Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I'm Stuffed

I don't mean stuffed like the Brits do, I mean I have too much stuff. My in-laws have moved and all of my husbands stuff and our wedding presents now line the walls of our hallways. We already had too much stuff to begin with, we had lived here for 4 years and there was one box I had in our back hallway because I couldn't find a place for the stuff that is in there. So now I am in complete chaos and it is driving me nuts.

Now keeping the above situation in mind, I can't believe I almost took on more stuff. Yesterday I got a phone call from a neighbour who is moving and was wondering if I needed any shelves. A nice gesture. They understand my need for organization and were only trying to help. For a split second I entertained the idea of taking on some of their stuff, and the fact that I did scares me. Am I a "pack rat"? Luckily my drive for order won out, but what happens next time when I am not so strong? What is this compelling need for stuff?

Why do I seem to surround myself with stuff, when this action is contrary to the goal that I am trying to achieve? Maybe instead of pondering this question I should get my but in gear and a garbage bag and get rid of all my stuff.


ABQ Mom said...

I totally feel for you Alyson. Two weeks ago my hubby and I did a major clutter cleaning/organizing/dumping. It felt so good, but really we've always tried to be minimalistic. We've always tried to get rid of things as they come, I think the thought behind it is "what if we move soon?" Last year my parents had brought down all my boxes of things that had still be at their house since I went to college. I went through the 4 boxes and kept like one small box of stuff. Everything else went in the trash or to goodwill without even a thought. Good luck!

Kris said...

LOL...I thought you were blogging about me...hehe. Want to know a secret? I give MY stuff to my friends...cause they say they need more "stuff". I am evil...(rubbing hands together) EVIL!!!! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

No seriously, I understand COMPLETELY.


Karen said...

Just the mere mention of the word "clutter" sends me around the bend. That's all I'll say for now. If I let myself say more, I'll be here all night.

Anonymous said...

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