Friday, October 21, 2005

100 Things About Me (61-90)

61. I used to play the piano for a congregation
62. I wasn't very good
63. One of my most embarrassing moments happened while playing for this congragation
64. It was Christmas time and I had practiced very hard, the song was "With wandering Awe"
65. I got lost and thought I was on the 4th verse, but I was on the third verse.
66. I got up at the end of the verse and started back for my seat.
67. I turned to see the Chorister standing there, arm ready, with a puzzled look on his face.
68. I realized what happened ran back to the piano and played the last verse.
70. My biggest wish is to own a house some day.
71. I'm reducing my debt load right now so I can own a house in the future.
72. I hate debt
73. I feel like the housing market in Calgary has passed me by
74. My credit card should be gone by Christmas
75. I'm going to take the money that I put on my credit card towards the car after the card is gone.
76. I have until July to get all debt gone, besides student loan.
77. I hate being patient
78. I would like to travel.
79. I have never been on a plane.
80. I have never been further east than Vegraville Alberta (in Canada)
81. I have been in all 3 countries in north America
82. My family drove everywhere for there family vacations
83. I have always wanted to go to Europe.
84. I have also wanted to go to Egypt and see the pyramids
85. I also want to go to Hawaii
86. My husband says he will take me to Las Vegas so I can see Europe and the pyramids at the same time. Usually they have seat sales to Vegas.
87. I have only kissed 3 men in my life.
88. I have never had Alcohol, didn't want to loose control
89. I have never smoked, too stinky
90. I know why people cry over spilt milk

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