Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Climbing My Mount Everest of Laundry, A Step Closer To My Dream

Before I start airing my "Dirty Laundry" (hehe get dirty laundry) I think I should update you on my basketball game experience. Things went ok and surprisingly I wasn't that nauseated. There were no "episodes" so I didn't suffer humiliations gallery. I was however quite disappointed with my meal. The university now offers grown up type of food along with the concession (and I thought we were going out before the game. Hmph!) I ordered a chicken breast sandwich and a Greek salad. The chicken was raw. Unfortunately I didn't notice until after I had eaten some. Gross! They took it back and was willing to make me a whole new sandwich until they found out that all of the breasts weren't cooked through. I got a full refund and settled for a hot dog. They were very apologetic.


Now back to my story.... Mt. Wonderful and I went Saturday to Halstead Mattress and ordered our bed. Yep we bought a bed. Thank you for all of your advice and suggestions on how to save money on a mattress. We decided that we needed to splurge. I also like the idea that I can have the bed made for me to my firmness specifications and Mr. Wonderful can have his. We don't need to compromise. Also the idea that it won't have someone else's "ick" in it also appealed to me. We have had other's "ick" and well, "ick". We went with the mattress maker because you get more bed for your money. We should have this for quite some time. We already have the money for it so how responsible are we? It should be here in the next two weeks because did I mention, "they are making it for me".

In the mean time we are taking this opportunity to rearrange the bedrooms, edit our wardrobes and catch up on the laundry that has so unfortunately , but due to the circumstances, been neglected. I moved all my "skinny clothes" to a bin and hung up all the maternity clothes I can stand to wear. Mr. Wonderful even vacuumed out the closet. I just need to figure out how to condense down to one dresser otherwise there will be no room in the inn. If worst comes to worst I guess I could just clean out a drawer and the wee babe can sleep there for a while.


Karen said...

Apparently I slept in a drawer for a little while. But then again (like the story that my parents broke the bed in the place they stayed on their honeymoon) it's not necessarily something I wanted to hear later on in life.

Yay for the new bed! A comfortable night's sleep can make a world of difference.

Sariah said...

Yay for a new bed!!!! I'm way excited for you!

Do you want me to send up any maternity clothes, btw? I would call you and talk, but we found out it costs us 50 cents a minute to call Canada. Sorry.

Alyson said...

I don't need Maternity clothes right now. I got enough. Thanks anyway.