Wednesday, June 14, 2006

ABCs and 123s

About three years ago E got a plastic container full of foamy letters for the bathtub. My kids loved them and used to put them everywhere, a characteristic I found aggravating at first but be came useful. Mr. Wonderful and I would leave messages to one another in the shower. Sometimes the messages were a little racy, but it was just for us, our kids couldn't read. Well fast forward to today.

My husband left me a message in the shower yesterday. It was one of the mildly racy ones heehee. I didn't take it down because the thought never occurred to me to do so. Well just about 5 minutes ago D came running into the living room horrified. He was upset that someone would put the word "sexy" on the shower wall. He couldn't even say the word out loud. He had to mouth it. I'm sure he was picturing some random person or even a so called friend coming in and putting graffiti our wall. I explained to him that it was Daddy leaving me a message. He was not impressed and took it down himself because he felt "uncomfortable".

So kudos to the school for teaching him to read, but shame on us for not realizing it sooner. In my defense I wasn't the one who left the original message.


Karen said...

Ben being Ben, he learned to read early. It didn't occur to other people (like old ladies in the grocery store) that he was any different from other kids, so they would spell things to us they didn't want him to "hear".

It's hard to warn people, so we let them go ahead then waited for Ben to respond.

One memorable response: "Yes, I am a smart kid."

ABQ Mom said...

I guess now you and your hubby can start leaving messages for your kids too!

GoofyJ said...

lol!! That is so funny! :) ABQ is right, and that will be lots of fun too. We have been realizing that our spelling days are well over as Elizabeth sounds out everything we spell (unless I spell it really fast, but than even dad has a hard time keeping up, heh) :) And Dorothy is starting to sound all our words out too. We keep doing it though because it's fun to watch them use their brains. :)

Sariah said...

Oh man, that is hilarious. I can NOT get enough D stories.

fourth_fret said...

that's too cute. it's time to start talking in code. or uh, leaving shower messages in code, i guess. ;)