Thursday, October 06, 2005

A House of Order

I said in my first post that I would get a little political sometimes. Its my blog I can do what I want! Right? I don't to do this all of the time, but lately I feel that I have been in a bit of a Wonderland. The crazy Wonderland created by the politicians and I just don't understand their thinking. If I were running the country, I would run it as if I were running my household. Cut back when I need to, spend when necessary, and only have a party when everything else is in order. I would also be able to do it without name calling, swearing, or childish behavior. How is anyone to get anything done when they are constantly wasting time by interrupting one another. If there was more time spent debating the actual policies then saying "Mr. Speaker, he called me a ****" then things might actually get done. If I had a business and my people were behaving that way, they would so be fired. Here are some things that I don't get about the parties of Canada.

The Liberal Party: (aka the Grits, why I don't know)

1. Takes Employment Insurance (EI) and puts it into general revenue. They take their greedy little hands and grab the money that is to be saved for when we are out of jobs, pregnant, or on a leave of absence. Its no wonder they have a surplus.

2. Goes through scandal after scandal and still manage to come out clean. The HR scandal, Gun Control program, "Add Scam" and now expense accounts have come into question and that's just in the last 10 years.

3. They are giving David Dingwald a severance package for quitting. They are afraid of being sued. "what?" He quit or was encouraged to resign but that was because he was in the wrong. What business would ever do that?

The Conservative Party; (aka the Torys, again I don't know why?)

1. Suffering from multiple personality disorder. Are they reformers, alliance , or conservatives. Their lack of stick-to-it-tiveness is embarrassing. How are they to be trusted to lead when they don't even know who they are and cannot stay together long enough to agree?

2. Maybe this next thing is a symptom of their condition, but they have yet to find a leader who has full backing of their party. They lack Unity.

3. They employ sub-standard people. Past and present leaders have surrounded themselves with people who don't fact check and give poor advice. It like its being run by a bunch of monkeys. They need better spin doctors because even if they come out with something worth while and factual, nobody knows it because the Liberals have a greater talent with getting their stories on the news.

The New Democrats: (aka the NDP, now that makes sense)

1. Aside from their name, I don't get them at all. I am speaking in generalizations but they think that spending is the only way to improve things. Its like they are shopoholics. Just throw money at it that will fix it. That's nice if your living on the dole.

Its no wonder Canadians are apathetic when it comes to voting. There is no one to vote for. I guess that's what you get when you have thieves, monkeys and shopoholics developing policy and running the country.


Mike said...

Alyson, I have to agree with you. If the COnservatives could stop fighting among themselves and reunite, the Liberals would be in the opposition benches again and maybe learn a lesson or two in humility.

You forgot one point about the NDP though:

2. They have a self-satisified leader who always seems to have this annoyingly smug look on his face and is the master of the sound bite.

Dawn said...

I really know nothing about canadian politics but this was interesting - and you are right you can do what you want on your blog!

Kris said...

Oh my gosh that is are so RIGHT! Thieves, monkeys and shopaholics eh? That's just a great way to sum it up.


Devynn said...

very well said!

Karen said...

This isn't going to mean a lot to anyone who hasn't followed Canadian politics for the last 10 years or so, but I wish Preston Manning and Deborah Gray would re-enter politics in leadership positions.

I do not like Reform policies, but at least I respect the integrity and competence of those two people. I would be willing to put up with disagreeable policy just to have someone competent and respectable to replace the corrupt Liberals.

Small pet peeve about the HR and Sponsorship scandals: the emphasis on corrupt benefactors overshadows the real good that those programs accomplished when the money went where it was supposed to go. I wish the coverage would be a bit more objective in that area.

Sierra said...

with exception to the obvious stupidity of trying to legalize pot the Green party if you look at it has not a bad platform...

fiscal responsibility
taking care of the environment but recognizing that we do need an economy
prevention is better and cheaper than cures.

Anonymous said...

It has been appalling to see media footage of members of parliament discussing the Mr. Dingwald issue on the evening news over the past several weeks. It seemed that certain politicians and were motivated by the fame of the moment to slander Mr. Dingwald over expensed gum than to be intelligent enough to wait for the facts. Intelligent people know it costs money to make money. Is $700k-800k to conduct international sales and turn the company into a source of income for the country? No. Do people know that Mr. Dingwald’s vision is to have the mint generate a billion dollars of revenue by 2009? Prior to Mr. Dingwald’s work at the Mint it was loosing money. Doesn’t the Mint actually generate a profit for the country now? Were Mr. Dingwald’s expenses justified to travel to other countries to win contracts? Absolutely! Could he have thrown in a receipt for a pack of gum into his travel expense envelop while he was rushing through an airport? Easily. Do we care? Not one bit. He was running a government organization like a business. This audit should never have even made the news until the facts were known and there was some severe wrong doing. But since it did, how come the financials of the Mint before and after Mr. Dingwald were not included in the reports to the public? Time is money, and it seems the time wasted in parliament and by publicizing this is a lot larger than a pack of gum. As for wasted money, did this witch hunt cost the lost of a great leader for the Mint? Who’s going to step up to the billion dollar goal? Is it going to cost the tax payers money to pay Mr. Dingwald’s severance? Is it going to cost money when he sues? It looks like the politicians who supported the witch hunt blew it (we know who you are as you were happy to stand up and speak on national television). Please resign, you had your chance. Move on and let the next shift in. Maybe they will learn from this and stick only to issues that matter. Then maybe we can watch the news for facts, not entertainment.