Friday, December 22, 2006

Behold Thy Christmas Miracle

With only 3 more sleeps and two more shopping days left (for those who don't shop on Sunday) I have taken the attitude of acceptance. I accept the fact that I won't find an x-wing fighter, I accept the fact I didn't bake cookies with my kids and I accept that I just can't do the Martha Christmas. I had such plans because last year was so disappointing on many levels. Not the day but leading up to it.

Anyway I have been given the gift of acceptance and a hope that next year there will be more activity and excitement. Fortunately my kids seem to have been too. They are just happy to have so many presents under the tree thanks to Sariah and family. You really outdid yourselves. Before I unpacked the box we only had two presents under the tree. One was for Mr. Wonderful and the other was for tweedle D from his teacher. Now I don't have to listen to Tweedle E say "Where is the present for me?" That is a miracle in itself. I do have presents for Tweedle E but I haven't got the energy up to wrapping them.

The other day when I was on an x-wing hunt I finally settled on getting him something starwars and hope for the best. Toys 'R Us was having a sale on Starwars Lego II for gameboy advanced so my Dad drove me and with hope glistening in our eyes we made our way to the electronics department. When what to my wondering eyes should appear.... A wall bare of games and gear. In desperation I asked if they would be getting anymore in before Christmas. One employee went to the computer, the other to a cupboard. The one that went to the computer said they were at (-2) in stock and would be getting some in a few days. The other who went to the cupboard pulled one out and handed it to me. I guess they will be at (-3) now. I am grateful for my Christmas miracle.

For the past week we have had friends that have been suffering in a revolving sickness and on Monday Tweedle D threw up on his bed and on Tweedle E's bed too. I got very scared because usually flu + pregnancy = a trip to the hospital and endless vomiting. Tweedle D was only out for two days and Tweedle E was out for two days with mostly fever. It definitely could have been worse and I am grateful we didn't get the worst of it that our friends and family have. That truly is a Christmas miracle. I just hope everyone else recovers quickly in time to enjoy presents and eating.

There is still much to do we still don't have stuff for stockings and one or two more presents need to be purchased, but I know that the kids will still have fun and the day will happen even if it doesn't get done and that is a Christmas miracle too. To be able to let the stress go and take the day as it comes.


Two Mittens said...

All the very best to your Wonderland family!
And a special puke-free Christmas wish for you!

Sariah said...

Merry Christmas! I hear the Star Wars Lego games are AWESOME so Tweedle E should be really happy. I just hope the kids actually like the presents we got them. We didn't realize how much we had gotten for you guys until we packed it up to send. Hmmm. It was fun, anyways!

Karen said...

The Lego Star Wars games are a big hit in this household. I'm sure it went over well. Hope you had a flu-free Christmas and I wish you all the best for the New Year in 2007.