Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Great Cardston Adventure (part 1)

My family went down to cardston on Friday. Our purpose was two fold, visit Mr. Wonderful's sister and family up from Orem, and be there for my sister's first time through the temple. We had a plan that would get us through the week so we would be able to meet everyone's needs including ours.


Visit with Mr. W's Family, eat smores and camp at Lee Creek Campground


Visit more with his family, have a birthday luncheon for my son, then go to the temple and book it home so my husband could work.

The problem with a plan is when you deviate from the plan.

Everything was followed right down to the letter until after the temple session when my family decided they wanted to see the boys, but they also wanted to eat. This seemed harmless, yet impossible until someone suggested that my husband go home (because he had too) and the boys and I should ride home with mom and dad.

Cue: Warning music "DUM, DUM, DUM"

Mr. Wonderful went home and made good time too. I guess traveling is smoother when your not pulling over ever 5 min because the youngest wonderling has to go pee really bad, but won't pee standing up or without a toilet.

My sisters got there wish, they got to eat and got to see the boys. It had been an hour and a half since Mr. W left and we were eager to go so we loaded up the station wagon, my father handed me the keys and said "You Drive". I turned the ignition, nothing. I tried again, nothing. We checked the battery, it was fine. After 2 hours of tinkering they called a tow truck.

So there we were, late Saturday, in Cardston with hardly anything cramming into my inlaws house. We had no hope of leaving before Monday.


Sariah said...

My goodness. I can't wait to hear The Rest Of The Story (there's a tribute to Paul Harvey if I ever saw one!).

Proud Mum said...

I can't wait for part 2...

Jennifer said...

Never deviate from the plan.

I need to remember that, it's great advice.