Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday Free For All

Neapolitan Family

This morning Tweedle D, Tweedle E and I were talking about how they are so different looking. Tweedle D has dark hair and olive skin and Tweedle E is blonde and fair and I call them chocolate and vanilla respectively. Then they (or one of them I'm not good with my memory these days) said what if the baby had red hair what would I call it? I told them strawberry. The possibility is there for a red head. We have red heads on both sides.

A Tulip By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet Unless Its A Carnation

About three days ago I was longing for spring. I love tulips and the colours look so fresh. I just wanted some spring. I decided to buy some flowers at the local grocery store only to discover tulips aren't ready yet. I was greatly disappointed. I decided that I should just buy some flowers anyway and maybe they will help my mood. I looked around and found the cheapest bunch (carnations). Tweedle E was with me and his favorite colour is red so that's what I got. It didn't work. Carnations don't say spring to me and red definitely doesn't say spring. I'm glad Tweedle E is happy.

Emotional Blackmail

Tonight Mr. Wonderful wants to take the boys to a basketball game at the university. The problem is he wants me to come to all 4 hours. I don't mind basketball and under normal circumstances I would do it, but night is my worst time. I tend to need to be horizontal by 10:00pm sometime earlier. If I'm not then the episodes happen. Also the fact that the bathroom is so far away from the stands there is a high probability of me not making it there in time. Add the fact that I tend to wet myself when I am violently vomiting (why I have a bucket next to the toilet now) my desire to go is greatly diminished. Here is the kicker. Tweedle E is the one who wants to go the most but Mr. Wonderful doesn't have the patients for him be cause he grows weary of the game sooner than the other two, so in order for him to go Mr. Wonderful says I have to go. I asked if I could reserve the right to leave early and reluctantly he said yes, but I know his plan was to have me there so he could stay for the whole thing. Can you tell I'm not too excited? At least I'm getting a meal out of it.


Allrie said...

I like your chocolate, vanilla, and possibly strawberry kids. It took me a minute to understand you were referring to the tri-color/flavor ice cream because I am Naplitana by heritage, or Neapolitan in English. I'm also very slow on the uptake.

Sariah once had a band director by the name of Mr. Hill. He was white. When new directors were being interviewed, a black Mr. Hill was among them. He happened to answer the phone in the band room. When Mr. Hill was asked for, he replied, "Chocolate or Vanilla?" That's when everyone decided he would be a fine director to hire--personality-wise anyway.

Anonymous said...

Yeah,except my mom has the story a little wrong. Vanilla Mr. Hill ended up being a huge jerk who left us in a lurch and took all our fundraising money, and chocolate Mr. Hill couldn't teach worth anything, emotionally checked out, and just had the junior high band kids watch videos.

I hope you get a strawberry, Al. I love my strawberry child (who looks so vanilla sometimes, too). My other two are more like your chocolate kids.
(from Sariah. Blogger's a bugger)

Karen said...

It must be so much fun to speculate. Well, more fun than contemplating that basketball game. Hope things went okay for you.