Saturday, July 23, 2005

Tan Lines or No Tan Lines?

Last night I was putting on self tanner because:

a. Who has the time to lay out all day to get some colour?

b. I no longer have the body nor the privacy to lay out all day to get some colour.

c. The evil dragon, Skin Cancer.

d. All of the above

The Answer is d. As I was putting on my self tanner I was wondering "Where do I stop?" Do I stop at the knee or my thighs. Should I do my stomach and should I make tan lines or just do my whole body? I know what I am. What are you? Tan lines or no tan lines?

I'm Tan lines mostly because I'm lazy and I can't reach everywhere.


Sariah said...

I am no tan lines. Because I am white all over. Actually, I am white except for my arms which are red. So now Aiden finally understands why I insist that he wears sunscreen.

Nicole said...

I never would have guessed you to be a sunless tanner surprising! I have never used it but just last week i got a bottle through a free promotion thingy and have been pondering the efforts of exfoiliating, which i hear is necessary. My plan however is just to do my legs which happen to be ghostly white!

Darcy Schack said...

Actually Alyson I was pretty impressed with the job that you did. A good thing that you did not turn carrot orange like some of those fantastic tanning products cause. I have seen a couple of people turn a beautiful carrot orange.

Alyson said...

Yes I am a sunless tanner. One of the things I don't like is that it comes off in the shower or swimming pool so maitenance is hard.

ABQ Mom said...

I am also a no tan lines. But I also have to agree with the "high maintainance" of a sunless tanner. For that I only do my legs, I've got a nice permanent farmer tan on my arms