Saturday, October 01, 2005

Everybody Salsa

Today the family and I went to the farmers market. We picked up our usual fruits and veggies, but this time we also picked up 40 lbs of tomatoes and 2 bags of assorted peppers. One was hot!!! peppers. So now I'm finishing bottling the first batch. The house smells of onions and peppers. Monday I should be finishing up. I don't bottle on Sundays. Its my rule. Anyway I have 8 completed jars and hope to have 16 by the end of Monday.

At the farmer's market the boys were good so they each got $1 to buy a treat. Their favorite spot for treats is a European bakery. D got an almond bar covered in chocolate, E, a rice crispy square with chocolate. Tim got a broken heart and I got an apple turnover. Its become a tradition with us and although the choices aren't that healthy its once a week. Vive la tradition.

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Karen said...

Farmers Markets are so much fun!