Sunday, April 16, 2006

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' Easter Weekend

I don't usually like wasting food. In fact I blame most of my weight problem on this very fact. I don't know when I go to be this way. I remember as a kid never finishing my meal and not caring much about it. My father hated wasted food, still does. Maybe the constant nagging to finish my dinner, when I was young, got stuck in my head and has made me the human garbage disposal I am to day. That being said, I do have certain criteria under which I find it acceptable to waste food. One of those being Easter.

Growing up my family coloured eggs like everyone else. My mom used the vinegar, food colouring and boiling water method. My husbands family bought kits. I've learned to accept that neither way is better than the other. After colouring the oldfashioned way we tie dyed our eggs. How you ask? Get the kit I say.

Anyway now back to my wasting food. It has been a tradition in my family to hike up the closest hill and "roll" our eggs down them. I don't know why we do this or if there is some symbolism in the act but guarenteed you will find us on a hill somewhere launching eggs. It takes some practice to learn the technique that will enable your egg to not break (my egg is still whole). We have contests to see who's can roll the farthest and who's can remain whole the longest. My kids and their cousins had fun, and my dad ate his broken egg.

Sunday morning was a different kind of day. We like to keep our bunnies and our savior separate. My kids did get their basket that morning just barely, because I forgot. In stead of focusing on the bunny we had our kids watch the DVD "Faith In Christ". Thankfully there isn't too much graphic depiction of the torture of Jesus, but I should have know my sensitive 6 year old would start crying. He comes by it honestly. I tried to get him to focus on the resurrected Christ but he was so sad that people could be so mean. We talked about it for a while and by the end of the day he was ok I think.

Monday was back to school and we met up with my uncle later. We had a basketball game at the mini hoops , so the kids could play and my husband could slam. Then we had pie. I like pie. My favorite part is the crust. I guess I could blame my weight problem on that too but I don't have pie too often.


Karen said...

Ah, that egg stuff sounds like a lot of fun. (And it was funny that your father ate his egg.)

Anonymous said...

lol! what a unique and fun Easter tradition! I love it. :) I chuckled at your dad eating his egg too. I might just have to go try rolling some Easter eggs myself it sounded like such a hoot! heh :)

Sariah said...

Mmmmm, pie.

(Now I sound like Fourth Fret).

I blame my weight problem on not wanting to waste food either, but I think the reason why I hate to waste food is because we're so poor that I keep thinking of the money we wasted by not eating all the food we bought!!

Alyson said...

Karen and Goofyj - its just another example of my Dad's inability to waste food. The funny thing was my mom brought the salt shaker with her. Just so you know he wasn't the only one to eat his egg, my Aunt and Uncle did too.

Sariah - there were 4 different kinds of pie. Lemon Merangue, apple, cherry and blueberry. Oh wait there was one more but I couldn't have it because it was for the diabetics.