Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I Am NOT A Great Date, But Maybe I'll Get Lucky

Last night I took myself out on a date. I think I am pleasing to be around and good company so why not? I was going to see a movie and got there a little early and decided to walk around the mall. Because I am always trying to get back that inner goddess I lost (see I not a bum I'm a mum post) I thought I would cease the opportunity to do a little research on what was new for fall. Why not I neither had kids with me or money so there was no danger.

When it was time to go see the movie, I made my way back to the theater all the while appreciating the irony that I was a married woman by myself going to a movie about divorce (Must Love Dogs). As I sat by myself I noticed that the theater was full of couples and I imagined that they were thinking how pathetic she is, all alone. I shrugged that off because I knew I was wearing a wedding ring. The symbol that I belonged to someone. That I was in a relationship and that I was a confident woman who could go out and see a movie that I wanted to see, by MYSELF.

10 minutes into the movie...... AAAAARRRRRGGGGG!


I tried to remember the last time I saw it. Did I take it off at home? Did I loose it in the mall? I checked my pockets, my purse. Nothing. I wasn't enjoying the movie and wanted to leave but under the circumstances I thought I should stay to the end to wait for the lights to turn on so I could search the area around me. Nope not there either. After searching my seat area I quickly drove home to check all surfaces in my apartment. Nothing. By then it was midnight and I decided that I should break the dreadful news to Tim.

Seeing that I was upset and that scolding wouldn't help (good choice). He consoled me and said that if we cannot find the ring I will get a new one but I didn't want a new one. I calmed down and we were lying in bed trying to go back to sleep and one of us joked about him being a married man (because he had a ring) with a single girl in his bed (because I didn't have a ring).

Well I have spent the last little while contacting all of the stores I was in and now I am waiting for a phone call to tell me either way, from the movie theater. I just don't see how I will ever get it back.


Devynn said...

Awwwwwww, that's so sad! I hope you find it! (Brian threw his ring in the garbage a few weeks ago :( by accident) so it is long gone!

Alyson said...

There must be something in the air.

Jennifer said...

Oh man, I'm so sorry!!!

Karen said...

Have you ever had the experience that something will stay lost until you finally give up on it for good, then you find it?

Of course, the irony of that is, while you still hold out ANY hope of it turning up (like thinking "If I give up on it, I will get it back"), it will not turn up.

So I don't know whether to encourage you to hang on, or tell you to give up. But in either case I hope you get your ring back.

Darcy Schack said...

You know Alyson that really really sucks. I lost one ring in a frozen river in January when our canoe hit an iceberg and sank in the Red Deer river. It was a sad day! I hope that the karma police let you have a mulligan on this one!

I hope you find it.