Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Great Cardston Adventure (part 3)

Who knew my adventure would be a trilogy? Definitely not I, but I guess I have so much to say and maybe I'll bring balance to the force. (Its late give me a break).

Anyway, It was Monday and we had had enough, we wanted to get home, and get in our own beds and have our own space and eat our own food, and get naked in our own shower. I have a hard time doing that in other peoples houses even though it is a necessity, house guest fish thing and all. I think my dad was the most anxious. He made that trip between the house and the dealership 3 or 4 times still wearing the same suit he wore Saturday. I felt bad for my parents they only had the clothes they came in so I went to the Bargain Shop and purchased them some shirts. Don't worry they didn't sleep in their clothes, they borrowed pjs so all was not lost.

Finally it got so bad, I mean my dad's impatience that he was ready to tow the car to Calgary and get it fixed there. We were to follow in a rental car. Lucky for us Cardston doesn't rent cars cause he would've done it. He even checked the yellow pages to see if the greyhound bus stopped there or if he could take a taxi, that's how desperate he was. I myself felt some of the same desire. I was not looking forward to another night of being kicked by my kids in bed and being woken by my mom's snoring (she'd kill me if she knew I'd let that out). It not her fault she has a deviated septum I think. But lets be pratical that's way too expensive.

So we went to the park and then we went to Dairy Queen to cool off. While we were there I decided I was going to make the best of this. I was going to visit some of the touristy things that we never get to visit. We were planning on going to the Card Home and the miniature museum. I was even going to get my boys hair cut after all I had the time, or so I thought. While were throwing our garbage away the phone rang "Your Car is ready". A sudden wave of sadness swept over me, I had plans. Then just like that it was gone, I was going to see my husband Yay!. Apparently We were not moving fast enough, because my father, who usually move at a glacial pace, said, "I'll come pick you up."

We were back at the house and packed in less than half an hour. We were grateful for the place to stay, but were more grateful to go home. "Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home."


Sariah said...

Isn't that just like life?? Once you make some fun plans, something changes at the last second. I'm sure the sadness quickly passed. I know you wanted to get home. I'll bet Mr. Wonderful even missed you guys and couldn't wait for you to come home!! :) Visiting is nice, but yeah, home is the best.

Proud Mum said...

What an adventure!