Thursday, October 13, 2005

What Have You Done For Me Lately

Two days ago I was reading on the jenthemom and I was feeling a little jelious about how her husband had been so considerate and drew that bath for her etc. Then I thought hey Al, when was the last time you ordered pizza, turned on the football game, and had the kids in bed for your husband (the male rose petal bath, or Rose Bowl). Life is a two way street and doing nice things for others tends to come back in goodness towards you. I don't know if Jen ever does her husbands equivallent to the "Rose Bowl", and even if she didn't, I need to take care of my husband so he can take care of me. Its not domestic slavery, its being considerate, its apart of being in a good marriage.

BTW spell check is on the fritz so I don't wanna hear about my poor spelling.


Karen said...

Hey Alyson, you're not going to hear about your spelling from me. (And that's saying something, HAHA!)

Anyway, you certainly have a point there. We would all do well to remember that any relationship is a two-way street. Well said!

Dawn said...

you are right.

ABQ Mom said...

ditto. I think we start to get down thinking they never do anything for us, but like you said it works both ways. Good job.

Sariah said...

Sometimes it's just easier to get jealous and complain about our hubbies, isn't it? But you have a great point. I need to remember your advice more often.