Friday, March 24, 2006

Freaky Friday

Today has been really random and I have a few things that I want to post about but none go together so here is the generic version of Random Friday.

1. Do sea monkeys mate? Because if they do then wow. I have two that have been attached to one another for two days now. Not only do I find them creepy but now I'm a little jealous.

2. For those of you who don't have a T.V. (jenthemom) or live somewhere other than Canada (almost everyone else), There is this Scotia Bank commercial that has a slogan "You are richer than you think" they show people doing a happy dance after meeting their banker. Well my husband and I just found out our net worth. Lets just say No happy dance for us. The slogan for our bank should be "you are as poor as you thought you were Hahahahahha".

3. I didn't weekly weigh in this week because I am ashamed. Last weekend Mr. Wonderland and I went out for our anniversary, with our children, and pigged out. Sunday a lady made us a cake for our anniversary. We were to share with the marrieds class, but we were the only ones who showed up , so we ate the whole cake, over a couple of days but still. Then when I went to weigh myself today I found out the scale has been out and I actually weigh significantly more. I only thought I gained a bit. But wow. So now I don't know what to believe. I do actually know what to believe but I don't want too.

4. Mr Wonderland and I are officially no-longer "Young Marrieds". It was a bit of a rude awakening. I still have young kids, but I guess my crows feet have been shining through the spackle I call make up. Note to self get better make up. Anyway. We have been taking this marriage and family relations class at church. Every time the class is set up they have a couple who has been through more are a little older and can share their wisdom when there is discussion. Well the first day we went around the room and everyone introduced themselves and said how long they have been married. The average marriage length for this class is 3.1 years. Lets just say that its us who brings up the average. We have 2 couples who have been married under a year, one ~ 2 weeks. Ahh to only have wisdom to share. I do however remember our first fight. It was over a sandwich. I laugh about it now.

5. I just fed my 4 year old some pudding for lunch. I'm such a good mom. This should make up for the fact that I took their game boys away, for fighting, and hid them and can't remember where they are. Its been 2 weeks. I'd better go and try to find some fruit.

Have a great Freaky or Random Friday.

Alyson OUT!


Devynn said...

You are always so funny -- if I keep laughing this hard, I may have this baby!

Keep it up! Love it!

Sariah said...

Now THIS is what I call a great Random Friday. You got the spirit, yes you do.

Lura said...

I love that you can't remember where you hid the gameboys.

Emmakirst said...

Too funny, we forgot where we hid some gameboy games. Gotta love doing that. hehe.

And I totally agree with you on the Scotiabank thing! SO true!hehe

ABQ Mom said...

I've noticed that we no longer fall in the "young marrieds" category either. Newly married couples are looking to us as example. AHH!!!!! I can't take the pressure! I guess I shouldn't tell them that I still look to our friends for advice...

fourth_fret said...

heh. now that they know you can "lose" their toys that might work to your advantage.

"you better behave! do you want mom to lose your toys again? DON'T MAKE ME DO IT!"