Monday, July 24, 2006

The Rumble

Do you ever wonder if you are raising a serial killer? Yah um me neither. Just thought I'd ask. But lets just say that I know this mom who has this kid who gets really, really excited and happy to the point of ecstasy ad in a split second goes off the deep end kicking wailing and nashing his teeth over something as little as an exhale. At one time said child beat up a kid at the local BK playpark and his older brother had to get his mom before the choking caused any real damage. The reason for the choking, the chokee was going into the ball pit first and the choker didn't want him to be first. Since this is purely hypothetical lets just leave it at that. I wouldn't want any rumors to start.

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Proud Mum said...

Yikes! and I thought the hypothetical kids at our park were scary, mine are only future criminals whereas your hypothetical kids at the park are, yes, psychotic.