Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Know When To Hold 'Em

My husband and I have been enjoying watching celebrity poker on Saturday. So much so that we went to the local dollar store and purchased a set of cards and poker chips ($2 at your local dollarama). Before I get any gambling lectures, we are not playing for money. Well we discovered that Texas hold 'em is more fun with more than two people. Also we lack the smack talk that you would get with more than just us. I have also learned that I don't know when to fold 'em.
My oldest rode his bike to school today (training wheels and all). This is a big deal. We bought the bike almost two years ago for his birthday. He rode it the first day and fell. Then he was too scared to ride it for the rest of the year. Last year he rode it twice; once at Grandma's, where the streets are even, and once in our neighbourhood. He fell in our neighbourhood and didn't ride it again until today. He did really well on the way to school not so much on the way back. He fell four times. He told me when he got home he wasn't going to ride it tomorrow. I say yes he is. Tomorrow he will ride his bike and he will get better, but tonight I will hold 'em
My youngest just tried to leave the house in the funniest normal clothing outfit I have ever seen. He was wearing a t-shirt and shorts two different socks and swimming shoes. One sock was pulled up to his knee and was black and red with a flaming "C". The other sock was short and white. When confronted on his artistic choice of foot wear he said "Dad I like Mrs. Match socks." Tonight I will fold 'em some sock and yes I'll probably hold 'em too.


Allrie said...

Cute...Once upon a time my youngest daughter came out of her room all dressed and ready for church. Her dress was three tiered with pink, yellow and blue. Her socks were one yellow and one blue. "They do too match my dress." In one of my finer mothering moments, I decided that she was right, and the Lord would understand...even if other members of the ward might not. But it became a moot point when, once I stopped insisting, she returned to her room and pulled out a third sock--this time wearing two of the same color.

I'm sure you little bike rider will master his bike before you know it, although from my own experience, I found it actually easier to ride once te training wheels werre off. Today thay is still my main mode of transportation. Don't know what I'd do with out my bike!

Anonymous said...

I learned to play poker at Ricks! But, we only played for m&m's it was really quite the hoot, my roomies and I . .

I thought this was a really charming post, creative and fun. It made me smile and relate, and chuckle and smile some more. Well done. :)

Karen said...

I hope your son does okay on his bike. When my son went to the neighbourhood school, they were not allowed to ride a bike to school until grade 3. I dunno why, it was just a school rule. Suited my son fine. He still doesn't ride a bike. (Sigh.)

ABQ Mom said...

I loved how you tied all three little stories together. It really brought a smile to my face. So cute.

fourth_fret said...

mrs. match. heh.

now i will never look at socks the same way again.