Thursday, March 30, 2006

Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Blah blah blah

Last night, as we were getting ready for scripture study the following conversation took place.

Me: "I should do my financial home work tonight."

Husband: "What do you need to do?"

Me: "I need to finish Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I'm having trouble..."

My oldest: "Mom don't you mean Kingmen, Freemen?"

This may seem like an inside joke. That's because it is. Sorry. But of all the things to pull out of the Book of Mormon, the Kingmen and the Freemen. Too funny D.


Proud Mum said...

That's hilarious! I got the joke right away. You have clever boys. I've read RichDadPoorDad ... what he forgets to say is, "how you really make yourself rich is to write a book about getting rich. Everyone will buy your book and then you will be rich."

Have you ever played his Cashflow game?

Alyson said...

I was thinking the same thing. I couldn't believe how calous he was and the self promotion without giving anything away was awful. The first half of the book I kind of liked, its a shame that the second half was so disapointing. jenthemom let me know about him and so I looked it up on the internet. I'm not impressed.

And now to answer your question, no I haven't played cashflow.

Devynn said...

I love cashflow. Love it Love it. Loved it so much we wanted to buy it -- RIP OFF. It was over $100 US on Ebay. My uncle who is a kabillionaire and loves RichDadPoorDad, has the game and we play it at their house. Seriously, I can't believe how much this guy is making of other people! I haven't personally read his books, thought about it, but have too much to do

Alyson said...

Luckily I didn't buy it. Like I said I like d the first half having trouble with the second. Instead of reading I'm here on the computer.

Proud Mum said...

Our friends had it and we played with them fairly regularly. It became a problem because I wasn't playing the way they thought I should. Seriously, this one guy totally told me off because I wanted to pay off my debts before I swallowed up a bunch of stuff (there's no "lose your job" card, or "oops, financial emergency" card and I wanted to play similarly to the way I would live my life, and learn the little lessons I could actually use.)

He told me if I wasn't going to play right to not play at all.

(But then he also gave me nasty looks when I "named" my children and got excited about the "liabilities" like that.)

The game in and of itself isn't so bad, once paid for (!), but it doesn't always bring out the best of people and I'm okay never playing it again. And that was several years ago, now that it's the new trendy thing and developping a cult following I'm out.

I'd rather re-read the book, at least that story happens in Hawaii -I can use my imagination and pretend it's a fun story!