Thursday, June 22, 2006

Will Ally Get Her Groove Back?

I was going to post last Friday but I was occupied and then I was going to do it Saturday but then my modem fried and we just got a new one hence the week without posting. Now everything I wanted to write seems pointless, irrelevant, and old. Now posting seems like a chore. I personally don't like chores, but I do them none the less. So here are some of the things that happened in the last week.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, I"M THIRTY THREE. I must say this was a harder bday for me then my 30th. Its like I'm officially in my mid thirties and I'm nowhere closer to being where I thought I was going to be when I was thirty. I threw myself a mini pity party and then put on a happy face because its my mom bday too.

E was saying family prayer and was going through his list of people to bless

E: "...Please bless S because he is my friend, Please bless D, and please bless me...Um Dad what do I say next?"
Mr. W: " Please bless me that I will get over my cold.

E: "please bless Dad that he will..."

Mr. W: "No buddy please bless you that you will get over your cold."

E: "OK, please bless me that...humph...what was it again?"

Mr.W: "That you will feel better."

E: "Please bless me that I will feel better, please bless dad and please bless mom...What's next dad?"

Mr. W: "What ever you want.."

E: "Ok , please bless mom if you want, in the name of Jesus Christ Amen."

I'm hoping God wants to bless me.

On Thursrday we were watching a tape of Billy Joel giving a symposium at a university. One of the questions the audience asked was "what was your inspiration for Miami 2017?" He was giving his answer and sitting down to play the song (aka the night the lights went out on Broadway) and as he was singing "the night the lights went out..." Our power went out. We thought that was pretty funny until we found out the reason the power went out.

Two people were leaving work and as they were going to their cars a freak accident (power lines dropping for no apparent reason) happened. The man covered his co-worker with his body. They both amazingly are going to live. But what are the odds?

It turns out the rain we had been having had seeped in to the transformer and caused the accident.

Why is it when you are to the breaking point and you finally humble yourself and in fitful sobs ask for help, when the help comes you feel like you don't really need it any more?

For Fathers' Day Mr. Wonderful got the flu, on Monday he gave it back.

Well that is all I have time to post stay tuned for my next installment.


kenola said...

We pray for you, Al.

Proud Mum said...

I'm sure Heavenly Father wants to bless you. But while you're waiting for the blessings, keep reading that prayer! It'll make you smile for sure!

Welcome back. You'll get back into your groove before long, don't fret.

fourth_fret said...

you're not in your mid thirties. mid thirties is like... 39 and 1/2. (that's how it's going to be for me anyway.) heh.

hang in there.

Kris said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!...a little bit late...errr, sorry. I hope it was a good one! I TOTALLY understand about getting a cold and giving it back though...yuck.