Monday, January 15, 2007

I Have A Dream.

I have a dream where everyone can sleep comfortably in their own beds. I have a dream where price and size will not be factors in discriminating from that dream. I have a dream where back support is will be available to all. Saturday we made a step closer to that dream. Mr. Wonderful, the Wonderlings and I made our way to a mattress manufacturer to see what they had. We decided on a price range and found that we could get more bed for our money (because you cut out the middle man). They can make the bed to suit differing firmness. We settled on one model that we are interested in, but we are still looking. Today I considered calling Ryan (the manager) and asking him if I could take my nap there. They also have the best pillows I have ever laid on. I think we might have to get some of those too.


Kris said...


I have a friend in Calgary there who knows a business that gives away FREE/at a very huge discount, new mattresses. Her and her husband got a brand spanking new KING SIZE mattress for free, yes SERIOUSLY!...I will ask her to post the info here for you so you can check them out before you spend any kind of big bucks.


Two Mittens said...

Wow, I have never heard of the free mattress fairy! I wish we had one. Although, I'd just settle for a full nights sleep, and SLEEPING IN til about 9am without any disturbances. I have a better chance with the mattress fairy...

Kris said...

Hey Alyson,

I asked for you and apparently what my friend did was call the local mattress liquidators in the yellow pages/bargain finder/classifieds...they are the ones who take back mattresses from stores when they don't sell/or the store bought too many etc., or when stores offer a trial period on mattresses and people return them (we did that once...the companies require you to purchase/use a mattress cover for the trial period, so they are good as new if they are returned). The company that she used apparently went out of business...try those liquidators for seriously discounted mattresses she says. Hope that helps.