Monday, December 19, 2005

A Theory Of Relativity

My father has a theory. I call it a theory of relativity because first he is a relative and second, time is relative. Although Time tends to be passing at a constant rate, our perception of passing time varies. Remember when you were a kid and everything took so long to get too. One year would seem like ten. He believes that the younger you are, the faster you are moving and the slower time passes. As we age we tend to slow down. We don’t have the energy of our youth thus we move slower or we are unable to maintain a high rate of speed or energy expended for long periods of time. For example take the same period of time, one year, to the older person it only feel like a few months.

This theory would explain why my kids every morning are saying “Is it Christmas yet?” and as I reply “no.”, I am thinking, “Thank goodness”.

The fact that I have some Christmas presents under the tree already doesn’t help either.

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ABQ Mom said...

good luck with that. Only a few more days till christmas morning. I attempted to put a few wrapped presents under the tree but since Will's birthday wasn't even a month ago unwrapping presents is still fresh in his mind. So...everything is stuffed up in my closet, and will get wrapped and put under the tree christmas eve night.
I believe in your father's theory of relativity to time. It only makes sense.