Thursday, April 20, 2006

Come On Baby Light My Fire. Try To Set The World On, FIRE!

I started writing this as a comment to Fourth Fret's Pyro post but I had so much more to say.

I am a pyro too. My mother threatened to burn me herself if I ever had an unsupervised open flame. The best was when I wanted a night light, but didn't have one, so I used a candle, but instead of a pillar or votive they were birthday candles and instead of being in a cake they were tied to my wooden bunkbed. I was 4 or 5 and my dad was supposed to watching us. Just as I lit the match, my mom pulled into the drive way. I got scared and dropped the match on my mattress. Somehow we managed to get through it without burning down the house or bed, just a black quarter size spot on the mattress and a burned thumb. Obviously the consequences were not big enough because this spawned many similar instances over many years. Maybe that is why my mother finally threatened me. Ok it is the reason why my mother threatened me.

The funny thing is I am afraid of fire.


Karen said...

Mattresses are purposely made of material that doesn't burn easily. I think it's to protect people like you and Fourth Fret.

Sariah said...

Heh. I love to burn things, but am very scared of getting burned myself. I used to joke that I'm a pyro who's scared of fire.

Just another way that we are alike, I guess.

Lura said...

You know, that's actually kind of clever, to think of tieing candles to the bedpost. A make-do-with-what-you-have kind of thing. I'm glad noone was hurt though.

I like fire, though it makes me nervous. I think I'm always afraid my hair will catch fire.

Proud Mum said...

I always wondered about the flamability requirements and why they are so prominently posted on everything we buy.

Now I know.

Now I know.

fourth_fret said...

fire is our friend.

heh. i'm fascinated by fire. like in a really unhealthy way. it's beautiful, and overwhelming, and powerful, and uncontrollable (sometimes), and... man, crazy go nuts.

it's one of those things that i realise how truly dangerous and destructive it can be, but still... so drawn to it for it's chaotic beauty.

but i'm so sad i didn't think of the candles myself. heh.

Allrie said...

What oh what is this fascination with burbing things?! And, Sariah, I never knew your pyro proclivities...thought it was just V...and E...and R.
Fire IS awesome, and something for which we should have a healthy respect...and stay away from! I love my fireplace in my house--it turns on and off with a switch. It is separated by a glass, but still provides heat, and in a power outage, could be manually lit and even cooked on--but in the meantime--NO OPEN FLAMES!11 Now I love the Flames--in hockey jerseys, not actual burning house, forests etc. ones:D