Saturday, October 08, 2005

Top 10 Thankful List

In the spirit of Canadian Thanksgiving I am going to List the top 10 little things I am thankful for.

10. Jumbo pack of AA Live Batteries
9. Post it notes
8. Tooth brushes, what did they clean teeth with before these were invented?
7. Facial tissues (aka Kleenex). Not the tissues themselves but the fact that one pops up to replace the one you have taken.
6. My pillow
5. Dishwasher. OK this isn't little but I sure am thankful.
4. Clean Sheets and shaved legs. To myself I say thank you and your welcome.
3. Internet Banking. I can pay my bills in my PJs
2. Cadbury Thins. A chocolate bar that is Only 100 calories.

And the number 1 little thing I am thankful for is control top panty hose.

My husband wonders if there is a connection between 1 and 2.


ABQ Mom said...

thats a great list you've got there. Very original things to be thankful for but also very sensible!

Kris said...

I am going to steal your idea as soon as I get home...straight to my blog...hope you don't mind. Happy Thanksgiving.


Dawn said...

happy thanksgiving!

Proud Mum said...

I didn't mean to steal your idea but I have apparently done the exact same thing; list 10 things for which I am grateful today. Yours are funnier, though.

Alyson said...

I was rereading my list and I started to rethink my #1. I will leave the panty hose but I think the part that i am most thankful for is the control top part. I'm not a lover of hose and I have tried cutting off the legs and just using the control top part, but the remaining hose just rides up, thus I have to be thankful for the whole thing because without it all, it doesn't work.

Karen said...

That, I believe, is why Spanx were invented.

I included that link (I had to put a carriage return in it though), but you can just google "Spanx underwear" for more links.

Not as cheap as panty hose, unfortunately.