Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Its Weird How My Mind Works

Today D and I were having a conversation about mommies and daddies and how they become mommies and daddies in the animal world. He told me that in seahorses the daddy makes the baby not the mommy. So then I said shouldn't he be called the mommy. The poor kid. I think I confused him. Hopefully he didn't think I was serious.

Although, I guess that would be the case if the title Mommy was only attached to the person carrying the baby and not the gender.


Anonymous said...
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Karen said...

Aw, way to confuse the poor little guy! Mommies are supposed to answer the questions!

But seriously, why not give him something to think about. Who knows? He may come back with an answer for you in a couple of days, or he might have forgotten it by tomorrow. You just never know.

ABQ Mom said...

thats funny. poor guy. The argument in our house is that Will's daddy IS NOT Sydnie's daddy. Every night when daddy comes home from work, I say "Go get Daddy", Will says "NO! My daddy, NOT Sydnie's daddy!" I am constantly telling him "your daddy is Sydnie's daddy too". How do you argue facts with an almost 3 yr old? They don't care about facts!

Dawn said...

I have often wondered that myself. . why don't they just call the male the female since she. . i dunno man weird.