, the second time I was sick for 7 months and lost ~15lbs. It has been 7 weeks now and I don't know how much I have lost because I don't have a scale. I tell you this because on all of the chat boards I have yet to find someone who has this condition and knows what it is like. At times I feel guilty because of the feelings I have, feelings that make sense to only those who have gone through it.

I am hoping to connect with someone out there who feels my pain and understands. Truly understands! Not Pitty! I hate that I have become a moaning lump and I don't like to complain but if there is someone out there who knows what this is like I hope we can connect.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right But Three Lefts Do.

I like this saying, I just have nothing to say that goes with it. So here is my lame post. Enjoy!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Only My Taste Is Expensive.

Today I was actually feeling well enough to go out and do some shopping. Goal: To find ornaments I Like for my Charlie Brown tree.

You see I have this cheap tree ($19.97 Walmart special) and all of these hand crafted stuff from when I was a kid. Makes for a really crappy looking tree. I do however have some cream and gold porcelain ornaments that I like, but there are only like 4 of them.

Being at home puking your brains out you get some TV in. I had been watching Ellen and saw some blue ornaments that I really liked so with my debit card in one hand and puke bucket in the other I set out to find the perfect blue ornaments. Don't worry my sister drove, she had too, my hands were full.
This is where my problem begins. I'm cheap. The art people from Ellen aren't. I ended up buying some icicles because Tweedle E wanted them and some gold and cream (keeping up with a theme) balls. I even bought a star that was cream and gold (I'm sure I'm gonna hear it from Mr. Wonderful cause we already have a star). Cheap stores carry cheap blue and it's all with silver. I would get the silver but I already have the gold. I'm trying to save money. To top it all off my children want the multi-coloured lights.

So where do I go to get good ornaments? I need help.

P.S. These are so not the balls I am looking for