Thursday, October 20, 2005

100 Things About Me (31-60)

31. I am the oldest of 5 girls.
32. I only failed one course in public school
33. Math 20
34. I failed because I was late, not because I couldn't do the work.
35. I went to early morning seminary.
36. My ride would pick me up late.
37. I hate being late so I didn't go to class
38. I had to take summer school
39. I got 96%, my teacher said I shouldn't be here.
40. In my first year University I was extremely overwhelmed.
41. I couldn't keep up with the work. I had a lot of reading and 3 labs a semester on top of my lectures.
42. I was asked to leave, to come back when I was more mature.
43. I haven't gone back there.
44. I'm not very mature.
45. I did, however graduate from a technical college.
46. My certificate was for Health Safety and Environmental Technologies.
47. I did very well.
48. The first year I was somewhere in the middle.
49. The second year I was at the top of my class.
50. The third year I came in second.
51. After I was finished I worked in an environmental lab.
52. I could also teach WHMIS and TDG.
53. I also had my first year towards becoming a paramedic.
54. I met my husband 3 months after I graduated.
55. We started dating a month later.
56. We got engaged 3 months later.
57. We got married 4 months later.
58. I got pregnant 7 months later.
59. I went on maternity leave 9 months later.
60. I didn't go back to work.

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