Friday, March 17, 2006

Anniversary, Schmanniversary

Is it lame to take your children along on your anniversary date with you? I mean if you child was a couple weeks or even months I wouldn't think so, but in my case they are neither. I have tried to get a babysitter for a week now and we are on our third one. I almost don't want to call because I'm afraid that the notice is too short. We already didn't get to celebrate on the original day but tonight looks like it won't happen either. So I'm putting it out to the internet. Is it lame to take your children with you?

I had envisioned for tonight a quiet escape for dessert and conversation. Nothing lavish. We have to cut back because Tim gave notice at work. If we bring the kids, there goes the quiet. Oh well I guess you do what you have to do.


Edited: Turns out babysitter #3 cannot do it either. Guess we are takin' the kids. YAY THEM. At least I don't have to run around like a chicken with my head cut of tidying up. YAY ME


Kris said...

Alyson, it's not lame (why, because I have done it.hehe). BUT, if you need someone at the last second, we are always happy to take the kiddos...Thing One would LUUURRRVVVVEEEEE the chance to play with them, or watch a movie, or ANYTHING! Next time call us...seriously.


Allrie said...

A, it is definitely NOT lame. Everyone does it sometime. One of my favorite anniversaries: we rented a movie (which we had previously seen together and now decided to share it) and got pizza--even tho. K can't eat pizza (he ate crust) and spent the eve. with our teenage and younger kids and their friends--including our exchange student who had come back to visit and was returning to Germany the next day.
It really became a special anniv.

ABQ Mom said...

definitely not lame. We've done it a few times. But then the day after our anniversary we were able to go out just the two of us. Just THE night of our anniversary had two toddler tag alongs. :-)