Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Write Off

Today is sports day at school. Yesterday was year end class party. Tomorrow will be an organizational day. Thursday will be a half day and report cards. Other than the fun, what's really the point? This week (or practically the whole month of June) is a write off. In Canada we stay in for a whole month doing what? A whole lot of nothing. Sure there are a few things that need to be finished in some subjects and granted when my children are in the higher grades they will probably need the extra time to study and such, but until those higher grades are reached, I think the month of June is just around for Teachers to get their hours in. I have nothing against teachers (except the bad ones you can't fire) so please don't get me wrong. I just think that June should be a write off. Besides my son's class stopped listening 4 weeks ago.


Sariah said...

Yeah, the last few weeks are such a waste at this age. Well, at any age. In my high school, seniors got out two weeks earlier than the rest of the school and had exams early and got ready for graduation. As a junior taking several senior classes... well, we pretty much sat there for a couple of weeks. Nothing left to do.

The law requires a certain number of school days as well as a certain number of teacher days. What can you do?

Karen said...

Yes, but... are you saying you'd rather have them home? Because I wouldn't. Even if it is glorified babysitting, or day camp you don't have to pay for (because you already paid your taxes), I don't care. Just so long as I am not the one responsible for the entertainment. Maybe I'm the lone voice in the wilderness?