Tuesday, July 25, 2006

So Its ON!

After Saturday with the girls I have new resolve to continue with my 14 in 14 but its more like 5 in 14 because I took a break. I could give you many reasons why I stopped but lets just sum it up to stress and my gym pass expiring. Anyway thanks to beautyshopmomma and jenthemom, I am at least going to try again for the next week. I have already lost a day of exercise because I was cleaning all morning and running around all afternoon and into the early evening, but today is a new day and I'm going to try really hard. I have already made a bunch of snacks that will help me keep within my targets.

Speaking of the girls we went out on Saturday night. It was a much needed vacation from the stressful week I had been having (being trapped in Cardston and all) Mr. Wonderful wasn't home to watch the wonderlings, so I mooched on jenthemom's babysitter and brought my kids over. Can I tell you that was just a recipe for disaster, but Bryant was such a trooper.

We went to the Olive Garden, why you ask? (So did my husband) The salad and bread sticks , but mostly the salad. Back off I'm cheap. Did I mention I mooched on the babysitter (don't worry I paid him). I learned somethings, the waitress is weird yet knows her stuff and I have the potential to be the family alcholic. In the time it took for the other ladies to finish one drink I had downed 3 diet cokes. I guess when it comes to liquids I don't hold back and funny thing neither does my bladder. I had to pee every 30 minutes. I also learned about something called skinny cows (light ice cream snadwhiches I think) but I have yet to see them so they may be a myth and finally I learned that three mommies hocked up on caffien and light headed from salad find pretty much anything funny.

Oh and congratulations to beautyshopmomma for getting skinny enough to fit in the carseat. Enough said!


Jennifer said...

Thanks for the night Al, it was awesome!

Stefanie said...

I wouldn't call you cheap just because you went to the Olive Garden for their salad and breadsticks. I could go there and eat just those 2 items and be satisfied. I LOVE their salad!