Thursday, September 08, 2005

My Funny Son

All of you have funny children I'm sure but mine is really funny. He is funny without even trying. Dakota is 6 years old and has been funny for a while. A couple of years ago we were driving down a road in Calgary and Dakota asked a question that had nothing to do with our conversation. He said, "Dad, do people drive with their elbows?" What an odd question, but my husband answered anyway,"no, people don't drive with their elbows and if they do they shouldn't be." Dakota got a funny look on his face and then asked the question "then why do they call this elbow Dr.?"

About a few months ago Dakota was sitting next to a vent in church. All of a sudden he skooches over to me with an intense look on his face. "mom I think I am a jedi"
"What?" I ask
"I think I am a jedi"
" I was sitting next to the fan and I was wishing that the fan would turn on. It did mom, I have the force."

The most recent incident was when my two sons and I were reading Harry Potter. We were at the part where Aunt Petunia was cutting Harry's messy hair. She had cut it, shaved it. The next day it grew back. Dakota remembered that earlier that day I had been complaining about how fast his hair grows. He put 2 and 2 together and decided that he was a Wizard.

These are only a few examples but I deal with this on a daily basis. I'm glad he makes me laugh. I'd rather be laughing than yelling or crying.


Sariah said...

He really is hilarious. I remember how Dakota would follow Ches around a few Christmases ago. Ches went to use the bathroom, and there was Dakota, trying to look through the keyhole, yelling "What you doing, Uncle Chesley?" You finally yelled to him "Give Uncle Chesley some privacy!" Dakota immediately went back to the keyhole, "You need privacy, Uncle Chesley? Why do you need privacy?" One of my favorite Dakota moments (and there are many good ones. I could go on forever).

Don't worry about not sending anything down with Heide. I was kidding anyway. And since you *do* have us this year, I'm expecting something good for Christmas! ;) hee hee hee

Alyson said...

oh the presure

landismom said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Your son sounds very funny!

Alyson said...

D was even funny when he was young. He used to jump around in circles in the jolly jumper. Then he would grab his toes and spin as he would unwind. I have no proof. I didn't own a video camera and a regular picture wouldn't do it justice

Karen said...

Oh that is too funny! Sariah's story too.

Dixie_Angel said...

"'Mom, I think I'm a Jedi!'" (I am definitely sharing that one with Mr.Angel! He will roll with laughter!) What a little funny guy you have there, Alyson! Hug him up close! Precious.