Friday, September 23, 2005

When God Closes A Door Somewhere He Opens A Fridge.

My sister came up with this phrase and I thought it appropriate for this day. Yesterday my wonderful hubby gave me some money to go shopping for some skirts and such since my clothing collection has dwindled. I lost a dress size and got rid of all my "fat clothes". Thinking I was going to loose a lot more weight I only bought a few "skinny clothes". Well to my dismay I have gained the weight back and have no clothes but that is not the point of my post.

As I said before I my wonderful hubby gave me some money to buy clothes. So this morning I took the boys on an outing to the mall fully intending to look at things that interest them as well. After loosing one son, being so badly talked back to by another, almost breaking of a mirror, and a bunch of other incidences too little to mention but piled on top made our excursion the worst ever.

I must admit I wasn't the best behaved mummy either, but they made it out of the mall without bruising. I bought a drink for my self and drank it in front of them, telling them little boys who behave that way don't get treats. This was followed my fit pitching at the bus stop. In haste I told them that if they didn't stop this horrible behavior they would be confined to their beds until their father got home. The line was drawn and they tried to cross it.

So now here I sit posting, venting if you will, and eating some lemon squares. Not only do I feel like I over did it (they were confined to their rooms for 3 hours), but also I am engaging in a behavior that got me to this place in the first place. What a vicious cycle.


Kris said...

WOW...are you sure we aren't the same person? Sounds just like my day. It was so bad that I kept my son home from school because I just couldn't "handle life" today.


ABQ Mom said...

Isn't it amazing how in the fit of anger we throw out some extreme punishment? And just to see whether we're gonna follow through with it the kids push it just a little bit farther? And of course now you have no choice you have to enforce the punishment, but now you realize that its just as much a punishment for you as it is for them...

Karen said...

I can identify with your lose weight/gain weight scenario, and I've had my incidences in the mall with my son (when he was younger and so was I).

Lemon squares aren't my thing, but that reaction is basically why I don't keep too many "goodies" in the house any more. They are a magnet and I am (very malleable) steel.

I think it's okay for the kids to stay in their room for a while -- as long as you don't have a lock on the outside of the door. ;-)

Tomorrow is always another day.

nicole said...

Malls and kids... no one can truly understand it or recall the pain without a little refresher. Saturday usualy sucks me in in someway or another... oh the pain. I did however have hopes that it got easier after the toddler years...there goes that dream. Congrats on weeding out the closet.. ive been doing the same. Mind you my waist line is expanding much faster than yours will be anytime soon :) You look great these days. I am in that mushy prego stage.. and now i really want some lemon bars. Glad to know im not the only mom who thinks up punishments wildly in not so rational moments!