Monday, July 31, 2006

Therapy +

There are things I wish I could post about, but I cannot. Don't worry its nothing bad, its just that nothing is definite and I am superstitious. If I tell you, then everything will automatically go up in smoke, so I can't tell you no matter how much I want too. Maybe I need therapy. Posting about it would be therapeutic but then what if it doesn't happen and then the smoke and possibilities of secondhand smoke. Ok now I'm just talkin' crazy.

Hey Look! Something shiny.

In other news my husband and I went on a double date with some friends of ours. They introduced us to a nice restaurant with good food. I liked what I was having and was very pleased with my choice until I tasted Mr. Wonderful's chicken. "Oh My Goodness" It was so good. I'm not just saying that because I normally suffer from Entree Envy (I always want what he ordered), I'm saying it because it was really good. It was all I could do to keep myself from ripping off my mannerly facade and steal the carcass from his plate. Good thing he didn't go to the bathroom cause I would have.

Later we introduced them to pool at Mr. Wonderful's workplace. We had so much fun and now my girlfriend has a stalker. Ok maybe not a stalker, but every time she was trying to subtly nurse her wee babe, this man in a yellow shirt kept coming by and staring. Neither of us girls were aware of it, but the men were. Maybe it was a testosterone, male territory kind of thing, but I had no idea and upon being made aware of what was going on I stupidly said "Awwe, how come I never get the stalkers?" To which my friend-in-law (her husband) replied "Don't worry, [so and so] said.' take confidence in knowing at least twice a day somebody has looked at you and said yah I'd do that." I wonder how scientific the study was? Despite the peeping we had a great time.

Oh did I mention I borrowed their babysitter too. I'm getting good at that. To be fair it was the babysitter's idea and she made a pretty penny too. So it looks like it was a great night for all and Mr. Wonderful and I went home to play our own game of stalker. Isn't he sweet?


Karen said...

Good luck with that.

Karen said...

(Sorry, that's not meant to be as flippant as it sounds, and it mainly refers to whatever it is that you can't talk about for fear of jinxing it.)

kenola said...

I thought Karen was wishing you luck with the stalking that you and Mr. Wonderful did at the end of your date!

Jennifer said...

I thought it was a good luck on both of those AND good luck on getting a stalker. Everyone knows a stalker is the one thing that can make a bady day a GREAT day!

"Hey, I'm loved in a weird and scary kind of way! Whooppee!"

Alyson said...

Karen - Thanks for the well wishes, I wasn't thinking flippant thoughts.

Ken- Any well wishes to my marital bliss are welcome, weird, but welcome.

Jen- Isn't it convenient that you too love in a weired and scary way.

Sariah said...

Alyson, you are a naughty, naughty girl. I can't believe you would post that, but you won't even tell us about what it is you're afraid of going up in smoke!!

I'm kidding, you know. You do know that, right? I hope so. I'm working hard and not offending anyone (I can't remember why, but I was told not to recently). Okay. Shutting up now.

Allrie said...

Alyson, I wish you well with the non-theraputic stalking but mostly the theraputic whatever. And I suspect that no one would judge you on your blog, by what I have seen, no one here claims that prerogative, only argueing over who is the craziest one among us [although I think my kids would say that I am crazier than they are--but at least they come by it honestly.
What I'm trying to say is, Peace, be still. And know that God loves you, and so do your many blog friends.